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Jim Stoppani vs LAWSUIT Dialogue

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BFFs on the outs! has sued Jim Stoppani, and we’re reaching peak drama ranges. Mike discusses what he is aware of.

UPDATE 1 is now SUING GNC for $100,000,000!

UPDATE 2 – We introduced on an IP Lawyer to debate this case

UPDATE three – Our IP Lawyer comes again for the March 15, 2017 updates which might be BIG for Stoppani’s facet:

This has gotten realer than actual.

1. I am not an legal professional of any type, particularly not IP lawyer
2. PricePlow is affiliated with BOTH Bodybuilding and GNC, and receives about the identical commissions. We take into account that unbiased.
three. This can be a fluid state of affairs and could also be old-fashioned by the point you see this.

Quick story is that this:
1. and Jim Stoppani / PhD Health are combating over use of the “JYM” mark, which no one trademarked in its first two years of use*

  1. Jim says he formulated the merchandise and may do as he needs with it. Bodybuilding claims the precise reverse.

  2. is clearly not having any of that, and pre-emptively sued him after receiving a letter from PhD.

  3. Jim Stoppani has taken it to GNC

  4. is ALSO not having any of that, and is threatening swimsuit towards GNC, its franchises, and anybody else who dares promote the JYM merchandise.

This brings us to near-peak drama ranges, not seen for the reason that 2012 DS Craze saga. If Bodybuilding actually sues GNC, we’ll be at 10/10 on the loopy scale.

In order a CONSUMER ADVOCATE, what’s Mike’s ideas?? Sadly, proper now, you type of have to choose sides in the event you nonetheless wish to take Pre-JYM.

a) Should you nonetheless like Jim Stoppani, the #JYMArmy, and wish to assist Jim, as of September 2017, you are greatest off going to and shopping for at GNC

b) Should you nonetheless just like the PRODUCTS however not want to assist PhD Health / Jim Stoppani, simply purchase it at Bodybuilding (similar hyperlinks – Observe that Bodybuilding will make extra income right here, as they’re undoubtedly not paying Jim anymore.

c) Should you’re achieved with the entire stinkin saga, simply discover one thing else. Loads of assets on the market.

  • PhD Health DID attempt to register “JYM Complement Science” within the supplemental registrar, and had been DENIED, till they used’s personal product pages as proof. The hyperlinks for this are at

** PhD Health DOES now personal logos to JYM, awarded in 2016, however does that depend as “first use”?

Learn the main points at

Additionally, mentions of the “Jim Stoppani Scandal”, which had NO BEARING within the making of this video are at

It will settle earlier than the court docket dates in January 2018. No one wants a year-long black cloud, particularly not billion greenback corporations with boards.

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31 thoughts on “Jim Stoppani vs LAWSUIT Dialogue

  1. His workout programs are great, but i hope he loses his brand, he is lying about his shit just like almost everyone else. He tells people he has a degree and tricks you to believe every word he says. is he smart? Of course! He tricked us! Maybe he will have more integrity when all this is said and done. Before the Jym army jumps my dick, go take a look at priceplows blog about the jym scandal, see if you jumo off the bandwagon like i did

  2. May 22, 2012: – U.S. Attorney Wendy J. Olson announced today that, LLC, and Jeremy DeLuca, former president and vice president of, LLC, pled guilty this morning in federal court in Boise to misdemeanor counts of introduction and delivery for introduction of misbranded drugs into interstate commerce. The charges are all violations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. As part of the plea,, LLC agreed to pay a $7 million fine and DeLuca agreed to pay a $600,000 fine. The United States agreed to recommend that DeLuca receive probation and not be sentenced to any prison term.

  3. No one seems to be commenting on the large difference in calories between the two formulas. Can someone explain the difference? The GNC version has 3 carbs and 80 calories. BB version has 3 carbs and 15 calories.

  4. I'm new to all this and have been trying to look into it a little.

    From what I can tell, though I am also armchairing this, the reason the page was included in the trademark was related specific
    to the highlighted section on the page. On bodybuilding's own page via
    the screenshot for the product, it shows "Jim Stoppani, PhD Owner Jym
    Supplement Science". Based on that, it looks like
    states, on their product page, that Jim Stoppani is the owner of the Jym
    brand. The whole advertising page for it also states that Jim is the
    creator of the product. If this isn't true and it was instead created by, I would say that they are then falsely advertising
    the product.

    We will have to see how this all pans out in the long run though I
    suppose. Since GNC is technically cheaper to buy the product from right
    now due to free shipping, that's where I bought my latest shipment from
    today. The only noticable difference is the inclusion of Calcium in the
    GNC brand and the GNC brand being 80/90 calories a serving compared to
    the BB version which is 15 calories.

  5. Good overview. Thanks for bringing me up to speed.

    It's amazing there was this much money in play on the products and no trademark. Since this is a marquis product for, their legal dept. had to have looked at this. Sounds like they told Stoppani one thing, to keep him engaged, and maneuvered for an eventual lawsuit.

  6. You're pathetic.. The fact that you actually do this for a job is disappointing. Why does everyone care. What Jim did or didn't do. Didn't you learn in elementary school to mind your own business… Damn…. Let the guy do his own thing….

  7. Btw, the idea that Stoppani could merely be a "celebrity endorser" is absurd, when the entire appeal of the product is that it was formulated by the well-known Phd. If Stoppani didn't formulate it but was merely endorsing it the way, say, Joe Namath used to endorse Brute cologne, then consumers would feel ripped off. The product would then become, essentially, generic and disconnected from Stoppani's education and expertise. It would be worthless. So what is BB trying to accomplish here?

  8. I don't have the expertise to give a definitive answer, but I wouldn't assume that if either party had registered the trademark "Jym" that that would have been the end of the story. I'm pretty sure that even if either party had registered the trademark, there would still be a dispute, it would be on the same grounds (namely, different interpretations of the contract between them), and there would still be a lawsuit.

  9. If formulated the products, and Jim was just a "celebrity endorser", why did BBcom let Jim say he was the formulater for 3 years? The answer is probably obvious (money), but I wonder if it's something that comes up during the lawsuit.

  10. I like Jim's products but he's kind of become an arrogant prick. His controversy with NutraBio also showed how ignorant/childish he can be. I'll be curious what comes of all this.

  11. Basically, when Stoppani signed a 2 year contract with, neither party thought to claim a copyright on the name, I would assume that did not think it was going to be a huge seller and/or the management at that time was better friends with Stoppani. Now basically they are tring to implode the name and lay waste to it, because if they can not use it then they will destroy it. Really the bottom line is that will take the maximum amount of legal time, make everyone scared to sell it and after the lawsuit ends and Stoppani probably wins, the name will be junk and Stoppani discredited.

  12. If the latest statement (the letter from the CEO) from BBCOM are true, that they owned and formulated everything… then we've been falsely advertise by them for the past 3 years. IMO is a lose-lose situation for them, since regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit they had been lying.

  13. Anyone that knows about the fitness industry and is familiar with Stoppani's work knows that he formulated those products. He's been talking about those ingredients and the dosages for years. Now is saying that he was nothing but a "celebrity endorser"??? That's dirty!!! I hope Stoppani wins the countersuit.

  14. So who do you want to get paid? Jim or Do you care? I think these are the big questions. GNC should just lace the pre jym with amphetamines. Craze for life!

  15. actually filing the mark doesnt matter. The US is a "first use" country. whoever proves first use owns the mark. now with that said. "Jym" is a descriptive weak mark and sounds and is like "gym" to the USPTO. Long story short Jim owns the mark "Jym supplement science" no one can use those words together. anyway can use "Jym" alone or with any other words. No one owns the rights to the word "gym" or "jym." the USPTO gave Jim a TM for Jym supplement science many yrs ago. JYM by itself was shot down because its a weak mark.

    But filing a mark doesn't help in this case because of first use rights but no one has first use to a word that cant be trademarked in that class. Now if the class (005) had nothing to do with working out or the gym, you can trademark JYM for instance as something like a trucking company.

  16. OOH MY GOD video is toooo long, So who owns the the patent and If its not Jim then tooo bad for him.

  17. Used to use JYM products…switched to Transparent Labs products (couldn't be happier) and I will rotate with Legion Athletics products.
    May put JYM back into the rotation after this is settled.
    Between the three of these brands, you really can't go wrong.
    I just gotta switch up the ingredient profiles, flavors, and to stay fresh.
    The great quality of the brand rotation adds a bit more motivation to the GAIN TRAIN!!!

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