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Superset Your Manner To Tremendous Legs | Alex Silver-Fagan

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This power-developing leg exercise will enhance the power and look of your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Give it a strive!
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My exercises are robust, onerous hitting, and all about performance. This leg exercise isn’t any completely different. I designed it that will help you enhance the explosive energy of your decrease physique and that will help you get higher at doing the issues we do each day, like choosing issues up off the bottom and strolling round with weight in your palms.

Anybody—man or gal—who needs to develop stronger glutes and hamstrings will profit from doing this high-volume exercise. I counsel you implement it into your present coaching program 1-2 instances per week. No must do it greater than that.

As a result of this exercise is constructed on supersets, your coronary heart price will stay excessive by way of the complete exercise. So, not solely will you construct power, you may additionally enhance your general health and conditioning, serving to you construct a brilliant physique!

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34 thoughts on “Superset Your Manner To Tremendous Legs | Alex Silver-Fagan

  1. look Alex, no one cares if you are a girl or a pretty little fitness girl, cut to the teaching and teach us how YOU superset YOUR way to super legs.

  2. This girl's a trainer?? Omg. She's so conceited. There's nothing special about her she's an average girl not strong, some bad info and form, talk too much should not be teaching others..

  3. I don’t think she’s conceited; it sounds like she’s saying she’s small framed, and being a fitness model she didn’t realize she had strength like she does. She’s encouraging other women like her to know people assume you can’t move weight cause your so damn little and then suddenly when she deadlifts 220lbs people are shocked. That’s a normal reaction for us gym heads; to see small folks with very little muscle chunk steel 😉 She’s got skills and I’m taking her routine and adding into mine.

  4. can you please add video of how to do same workout with dumbbells.. don't have kettlebell n other equipments used in workout

  5. according to me she is superb thr r people who have no othr work thn to comment, thy dont knkw anything abut genetics etc. i think she is fit n thats what a fitness model or a trainer is ment to b some people r crazy only abut muscles and dont concentrate of flexiblity some even dont concentrate on legs i think u r doing gr8 job keep doing it aftr all fitness is for ourself n not for othrs if someone gets motivation its fine if not thn its his or her problem not ours

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