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Owen Hargreaves pulls off fairly rabona function inside the BT studio with first contact in two years

Former Bayern Munich and Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves hasn’t carried out professionally in two years since no top-flight golf tools wished to take a chance on his spontaneously exploding joints injuring their totally different players. Now a pundit for BT Sport, Hargreaves is confined to the studio and firstly of the clip above, claims he hasn’t touched a ball in two years. He then proceeds to bang in a rabona off the put up on his first try. 

In truth, when he says he hasn’t touched a ball in two years he really signifies that he’s been practising this in a shed eight hours a day for the ultimate 17 months whereas listening to the Karate Baby soundtrack and crying, nonetheless it is most interesting to not dwell on that and easily have enjoyable with some Fruit Pastilles.

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