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Dede Lagree’s 5 Resistance Arm Band Strikes

Should you’re a resistance band rookie, you’re in luck. Coach Dede Lagree (who helped Rihanna rating her unimaginable physique) is breaking down 5 arm strikes you possibly can simply incorporate into your routine. We get it, these oversize rubber bands don’t appear like a lot. However they actually may help you construct some severe power. Plus, they’re simple to retailer at house and might make for a killer front room exercise. Right here, 5 workouts to get you began.

Row with tricep kickback

Stand on prime of the band along with your toes shoulder-width aside. Choose up both finish, bend your knees, and tilt your torso barely ahead. Begin along with your arms down at your sides, then elevate them up underneath your armpits. From right here, lengthen your arms out behind you, and repeat.
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Standing ab rotation

Put one foot on prime of the band, standing along with your toes extensive. Maintain the ends of the band with each of your arms clasped collectively. Begin by dealing with ahead, and twist your torso to 1 facet. As you twist, elevate your arms out and up, stopping at shoulder top. Repeat, and check out the opposite facet.

Overhead tricep extension

With each toes on the band, stand along with your legs shoulder width aside. Maintain every finish behind your head, and begin along with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. Lengthen your arms up, and convey them again down. Repeat.
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Aspect lunge with facet increase

Stand with one foot on prime of the band, and maintain both finish along with your arms hanging at your sides. Decrease your self down and lengthen one leg out to the facet whereas additionally lifting your arms up and out. Repeat, and swap sides.

Standing chest press

Together with your toes shoulder-width aside, wrap the band round your again, and maintain it out in entrance of you. Begin along with your elbows bent, then lengthen your arms straight out. Repeat.


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