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The 21-Day Bizzy Food plan Coach: Exercise B – (SD)

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Your legs carry you all over the place you go, to morning briefings and energy lunches throughout city. You want a powerful decrease physique so you’ll be able to chase down your children Saturday afternoon or stand by way of a Three-hour presentation by Mr. Monotone.

This 21-day coach shocks your physique into rapid change. This isn’t for the faint of coronary heart.

That is for individuals with some expertise who want a bit of further assist getting dialed in for that cruise in June, the summer season season of pores and skin, or the marriage that is proper across the nook.

25 thoughts on “The 21-Day Bizzy Food plan Coach: Exercise B – (SD)

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  8. After 21 days people hit tub of ice cream with Popeyes Chicken and the TV lol
    I think it would be good to just reduce the amount of cardio when you have reached your desired weight.

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  10. i can not touch the dumbbells at the top with the chest press and still get the same results, it not even an inch diff. dont sweat it.

  11. basically you do more cardio than working ur muscle quad is the biggest muscle on human bkdy just squat wont help u to build strong lower body

  12. go on the muscle pharm website and you can find the workout to maintain what you did through this work out, its a little different than this.

  13. don't touch ur knneee to the ground man , u should keep the presure , one u touch it with the ground u gonna loose the presure its like doing shoulders or chest with dumbells u dont hit the dumbells with each other , so people listen to me , do that exercice without touching ur knee to the ground , go deep without touching and its a total different exercice

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