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Jay Cutler Residing Massive Episode 2 – Exercises, Coaching Suggestions, Diet –

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Jay Cutler Residing Massive Episode 2 – Exercises, Coaching Suggestions, Diet – Get Jay’s full program right here: Jay Cutler has been coaching for greater than 20 years. Be taught from his lifetime of lifting recommendation and no-ho.

Get Jay’s full program right here: If you wish to get huge, you need to prepare, eat, suppose, and stay huge. Nobody lives greater than Jay Cutler.

Get Jay’s full program right here: The most effective bodybuilders have vitamin all the way down to a science. Jay Cutler may as properly have a Ph.D. in consuming .

Get Jay’s full program right here: Jay Cutler constructed his legacy on onerous work, dedication, sacrifice, and day by day battle. Use his instruments to bu.

38 thoughts on “Jay Cutler Residing Massive Episode 2 – Exercises, Coaching Suggestions, Diet –

  1. Blessed with good genetics? I wonder when this myth bodybuilders like Cutler peddle will be busted. These top bodybuilders DO NOT have good/superior genetics. Every human genetic marker of quality/lack of quality correlates with height (in both men and women) – slightly above average height for men and slightly below average height for women. Every single marker of desirable genetic traits correlates with this one marker. Top bodybuilders are usually quite short (Cutler is only 5'9''). They don't have good genetics. They do have an unbelievable obsession and commitment. And the biggest reason for their success – a pathological commitment to taking massive doses of steroids, HGH, insulin, and other anabolics for decades.

  2. whoa hold the fuck on, 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night?????? anyone would be dead ass tired, what kind of roids is he on? No one can work out that hard daily on 4-5 hrs of sleep a night and still grow without some type of steroid.


  4. I had to pause the video because some dude said everyone wants to be like jay not mike – DON’T YOU EVERRRR SAY THAT AGAIN – blasphemy!!
    Still a Big supporter jay 😉

  5. He very right about train how you feel like it. Last week, i had to do my legs on a certain day but i switched it with my arms cuz i just wanted to focus on my arms they were looking weak n i did my legs on the supposedly arms day. I don’t schedule my body parts either n it works great n keeps you refreshed.

  6. at 16 I could push up all the weights on the leg machine. That is how strong skating a half pipe will make your legs.

  7. If he trained everyday without steroids but did everything the same he would be half the size I know he's a hard worker but Jesus he looks disfigured he's out of breath and killing himself with all the drugs he's taking just another Rich Piana they all are

  8. i want to meet someone this fucking big and they say they never took a roid in his life. i don't think it can happen.

  9. I would guess that only the top payed athletes are spending over 1 K /wk for tissue active relief from their Chiropractor Specialists.Jay has been spending well over 100K yr for food.The young guys starting out, are having to live without those luxuries and most of them are forced to carry a full time job to pay the bills….another advantage Jay has had for a long time now is not having to report to a mundane job every day. Few of us are so blessed ! Jay has worked hard to gain these benefits and, the sad truth is, most of us are not going to have this kind of success.But…we all can dream…and work hard and then….who knows ?

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