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Fill out the /r/bodybuilding survey! (Open from Oct 2 – Oct 16, 2018)

#Hyperlink to the survey:

Hey /r/bodybuilding, I made this survey for this subreddit and it will be up for two weeks. It has 53 questions however every one is non-compulsory. I am requiring you to register to Google so that every particular person solely submits one response, however I am not recording the emails so your responses might be nameless to me. It’s also possible to edit your responses after you have hit the submit button.

There are virtually 500Ok subscribers on this subreddit and there are 53 questions, so I will be coping with loads of information. I am not extremely expert in Excel, Python, or statistics, so I might like a couple of volunteers to assist me analyze and manage the information as soon as this survey is over. For anybody who’s already volunteered to assist out, I will make a publish with the uncooked information file and tag you in it. If anybody else wish to be tagged too, ship me a message or a publish reply.

When analyzing the information, we’ll attempt to take away the plain joke solutions. If everybody who comes up with good analyses/graphs PM’s me inside a month of the survey completion, I will compile all of the graphics/findings into one publish and share it with all of you. Whoever helps me out can get no matter aptitude they need (That is higher than Reddit Gold, proper?)


21 thoughts on “Fill out the /r/bodybuilding survey! (Open from Oct 2 – Oct 16, 2018)

  1. Interesting survey, definitely leans more towards covering drug use than any annual survey has before.

    I may or may not be too busy when the time comes around, but feel free to tag me to help analyze results. I’m work in public accounting and spend 50% of my time analyzing data.

  2. When it says if we give our username does that mean you will just use that in the data, or will it say specifically here’s how this user responded, which anyone can see? Definitely interested in seeing how the responses trend.

  3. I’d be interested in checking out the raw data. I’m getting my MS in Data Analytics, so this would be a fun side project.

  4. It might be helpful to have some more breakdowns of the 1RM of the bench, squat and deadlift like you did the OHP. Some of my 1RM were in between so I rounded down. My bench is almost perfectly 1.75X bodyweight, didnt want to round that up to a 2X bodyweight bench as it might skew the data.

  5. I’m not sure what “European Music (pop/folk)” means. Im European, I wanted to select it but I’m not sure what you meant by it, – as far as I know (western) European music is pretty much the same as US music…

    Edit: I’m not offended at all – I just wondering if that is a genre or particular type of music I didn’t know about.

  6. I deleted my reddit account a while ago but made a new one just to say this survey is forcing me to log in to my Google account in order to fill it in… I don’t want to do that. Previous 3 or 4 years it has been a consistent format and you haven’t had to log in. Changed the format may now skew comparative results.

  7. I listen to a fair bit of dubstep (only when I’m working out funnily enough). I just put that down as electronical. Hope that’s fine.

  8. I’ve used adderall but not recreationally I was prescribed, so I didn’t check the box. was that the right choice?

  9. The inclusion of not knowing the one rep max was a good one. I haven’t done a traditional bench, squat, deadlift, or OHP in years, let alone attempted a one rep max. Squat and OHP have to do with just having some uneven wear on my body.

  10. Wtf men i feel offended, why you didn’t put Mexico in the survey? You put Fiji and Guatemala and not Mexico? why bb:(

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