21 thoughts on “MEGATHREAD: Mr. Olympia 2019 (Sept 12-15)

  1. Ugh that iherb website just looks like a giant scam… what can you expect tho

    Edit: although musclepharm has pretty tasty cookies and cream protein hehe

  2. Dream scenario is Curry and Roelly make it to the top two and then as the announcers are doing their obnoxiously long buildup to the winner… Kai Greene rappels down from the rafters. He takes the mic from Chicarillo, gives birth to new, nonsensical copy pasta and then disappears forever in a cloud of smoke.

  3. Came into the weekend expecting Brandon to take it but now I have a sneaky feeling for Roelly- he has improved steadily every year now !

  4. Can we put together some heads this weekend and find a way to stream/watch classic physique prejudging??? For some reason they’ve never streamed it. I know everyone wants to see Breon vs Chris

  5. Wondering if Grant is going to take Women’s Physique again. Coelho seems like she improved this year (especially the lats) but Grant is just freakin’ unreal

  6. Putting my full predictions here for public ridicule come awards time: 1. Brandon
    2. Roelly
    3. Bonac
    4. Sandoe
    5. Dexter
    6. Hadi
    7. Cedric
    8. Kuclo
    9. Morel
    10. Lockett
    11. Akim
    12. Lukas Osladil
    13. DeLaRosa
    14. Patrick Moore
    15. Maxx Charles
    16. Mohamed Shaaban

  7. I don’t keep up on this stuff I haven’t seen Phil’s name mentioned. Is he skipping this year or did he retire or what’s his deal?

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