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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/27/2018

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38 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/27/2018

  1. Made a bread smoothie last night… 2 scoops of whey, 500ml water, couple slices of fibrous white bread. Definitely my newest worst idea. Choked it down though like a good boi.

  2. Can someone explain the point of calf raise machines with the platform rotating when your heels go below parallel? It removes all resistance below parallel so it’s essentially a machine for doing bouncy half reps?? Kill it bbs

  3. Im losing tricep mmc what the fuck is going on

    No its not too much or too little weight

    Edit: also for some fucking reason, seated overhead dumbbell french press or whatever the fuck seems to be the only exercise that I get solid tricep mmc with

  4. You know when ur falling for a chick?
    And you feel that love sick?
    Fuck that, I can hardly eat anything and worried about my lack of gains.

  5. Went to the gym with my bud today and we were the only ones there except the trainer and he followed our training the whole time, love it, won’t ever happen again tho.

  6. I just received two $25 Starbucks gift cards with an amazon package, is this some sort of scam?

    Edit: it was a $10 novel that I ordered.

  7. So you’re talking to a few girls and one is starting to seem serious, what do you do about the other ones?

    Can they be saved or do you give them up for life? Basically is there anything I can say that will let them know I am off the market that still leaves me the option to restart it in the future should this not work out?

    I want to just keep it friendly so that they won’t dislike me in the future because I can tell they really like me now, some are expecting dates, some want second dates and some I’ve already slept with 🤔

    Also, you guys who train for looks only, how do you squat? I still squat heavy and do the rest of legdays high rep.

  8. Damn guys haven’t had pussy in a month. My hand just isn’t cutting it lol. There’s this fat chick that’s like pretty after a couple of shots should I do it or will I regret it.

  9. All these blender discussions reminded me of this old dude from my previous gym who use to talk about this shake he makes all the time for bulking.

    Its a can of tuna, a can of kidney beans, and like a cup of water. He said it looks like shit (thus the name), but tastes kinda like wet bread.

    I was thinkin about finally pulling the trigger on it until I typed this out. I literally gagged typing this.

  10. Im really sick of companies not listing the size/dosages of products. I bought some plastic spoons and wanted to find out how much olive oil i was adding to my shake, i look at the box of spoons and theyre “premium spoons” thats it. WHAT IN THE GODDAMNED FUCK IS A PREMIUM SPOON, WHAT SIZE IS THAT?

    I take to the internet looking around, of course the only fucking information is on plastic teaspoons because apparently the cute branding of “premium spoons” doesnt come with a fucking measurement, after nothing i get the bright idea of just putting water in my smaller teaspoon and pouring it into the “premium spoon” to figure out how much this fucking “premium spoon” (not premium enough for a ml amount) spoon holds. But because im fucking retarded i do it over my keyboard, and naturally i spill water on the keyboard. For anyone wondering what it held, 10 ml is a “premium spoon” and for some reason they couldnt list this anywhere on the box.

    This shit drives me up the wall its the same as “has as much caffiene as a cup of coffee” what does that mean, theres so many fucking variables to a cup of coffee that theres no way to accurately figure out what the measurement is. Just list shit out, take the fucking guess work out of it.

    (I know measuring spoons are a thing, i had some but i lose everything i own so i dont know where they went)

  11. Someone asked if I was on steroids for the first time in my lifting career based on this photo:


    LITTLE DOES HE KNOW, I’M A TINY 145LBS NATTY DYEL FUCK. Angles, lighting and filters make such a difference. It’s insane.

    I can’t wait until I’m big enough in person to get the same question.

  12. Made the mistake of going to the gym absolutely pissed. My whole body aches and the callouses on my feet all tore from hard sprints. Holidays need to be over soon brahs. On the plus side, i burned enough calories that I could have a second sirloin steak at dinner tonight so that’s pretty cool.

  13. Started my push workout 15 mins ago. OHP, DB Bench, then Pullovers. Got bad pain in my right elbow so im not doing any triceps today. Do I need better form or something? I’m 18 so I shouldn’t be feeling pain right?

  14. My gym crush has such a weird schedule, which is bullshit because I can always lift heavier when I see that ass from the reflection of 4 mirrors

  15. So my gym crush who’s a personal trainer at the gym I go to has left to work at a new gym :/ although our relationship only consisted of me secretly stalking her Instagram and never uttering a single word to her either in person or online do I still qualify for break up gains?

  16. Who would have guessed. A solid 9hrs of sleep and a refeed yesterday my bench was back up 20 of the 30lbs I lost in the last few weeks. Plus OHP still rocking it, 2 weeks ago 1RM for 2 sets of 2 today.

  17. My girl friend just asked for my advice on a workout routine she created. It was a three day split:
    – all three days were leg days
    – no barbell movements besides hip thrusts
    – had one day solely devoted to cable glute shit
    – accessories first, compounds at the end
    – each exercises was for 3×20 because she wanted to “tone not really gain, but I wouldn’t mind gaining a little.”

    I didn’t even want to start on that massive train wreck but I had to ask “why no upper body?” to which she responded “I really don’t want to add size to my upper body so I just train it at home using really light weight. I think it’s an old fear from my ED days.” Told her to switch her compounds to her first exercises and do accessories last and called it a fucking day.

    I think I’m going to have a nightmare about this “routine” later.

  18. Hey guys I need some advice. Today while leaving the gym I was at a red light when an old man (70-75 yrs old) who also frequents the gym was at the light next to me. He had his windows down and told me to lower my music, (I had my windows up and we were at an intersection so I don’t understand why he cares). I just looked at him and then he spit at my car. Right after that he then just straight up ran the red and started driving away. I caught up to him and as I was behind him he legit slammed his breaks and hopped out the car fists up hahaha. I didn’t want to get arrested or do anything stupid so I just got his license plate and drove off and called 911 about the incident to file a report. I guess my question is I have seen this guy at the gym before and I am worried he might tried to vandalize my car or do some weird shit in the gym. I am honestly not worried about him hurting me more just I don’t want to deal with this shit, what should I do? I don’t know his name.

  19. So after heavy dead’s, I always do a little light stretching because my back is always tight. So I hit this [stretch]( , and I hear some chicks trying to roast me because I’m more flexible than them??? Maybe they just thought I was trying to suck my dick or something

  20. Just ordered a power rack, barbell, and a flat bench for the start of my home gym. Im running nsuns so my plan for awhile is to do my T1 and T2 lifts at gome then go to the gym 5 minutes away for accessories. Gonna build a deadlift platform hopefully before the equipment arrives, but what equipment should be next on my list to buy?

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