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/r/Bodybuilding’s Greatest Of 2018 Awards!!

Alright you impatient mofos, listed below are one of the best of awards for 2018:

#Greatest Mod of 2018: me.

^Ha! ^/u/Gymbull, ^go ^suck ^it

#Greatest Day by day Dialogue Remark Of 2018: This Piana bot comment

#Greatest Person Of 2018: /u/twistadeucedeuce my boiii

#Greatest Competitor Physique Of 2018: /u/BattlegroundFitLirio with the killer physique

(sorry taco man)

#Greatest Bot Of 2018: killin it with two classes is /u/Piana_Bot

#Greatest Put up Of 2018: Brandon curry looking absolutely mom said it’s my turn on the xbox’d by /u/willy2wet

Winners get some Greatest Of 2018 aptitude now, and can get 2x Reddit Platinum later (ready on reddit admins for that).


12 thoughts on “/r/Bodybuilding’s Greatest Of 2018 Awards!!

  1. Good work u/EatLiftLifeRepeat

    I’m glad u/twistadeucedeuce has a sub where he can be appreciated and cherished!

    …and god DAMN that piana bot comment….wow

  2. My boi /u/twistadeucedeuce got robbed for best comment. Regardless, congrats to all winners! It was a great year for the sub, I’m always thankful for all the daily entertainment I get here, despite not knowing anyone.

    Thank you, kind swole strangers!

  3. been sick all week and cant train… First the holidays come around and I kinda take a few more rest days than usual now this? Really kills my vibe, I’m gonna start cutting once I come back from this illness and get down pretty low, keeping positive through this post nasal drip


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