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Outcomes Of This Yr’s /r/Bodybuilding Survey

Full Survey Analysis and Write-Up by /u/superazneyes

Some Visualizations by /u/5everSmol:

Age of Survey Participants

BMI of Survey Participants

Height of Survey Participants

Location of Survey Participants

Days Trained per Week vs Days Trained Intensely

PED Use of Survey Participants

PED Cycles by Use

Bench Numbers

Squat Numbers

Deadlift Numbers

OHP Numbers

I need to ship an enormous shoutout to those two customers for placing these collectively.


24 thoughts on “Outcomes Of This Yr’s /r/Bodybuilding Survey

  1. Always interested to see the Age breakdown, hope you all take that into account when reading about relationship/life advice on the DD.

  2. So for the location was that just for the US in general or was it almost entirely the center of the US that took this survey

  3. In the total write up you said the average age was 33, but put the line for total respondents. You may have calculated it incorrectly.

  4. Very surprised about the “PED Cycles by Use” results. I thought the average PED user here would have experienced many more cycles than 5. Then again, it makes a lot more sense if you contextualize the average age group of this sub.

  5. ok I find it extremely hard to believe that most responders are benching 2.5x their bodyweight, squatting 3.5x bodyweight, and deadlifting 4x bodyweight…

    at 200lbs bw thats a 500 bench, 700 squat, and 800 deadlift… ON AVERAGE

    the average responder has a 2000 total btw natty

  6. Unless there are lot of powerlifters here, I don’t see how the lifts make any sense. There can’t be that many people who are that strong on average.

  7. Thank you all for the comments, questions, and criticisms. It’s helping me see my mistakes and area where I should improve. Keep ’em coming!

  8. Could we get a BMI graph with the values in ascending order along the axis instead of the random order they’re currently in? It makes a nice curve but it’s a nightmare to try to read/interpret.

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