24 thoughts on “Halloween 2018 Megathread

  1. Friday went as wolverine (jeans, wife beater, work boots and claws) but last night wanted to up the sluttiness and went with the toga as Zeus. Got a lot of compliments, it’s really a timeless classic (especially if you pull it off well like you joocy bois can).

  2. Sexy lumberjack. Flannel shirt, short shorts, boots, and a plastic axe. Tuck in that flannel and keep the shirt open. Good thing I’m relatively lean right now, otherwise I would’ve had to get more creative.

  3. We went to a party at our favorite watering hole as [Khal Drogo and Daenerys](https://imgur.com/a/ylY9E21). It was a ripping fun time, and we took 1rst place in the contest.

    Some lady took a picture with me, and I’m pretty sure she was licking my pec. Her husband looked sort of incredulous, but he still took the pic.

  4. I am having trouble feeling a chest pump when I bench press. When i bench, it is not like my chest is getting tired and go to fatigue. What could I be doing wrong or do to get better activation?

  5. What do you guys think is a minimum amount of sleep after a workout to make it worth it? I will only sleep 5:30-6:00 tonight after my workout, then work out the next day. Is it worth working out? I could skip my workout tomorrow and sleep in instead.

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