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Spartacus Conflict Of The Damned – Arm Exercise Interview –

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Sit-Down Interview With Liam and Tyrone
Try the complete side-by-side interview with Liam McIntyre, star of the STARZ authentic collection, Spartacus: Conflict of the Damned and Tyrone Bell, the hypertrophy coach who helped him pack on lean muscle for the function of the Thracian gladiator who led a slave military in opposition to Roman legions.

For six weeks, I put Liam by means of a grueling, no-holds-barred hypertrophy (i.e., muscle-growth) section. From there he would transfer on to a boot camp of combating and gymnastics, designed to get him as much as struggle pace. That section additionally received him lower, and we needed to reboot his hypertrophy section periodically all through the season. All instructed, I helped Liam pack on 25-30 kilos of muscle throughout our time collectively.

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  8. Hey shawty. lemme holla at you right quick ya know what im sayin. checkin you out over there you lookin kinda good, ya know what im sayin. so i was wondering ya know how about you and me go back to the place, get comfortable, probably sip on some of this henney, you know what im sayin, and after that, you know what im… sayin, we can do the grownup and you can let me clap on dem cheeks, ya hear me?

  9. Bear in mind that these people have to perform stunts and tons of action scenes. If they put on too much size , this will tend to affect their mobility. So yeah I am definitely comfortable with the size of Tyrone, Liam and the rest of the cast. They look fabulous and their muscles aren't for show only.

    Btw I think Tyrone looks like a buffed up version of Enrique Iglesias.

  10. lol if you dont knwow anything about bodybuilding just stfu, im 19years old 6´1 230lbs, i bet tryone not even is on 200 scale.

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  12. I didn't think Liam was good to replace Andy at first, but he actually did a great job..just watched last ep. gonna miss the show…rip Andy

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