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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/23/2018

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32 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/23/2018

  1. Okay bros, i’m turning 18 in an hour and i think i’m having a mild panic attack. Did anyone here feel afraid of turning 18? Like, you’re really not ready to stop being a kid? It still feels like i’m 16 and i’m really not ready to let go

  2. I see guys benching and lifting a lot less in general than me and they look hell of a lot better. I have been so focused on strength the past year and the big 3 lifts I feel like I’m training incorrectly and not getting to where I want to be at physique wise. I’m also not very lean and that can also be making big difference.

    So going forward my focus is to lean out slowly to ~10% body fat. Second I need help picking a proper training routine that’s more physique focused and that’s where I need your help bros. What would you recommend?

    For reference my current lifts are 275 bench,340 squat,405 deadlift and 160 ohp. Around 175-177 pounds 5’9

  3. So a friend from highschool hit me up asking for nutrition advice and i told him id set him up with a diet plan. I ask him what his goals are and what his workouts were like ad he said he doesnt lift and just wants to eat healthy. Like are you serious you dont need a diet plan for that you just need to stop going to mcdonalds

  4. Am I the only one who would rather stuff themselves silly with ham, pierogis and other meat versus chocolate/dessert around Christmas time?

  5. I’ve always had big thighs my whole life and I noticed that in runs in the family. I really hate my thighs and always felt self conscious about them. Is it possible that I can get thin legs even if it runs in the family? Also I am trying to grow my glutes so I don’t know if I can lose thigh fat and grow glutes at the same time. Any advice?

  6. I was adopted at birth and my biological mother has contacted me for pretty much the first time recently (I’m 23). Life is strange

  7. I feel like I’m starting to stagnate physically even though the weight scale is going up. Maybe the beginner gains are running out? Maybe my routine (PPL, minus the legs for the last few months due to knee ligament issues) is to blame? Maybe I’m just a pussy and don’t push myself enough in the gym? I don’t look (in pics or from my own POV) any bigger than I did a few months ago.

    I do and don’t think I push myself enough in the gym simultaneously, because while every day and every set feels like a grind (despite my being on a bulk), I don’t feel I’m reaping any results, and it’s getting real hard to overload progressively at all. Any advice bbs?

  8. Starting to look forward to the holiday season being over. Being consistent with diet and training has been full on hard mode. Especially since girlfriends around holidays are gains goblins. January will be a good month though.

  9. This is a long shot, but about 6 years ago, I had a coworker who pushed me to leave behind /r/fitness and move on to /r/bodybuilding. He was the biggest most Johnny Bravo lookin Mexican Ive ever met and motivated me to get hooge. Last time I saw him he was off to basic to become a nuclear engineer.

    Soo if that was you that I saw earlier at Chipotle, I just want you to know… That I haven’t made it. *Yet*… As I had to take a detour to snap city. But I did make it to your working weight for squats of 3x10x315.

  10. If you want to see what r/bodybuilding would look like without mods who enforce the posting rules, check out r/fitness. The Daily Simple Questions Thread might as well not exist.

  11. Really thought the gym shadowboxing thing was a myth.

    Today I saw two guys shadowboxing the same invisible person.

    Only thing left on my bucket list is to witness curls in the squat rack now.

  12. I’m in Colorado for the next 3 weeks and my friend invited me to workout with him in Conifer. The elevation is 8.3k… I’ve never felt so winded and out of shape.

  13. i remember awhile back before i stopped lifting for a couple years i got my squat form down where my body felt like a spring and no one part of my body was doing the work. it was an awesome feeling and i put like 30lb onto my squat just in that session after squatting ‘incorrectly’ for so long

    back in the weight room now and can’t seem to hit that sweet spot again, i remember how it felt. entire ass and hams were involved just as much as quads, what the mother fuck am i doing wrong ahhh. tried so many combos of feet angle / stance but just cant seem to engage my hams and ass like i did before, got a lot of quad dominance

  14. Apparently if you’re Jon Jones you can juice all you want and still fight. They’ll just move the event to somewhere that doesn’t give a fuck. I say at this point just let Jones and Lesnar run whatever fucking cycles they want and hold the fight in Japan as a freak show fight.

  15. I’m trying to get into taking protein and creatine, I’ve already ordered some but I wouldn’t mind suggestions on your personal favorite brands. What I was looking for is does anyone know the best time to take protein and creatine?

  16. Who trains first thing in the AM? Do you train completely fasted? Or do you eat or drink (pre-workout, coffee, whey, etc.) something before?

  17. Girl I had been seeing just posted and sent me pics of her with another guy. Of course it’s right after I get done with my Pull day. Guess I’m going back in and hitting legs.

  18. Girl in my class, had her phone number because we were in assigned groups.. she’s really pretty but we’re in the same league (no brag)

    Last day of class asked her out to get coffee the next day. Said she worked tomorrow but said “you have my phone number, text me” followed with a flirty smile. Texted her the next day to confirm. No response. Waited about a day and a half and sent a funny text. That was a week and a half ago and hasn’t responded. I only sent those 2 texts and backed off since, balls in her court. It is the most busy time of the year and I do recall she said she was going on vacation as well. Most likely she isn’t interested. But Part of me has a gut feeling that she’ll come around though idk why. This is probably the second girl I’ve ever had a legit crush on. I’m still talking to other girls and enjoying life in the mean time. Can’t get this chick out of my damn head.

    Fuck oneitis. I hate having crushes.

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