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Sarah Ramadan Bodybuilding com 2017 Spokesmodel Search Entry

Watch this superb Video

I need to thank for this chance of a life time and thanks all a lot in your continuous love and assist.

Observe my journey on my Bodyspace profile:

Thanks to my unbelievable fiance Ryan for being my proper hand and probably the most superb digicam man on the earth.

29 thoughts on “Sarah Ramadan Bodybuilding com 2017 Spokesmodel Search Entry

  1. This made me smile so much, with tears in my eyes. Been so fortunate to follow you and watch you grow, prep & compete. It motivates me even more to try and compete myself next year. Voted for you! You deserve it!!

  2. So as I sit here drinking my smoothie after a serious shoulder training day, you show up on my popular page on IG. I have my favorite athlete and have planned on voting for her and only her… but after discovering you and your page I am in tears. Sarah, wow. I have watched most the other athlete's videos and have felt nothing… this hit me in the feels. Not because I've ever struggled with body dis-morphia or an eating disorder, but because ever single eloquent word that comes out of your mouth is genuine, real, honest, and meaningful. You are a BEAUTIFUL soul and I am so glad I have stumbled upon you. I am totally in your corner love bug!

  3. My favorite contestant hands down. Total package. Beautiful, articulate and an amazing story. I see nothing but greatness in your future.

  4. This is a great video and your story can really help a lot of people. Genuine is the word that comes to mind. You have my vote!

  5. I couldn't stop the tears from flowing! Thank you for sharing your journey and being such an inspiration. Your passion and purpose leaped through the screen! You definitely got my vote, Sista!

  6. AHHHH babe you are so amazing! I am so proud of your journey. You are a beautiful soul and so well spoken. So glad we are both in top 20 <3

  7. I can relate so much…I've also been through anorexia and what really rescued me, was sports (in my case: running). I knew, I needed to eat in order to do what I love doing most: running. And that passion got stronger than the addiction of not eating. Just a couple of months ago I also fell in love with lifting <3 I will always be more a runner, but I love hitting some weights and seing these gains!
    You come across so nice and humble and beautiful (inside out) and I wish you all the best for the spokesmodel search and for everything else! You are so strong (again: inside out 😉 ) !

  8. Dear sarah, unfortunately we share the same past and we have lived the same experience.. it is incredible to see how our lives are and we're so similar, I struggled from anorexia as well and began my recovery stepping into the gym supported by my brother and got out thanks to psychological support. I shared all of this on my YouTube, unfortunately it is in Italian so you won't understand, but I hope soon to make a video in English so that you too can see how our lives are so similar.. best of luck, you deserve this! 💗

  9. Hi, I also suffered from an eating disorder from when I was younger and am currently bodybuilding as a hobby (with the intention to compete later on). I was wondering how you handled (mentally) being in a calorie deficit during your cut after having suffered from an Ed. There is a part of me that wants to achieve the ultimate leanness for my body and work toward the goal of competing, however I fear being in a calorie deficit would bring back disordered thinking??" If that makes sense

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