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Shiva Sheevz Spokesmodel Search 2017

Watch this wonderful Video

Thanks for the chance!

30 thoughts on “Shiva Sheevz Spokesmodel Search 2017

  1. Shiva, would you ever consider doing a fashion fitness vlog showing all of your outfits and where you got them! I love your style and I'm curious as to where you get your gym clothes! Love you girl! <3

  2. Good luck! You are trying to do something so amazing, it really is about the journey and everyones journey is so individual. We always are growing and learning and finding out more about ourself.

  3. rooting for you :))) you got this girl <3 youve fought and put so much into yourself i dont know how you can not be on top <3

  4. Just watched your video and totally feel connected!! I too always was focused on making others happy instead of making myself happy. Good luck to you in the spokes model search! Your story is inspiring! Head over to our channel and check out my entry. Keep inspiring <3

  5. I'm very excited for you. My best wishes. Thank you for been a true inspiration to all of us. You deserve to win ??????

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