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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/15/2018

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56 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/15/2018

  1. Balding 50year ish man who has literally done an hours worth of half-rep tricep work, screaming his brains out the entire time, just critiqued my barbell curl form.

    Yeah, no, I’m good man

    Gym on a Saturday night just before closing time is always an adventure

  2. M, 15, been training for 3 years but only really started taking things seriously about a year ago. Been working with an upper/lower split for the last few months and I worked a p/p/l split before that but I’m looking to change things up, advice bros?

  3. so I’m ab 7 weeks in on my first ever cycle and the results have been uhhhh fun. I’m doing a bit of a dreamer bulk averaging around 300g of protein/day and I don’t even fucking know how many calories. I was 185 in early September and had two separate foot injuries and a wrist injury so I didn’t lift for 6 weeks. Came off both almost simultaneously and hopped on 2 weeks later at about 205. I’m 5’9 if anyone’s wondering. I’ve never had sm fun in the gym I think I’m gonna stay a marshmallow and kill lifts the rest of my life lmao

    [Before – 5’9 205](

    [After – 5’9 240](

  4. Favourite four day splits? I am switching back to a hypertrophy period after doing some powerlifting stuff but I really dig the intensity that comes with more rest days. I really wanna focus on mid traps and upper back this time around.

  5. went to gay/lesbian club for first time in my life, and found out a good way to get drunk for free in case i ever run out of money lmao

    they be offerin me free drinks left & right, but didnt take any in case if they spike them with some shit

  6. Anytime the cold air starts to come, I always pop in American Football. They’re just perfect for the winter weather for some reason.

  7. For my khabibs fan, before doing a heavy set say out loud: Alhamdulillah!. It’s something in Muslim but it sounds dope as fuck

  8. If anyone knows how many Spotify minutes they’ve played this year from [spotify wrapped]( could you respond to this post with your minutes played? Or you could fill out [this]( survey if you want t. Its for a Stats project.

    if you do fill out the survey or respond to this post, thank you so much!

  9. 3 things I’m thankful for today:

    1. I have good relationships with my remaining grandparents

    2. I’m having very vivid dreams recently of meeting girls and being intimate with them. Kinda upset that it isn’t real life when I wake up but I’m loving the adrenaline in my dreams lol (this probably came out a lot more sad than I attended).

    3. Lots of good food coming up in the next couple of weeks. Homemade Ribs, lamb, etc and all I have to do is show up.

    Anyone know what to get for my dad’s 50th? He buys anything he wants when he wants lol

  10. Haven’t been to the gym in like 3 months which sucks . Depressions has been keeping me down for a while now, I’ve basically been going to school and then home and playing video games. Going out on the weekends also helps take my mind off things.

    Considering the shitty weather, this year isn’t nearly as bad as the last I’m just very tired all the time. Been doing alot of drugs and thinking about myself and my life as well. Unfortunately every time I think Im growing as a person the next day I go back to being shitty. It’s hard to let go of my ego and my pride, and it always surfaces in the most unhealthy ways.

    I’m pretty grateful for the people around me, and I wish I could be a better friend to them, but it ain’t easy. Being poor and not able to afford a therapist or medication also sucks, hopefully I can get a job that can support me enough to finally try and break out of this rut.

    Anyways I’m just writing down my thoughts so I can hopefully look back from a better place.

    Sidenote stimulants tend to take away that numb feeling of depression for a bit and I’ve been reading up a bit on ADHD and how it’s usually followed by anxiety and depression. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with it and how they’re dealing with it.

  11. Months ago someone posted on the DD about doing a suicide cut. Eating like 1100 calories and cardio twice a day. The dude lost a good amount of weight in 11 days. Anyone know who that was and if he died?

  12. Been hooking up and texting with an older girl since summer.Good chemistry but she was fresh out of a multi year relationship so I slow played it. Well, she got pissed about me “rejecting her” and proceeds to tell me how her issue is “not feeling good enough” in relationships. Lo and behold two weeks after making up she ends up taunting me by snapchatting another guy right next to me, makes a point to bring him out two days later with our mutual friend group, and goes home with him after yammering about me only being her second guy. I’m 99% sure I dodged a bullet here, but it sucks since our social circle is so small and *everyone* knows.

    On the bright side, i’m using this as fuel for the poverty bench I never worked on. Goals to hit 235 or so by March from 175×5 during this leanbulk.

  13. I haven’t hit 2 pl8 bench in like a year and a half because half laziness and half new job, but like, I THREW THAT BITCH ON TODAY AND DOUBLED IT NO SPOTTER. Then the other day I tripled one plate on OHP. I look like dogshit still, but at least I’m getting stronger

  14. Not bodybuilding related today, but I just finished paying my student loans. Exactly 5 years after graduating. I’ll use the high to destroy legs today. Kill your lifts, boyos!

  15. Been using hook grip for deadlift and it’s even better than mixed for me. It’s either extremely underrated or no one talks about it despite using it. Which do you guys prefer ?

  16. If I’m focused on building up my V-taper but I naturally have wider hip bones, should I be avoiding heavy weighted ab and oblique work?

  17. If the only real difference in chin-ups vs. pull-ups is a slight difference in biceps and lats, would it be smart to pick the grip I can do more/easier progressive overload with? i.e. if I’m better at chins, do them.

  18. i have started screaming like a savage in the car before the gym. sometimes i scream so hard i tear up and get so fucking punped to just go to war at the gym

  19. Go to tinder lines to convey you wanna smash? I end up making small talk and then meeting up and spending a shit ton of time getting to know them before smashing and then ghosting which is too much effort (like 2 weeks each time).

    Any advice? I don’t like complimenting them so soon because it puts them at like an advantage over me/uneven playing field

  20. Feeling almost fully recovered since it’s been over a week since my shoulder bursitis started. Probably going back to doing only biceps on Monday and biceps+back on Thursday (Depending on how I feel, don’t want to risk it)

    I’ll go back to doing chest and triceps (push) the week after that. Not worried about losing gains since it’s only 2 weeks and I’ve still been doing legs and abs training. I’ve also been swimming in school for gym class twice a week so I’m technically getting some full body work. Also somehow I’ve been keeping up with my macros and calories.

    Shoutouts to u/AyyItsDylan94 and u/-jaylew- for responding to my comment about this last week and giving me some advice.

  21. My skin is the best it’s ever been. Only things I’ve changed are removing whey and avoiding sugar alcohols.

    One more week on my cut. I’m at the point where I’ve gotta fold the waistband of my shorts to keep them secure.

  22. The adrenaline rush from having to tell some dick bag to stop blasting his EDM out his phone next to me is better than any pre-workout.

  23. Any tips on staying non-superficial throughout life?

    I have really good habits developed rn (20, going to CC, no job, so responsibilities are low, loving life) and these habits ideally should carry me for life, but it makes me uncomfortable seeing others around me who are in shitty moods, stressed out about silly things, letting their bodies go to hell, rushing to alcohol as soon as it’s late enough because that’s what they need to relax, etc.
    I know I feel this way because I fear becoming like this, and I really want to be proactive and avoid becoming a depressing, depressed, fat sack of shit.

  24. Life is great lately! I’m getting married next month. My girlfriend and I have decided to just going to get married in the courthouse by a judge, get wedding bands tattooed on our fingers, then disappear on a trip for a bit… and not tell anyone till afterwards lol. We’ll have the real wedding ceremony sometime next year; we just don’t want to wait while we’re getting our shit together and our finances in order. I actually always wanted to do it exactly this way, but I never thought I’d fall in love with someone that would want the same thing! Once the lease is up on this shitty little apartment, we’ll be looking to buy or at least rent a house together and start popping out babies.


    Also, I’m getting a transfer at work. I work as an RN and will be moving to a surgical/trauma step-down, which means that I’ll be working with patients that are in much rougher shape than the patients I’m seeing now, but still a “step down” from being in the ICU. Work will be giving me training certifications that will make it easy to transfer to surgical/trauma ICU when I’m ready, and I’ll get a small increase in pay. I’ve only been there 4 months, so I take it as a sign that I’m doing pretty well at my job. BTW this is at a Level 1 Trauma Center in a major city, so these are the worst trauma cases that other hospitals aren’t even equipped to handle.

  25. Arnold S. “Joe didn’t just inspire my earliest dreams; he made them come true the day he invited me to move to America to pursue my bodybuilding career,” Schwarzenegger, who visited Weider in the hospital before his death, said in the statement.


    Arnold S. admits he was created by Jews and America’s entire mindset in regards to the “Alpha body” is based on Jewish mind control. Hollywood is controlled by Jews too and they made Arnold S.



  26. Bodybuilding makes you weaker in some ways. Bodybuilders can’t handle the cold very well. That’s why Arnold S. trained in southern California. It’s proven that cold exposure makes muscles smaller. Bodybuilders are wimps when it comes to cold exposure.

  27. Hey r/bodybuilding! I have a question about taking creatine. I’ve been taking it for about 2 months but I’m about to leave college for winter break, and won’t have access to a gym. I’ll pretty much only be doing bodyweight stuff if even that for a month. Should I continue to take creatine over this time period?

  28. Meeting this girl, got there 10 mins early just in case, bitch just texts saying she’s 30 mins late…

    So how you guys doing?

  29. Ever hook-up with someone and had a great time but feel that person’s out of your league and afraid of what’s to come so you don’t text them back and when you finally do, they ghost you? Yeah…

  30. Dropped a 35 lb plate on my foot today.

    Cons: painful, big bruise, wearing shoes are uncomfortable

    Pros: perfect justification to skip leg day.

  31. Turns out that girl I was supposed to go jogging with from my last post just wanted to have sex. Was actually kind of pumped to jog tbh.

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