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Throwback Shoulder Exercise with James Grage and Whitney Reid –

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This shoulder exercise is a throwback to the nice previous days. There are not any fancy machines or advanced gear on this routine—simply barbells, dumbbells, and your individual devoted focus and energy.

In the event you grew up in a fitness center like those James Grage and Whitney Reid did, you did not see many individuals, machines, or cell telephones. You undoubtedly didn’t spend any time composing a selfie. The gear was minimal and the area was restricted, however the blue-collar work ethic was there in abundance.

“For my part, it is work ethic that makes you profitable within the fitness center,” says James. “All people desires quick and straightforward. They need the quick and straightforward vitamin plan and the quick and straightforward exercise. Properly, there isn’t a quick and straightforward. Constructing an ideal physique takes time and persistence.”

James and Whitney work out collectively as a result of they share that widespread perception. “You recognize, it is actual easy,” says James. “You are available in right here and you’re employed laborious. You’re employed your ass off.”

That is simply what James and Whitney do once they practice. They push one another to be higher and stronger than they have been the day earlier than.

On this exercise, James and Whitney get again to their old-school roots and hit their shoulders with an intense high-volume session. Step into the fitness center to look at them practice within the video beneath, after which hit this hardcore shoulder smasher your self.

Take be aware: this exercise is not meant to be performed each week. Do it simply as soon as per 30 days and reap the mega-pump advantages.


“Shoulders and traps are a kind of physique elements that nobody desires to coach as a result of there’s nothing thrilling about [them],” says James. “It is the coast day. However shoulder day is the day that it is best to go in and simply kill it as a result of nothing will make you look larger than having huge shoulders and traps. You possibly can put on a sweatshirt and nonetheless look huge you probably have huge shoulders and traps.”

There is no higher motivation than that! If you wish to look huge, then you definately want some boulder shoulders.

21 thoughts on “Throwback Shoulder Exercise with James Grage and Whitney Reid –

  1. James in your advanced technique shoulder workout video you said that you should not bring the dbs together while doing side laterals but then here you are doing that…that is confusing.

  2. I don't understand doing high reps of cleans and press as a shoulder muscle building exercise. It's a fast twitch power exercise, really no point to what they did other than raise their heartrate.

  3. Hi, I have some questions:
    I do the push and pull spit: 
    Day 1: chest, shoulder, tris (2 shoulder ex: dumbbell press, side raises)
    Day 2: lats, shoulder and bis (side raises and bend over rear delt raises)
    Day 3 and day 4 are for abs and legs

    my shoulders get fairly fatigue after hitting chest and lats so I can't push them as hard as I used to in the body part spit. Should I add a day for shoulders only? And when is the best time? Thank you.

  4. i just tried this workout and it was unreal! i loved the PowerClean … more workout programs should integrate this exercise… you get Beast Boulder Shoulders!!! ty for this workout guys! 

  5. I liked their attitude very much, humble and hard working guys, also having fun and being just boys sometimes. They had a lot of fun and so did I. Also they are athletic and string, but still normal built men, which makes it even more relatable. More of the two of you!

  6. Just tried this workout today. Killer pump. I had a great experience with this. I would highly recommend trying it =)

  7. I'm a girl, loved the video. Old school mentality rules. In my gym I see a lo of attention seekers males whores, with fluorescent trainers, flashy tee shirts, not virile at all. Disgusting pussies.. Bring on the real men!!

  8. Man,this videos are one of the kind… But,not a good kind,that for sure…:) Is it only for yankee brats and ones influented by those mentality and "culture"? This is another "natural" and above all,"hard core brutal" guy who takes some powder before and bullshiting non-stop,then start to train with some more non-stop bullshit philosophy between roaring and moaning periods,which makes him unaware of shitty form from the start and lots of unnecessary exercises (for shoulders),but makes him (or them) more "tough" and "hard core" dudes… Is it just pathetic or tragicomic,its hard to tell at the first sight…:)

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