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REMINDER: this sub is *NOT* about common lifting/health! if you happen to’re new to the world of health, and also you wish to submit a thread right here, /r/health may be a greater place for it.

seeing as we had been a trending sub the opposite day and we gained a pair thousand subscribers, i would prefer to remind everybody that this sub is *NOT* about common health or simply “lifting” generally. this can be a sub devoted to the game of aggressive bodybuilding- as in getting on a stage and posing in entrance of judges.

we’ve weekly/day by day threads to accommodate all forms of common lifting/weight-reduction plan/different matters as a result of we would like everybody to really feel comfy right here, however please understand that “i am new to lifting, what ought to my routine be” or comparable matters are NOT acceptable for their very own threads on this sub, and so they WILL be eliminated.

if you wish to submit a thread, please learn the foundations earlier than you accomplish that. they’re very clear and concise. we aren’t /r/health, issues are completely different right here. please respect that.


37 thoughts on “REMINDER: this sub is *NOT* about common lifting/health! if you happen to’re new to the world of health, and also you wish to submit a thread right here, /r/health may be a greater place for it.

  1. Yeah, it is supposed to be a bodybuilding subreddit, as in the sport… But when I post about Kai losing his sponsorship (with a relevant link) and ask what people think about it, it is immediately removed by mods…? This happened two days ago.

    Note: mine was not the “what?, what?, what?, what?” thread…

  2. >seeing as we were a trending sub the other day and we gained a couple thousand subscribers

    I was wondering why there had been so many shit threads lately.

    I feel like the longer this sub exists the more it becomes a fitness 2.0 .

  3. >Sub dedicated to the sport of *competitive* bodybuilding

    I’m all for this. But what about bodybuilding as a hobby? Should discussions relating to that go to r/fitness?

  4. The most annoying part is the new prevalence of the ‘lol steroids’ comments. They’ve always been around but I’m noticing it more. For anyone who feels like that’s a constructive comment, know this:

    No shit, steroids. Regardless of what anyone says, steroids (and the related supplementation) are a standard part of professional bodybuilding and come with the territory of having extremely low levels of body fat and extremely high muscle mass. Even though I don’t and wouldn’t use steroids that doesn’t mean I give a fuck if someone else does, and adding ‘lol steroids’ or ‘i could do this on steroids’ just exposes how little you know about bodybuilding at a specific level.

    If you want to bitch about steroids, go and do it somewhere else with a bunch of other people who also misunderstand their application and aren’t open to or interested in understanding their use in a bunch of different scenarios.

  5. I know some people feel differently but I agree with your moderation . I came and stay for competition diets, routines, etc. And anything dealing with the pros,
    Keep it real fellas

  6. Except when someone post a pic of Steve doing nothing correlated to bodybuilding then we just jerk eachother and the mods dont say shit.

    Bodybuilding fuck yeah.

  7. Been subbed a while but need some ?’s answers about my nutrition. Where is the best place to receive non bs honest answers. Been serious lifting this time for 4 months and trying to fine tune my diet.

  8. For a sub that is all about bettering ones self, you’ve definitely set the tone of negativity here. Instead of Ellen Pao-ing your own self-visioned purpose of what /r/bodybuilding is “supposed to be” maybe you should focus on what people WANT it to be. I’ve been a follower for ~3 years now and I appreciate the bodybuilding focus that this sub has always had (people getting ready for shows, questions about gains, posing, etc.) but bodybuilding as a sport is changing. We’ve added the Fitness category and there are a lot of beginners out there who, like me, started later in life and are looking for a natural build while still using Arnold as a goal. It’s not surprising that the focus of /r/bodybuilding is also changing.

    So maybe the mods are just going to delete this post but I’d like to see the same freedom of thought and information in this thread that reddit always prided itself on. More people interested in fitness or bodybuilding isn’t a bad thing … it means more health-focused individuals that are looking for internet inspiration. If the masses want to come to /r/bodybuilding, let’s invite them to see what we’re all about. Big gains, heavy lifting, strict diets, dedication and success!

  9. Yet we continually have people every week still completely perplexed at why men’s physique competitors wear board shorts. “LOL I don’t understand why they don’t show their legz??” Seriously, who the fuck doesn’t know about this and the reasoning behind it by now?

  10. Seems like this sub is just a dumping ground for pictures of bodybuilders with vaguely homoerotic thread titles.

  11. Can we sticky this post?

    And add in a rule to the sub… minimum 3 month subscription before you can contribute? Exceptions only granted by mods?

  12. This board is turning into pictures of bodybuilders. Can we separate out actual discussion from physique appreciation?

  13. bro totally agree with you but please **PLEASE** for the love of god don’t send them to /r/Fitness .they’ll end up with PhDs in biomechanics and nutrition and 12 inch arms

  14. Do you think it’d be good to maybe start “dumb question threads” or a specific subreddit that caters to a more in-between audience? Not quite /r/fitness but not quite /r/bodybuilding?

  15. I know some people feel differently but I agree with your moderation. I came and stay for competition diets, routines, proper nutrition etc. And anything dealing with the pros.

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