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  1. Hey man I’m a big fan I love how active and open you are on insta.

    Wanted to ask if you ever have a posing coach and if you would consider it essential/ important?

  2. Hey Terrence, huge fan! Thanks for doing this AMA!

    What’s your favorite posing routine of all time?

    What’s your favorite PR song?

    Favorite fast food?

    Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?


  3. Any tips for staying motivated? I worked out consistently for 9 years, developed a heart problem and now can’t find an ounce of motivation in my body to get me back into the gym. I obviously don’t want to go as hard as I was before but I honestly don’t feel like going and am starting to put on weight/lose the muscle I worked so hard to gain. Any tips for getting back into the gym after taking a 2-3 month break?

  4. Hey Ruff, thanks for doing this AMA. First off I‘m a huge fan of yours. I really admire the effort and level of detail you put into posing. The routine you did at the Toronto Pro was incredible.

    My question would be about your opinion regarding the perception of bodybuilding around the world, in particular compared to the US. Have you ever experienced any differences in the way people were treating you as a bodybuilder? Thanks a lot

  5. Do you prefer to go Lone Wolf or lifting partner and why?

    I’m lone wolf now because I homegym and I hate it because it’s harder to motivate and I miss my gym bro. Thanks for the AMA!!!

  6. The ’18 Toronto Pro posing routine was one of the top 10 of all time; top 5 for me personally. You can tell you have spent a lot of time practicing and your MM connection is incredibly impressive, plus your choreography is badass

    Two questions:

    1.) Are you surprised how proportionally low “presentation” is represented in scoring for the new classic division? To me and a lot of fans: deep vac =/= good poser

    2.) Who is the second best poser in the classic division from your perspective?

  7. Hey bro, thanks for doing the AMA — How often do you do mobility work? Specifically for your hip flexors so your able to move so seamlessly into poses.

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