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Get Mile Large – Brandan Fokken’s Mile-Large-Shoulder Exercise –

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The human physique is not cussed. It is obedient. It does what you inform it to. It adjustments if you need it to. With the correct instruments, you may construct the physique you need.

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Rising up, I needed to be large and robust. My weight coaching mirrored that. As I bought older, I developed a number of accidents. I tore my capsules in my shoulder. I developed “weightlifter’s shoulder,” amongst different issues. So as an alternative of coaching tougher, I realized to coach smarter.

Now, I modify the variety of repetitions I do. I modify my weights. I began coaching a number of completely different angles to focus on the round nature of my shoulders. My outcomes improved and I turned much less injury-prone.

I used what I realized to construct the exercise beneath. It consists of seven workouts that work collectively to assist develop general shoulder power. I like to recommend doing it as soon as per week. Do not be afraid to alter variations of workouts from dumbbells to machines to cables. Preserve your physique guessing.


25 thoughts on “Get Mile Large – Brandan Fokken’s Mile-Large-Shoulder Exercise –

  1. Is it ok if i do like this. First front press then i go with dumbbell shoulder press finally side lateral raises. I do this on chest day after chest exercises. If u can tell me it would be great.

  2. I want to thank Brandan for presenting this video. This shoulder workouts does wonders for me. Maybe, he could do other workouts with dumbbell equivalents. Again, thank you.

  3. lets call this the bouncy momentum shoulder workout…. fifteen to twenty reps because u go so fast, if u went normal speed it would be equivalent to 12-15

  4. his shoulders look way overdeveloped compared to the rest of his body, the roundness looks almost artificial and the weights he is doing don't look commensurate to the size of his delts.

  5. Sometimes workouts aren't always about lifting heavy but more about time under tension.  Some people may get better results this way and lifting lighter can target specific muscles better.

  6. I don't have the time nor the concentration for high reps. After the 12th rep I start questioning what I am doing, then I loose focus.
    How long does this workout take? Seven excersizes. 4-5 sets, for 15-20 reps. I usually do 4-5 excersizes, 4 sets, 8-12 reps and it takes me about ten minutes per excersize.

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