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Every day Dialogue Thread: 12/11/2018

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53 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 12/11/2018

  1. I live in a pretty secluded town and there isn’t a gym in sight for miles. I’m a pretty skinny guy but I want to build a nice slim physique. What could I buy to make a home gym of sorts to help me on way? I’m thinking a couple of dumbbells weights, not any sort of machinery or anything like that. I’m not that rich.

  2. I’ve been dealing with a hamstring strain that wouldn’t (and hasn’t) go away for almost two years. Which means bare minimum if any, inconsistent lower body workouts.

    In october I visited a friend so I *had* to squat, and did. Worked up to 200 pounds for 8 reps after not squatting for months. Re strained it. Idiot move. Could barely walk up the stairs

    Rested as usual, but have been sticking with a 2-3x a week, 6 sets of 135 squats for 5 reps. Fuck the ego, just get some leg volume in. After a month I would keep 3x of 135, then jump to 3x 175. all 5 reps.

    This monday I hit two plate squat for the first time in years, for 5 reps. Nothing amazing, but I only ever hit 235×3 squat in my lifetime before this annoying injury, so this means a lot.

    Excuse the rant, but it’s always felt shit when you could bench more than you’ve ever squatted, ever, and it feels like squats has finally been figured out. Walking around with a weak lower body fucking sucks, so this felt good to hit.

  3. Seeking counsel. I’ve been dating a girl for the past month or so and we got on incredibly well. 10/10 personality- funny, kind, intelligent(smarter than me). Only problem is she’s probably a 6 in the looks department. I’m attracted to her but I’m worried that eventually I’ll want someone a bit more attractive. Feeling a bit conflicted, does anyone have any advice or experience with a situation like this?

  4. Spending a single day in a whole week with gf is so straining. I want to be with her everyday, to train together, eat and sleep together, but life doesn’t allow it at the moment.

    I love her so much, not sure I could live without her. I wish, from all my heart, that this dream of mine, never ever ends.

    If I were to compare my previous stages of my life before I met her, they would pale in comparison. Lifts have never been as strong, my happiness is soaring above the normal.

    And the absolute best part of this, is that she loves me just as much.

    I have a slight feeling that I’m relying too much on her, as in if we were to go separate ways, I wound not be able to function nor find a reason to live. So I’m kinda scared, if that were to occur.

  5. What are some high volume, low cal foods you guys like? Kind of struggling to stay full on my cut, havent cheated yet but I can feel it coming

  6. I knew I couldn’t get all my bday squats today but I had a good sesh hit 275×10 that’s a new PR at least. Then I went for bday deads and 225×26 was rough as hell but I grinded em out. I’m also requesting 1 more rep from everyone as my present thank you in advance

  7. I forgot the golden rule, that all flavors of protein are inferior to chocolate and bought some cookies and cream. It’s not very good and I bought 6lbs of it (could be worse I guess).

    The brand is Pro7ein by Nutrishop btw, good stuff.

  8. Chicks of the DD help me out!

    My girl is wanting a full glute day that’s not the shitty lightweight Instagram “workouts”. The only thing I know is barbell hip thrusts and cable kickbacks. What else should she throw in there?

  9. why do manlets come beside me and start shadow boxing and high kicking and strutting right close to me. i get it little guy, you’re tough

  10. What are some of your favorite protein powder recipes besides shakes and inside oatmeal?

    Recently ive been making a shake and using it for my cereal instead of milk. Another solid snack/dessert is greek yogurt (plain) with powder mixed in. It creates a pudding consistency and really helps with cravings.

    Aside aside from raps, i cane up with a peanut butter and banana wrap (low carb high fiber). Slightly heated in a pan or toaster is amazing.

  11. Sad But True by Metallica is such a great song for bench press. It’s like a ritual for me now… I always unrack the bar during that little pause at 0:22. Gets me hyped up every time

  12. My girl wants to start lifting. We did legs together a few days ago and today she hopped in on my shoulder day. I figured up her macros and made her a L/U/L split that she can play with as she learns more. IM SO PROUD

  13. Quick, someone tell me I’m being fucked in the head. Muscle insertions don’t shorten with age or anything do they? And I feel like my biceps all of a sudden taper off more now towards the elbow… I hope this is like the time I was convinced my elbows were getting pointier. Who else has brains whose favourite pass time is inventing flaws that don’t exist… Everyone on this sub I suspect actually.

  14. Heard some bodybuilding related standup comedy over the weekend at Comedy Store in LA and was pleasantly surprised.

    At first when he brought up the subject of fitness & “nice bodies” I kind of thought he was going to go downhill with it, but the whole bit revolves around how the only way to get a good body is diet and exercise and yet people are always asking “what the secret” is as if it’s something we all haven’t known for forever now. Some of the phrasing he used made me honestly wonder if he browsed r/bb at one point haha. Was funny to hear it from that angle from a pro stand up comic.

  15. Anyone else kinda miss that whole “star rating” thing?

    Feel like I see a wholee lot of “advice” parroted some times and would love to see or have an idea of the bodybulding experience of the person

  16. Also boyooos I had my final google interview last week.

    5 rounds of 45 mins each back to back with a lunch break in the middle. Think I crushed a majority of them so hopefully we got an offer incoming in the next few weeks!

  17. Maybe not the most autistic moment I’ve had but it feels like it now.

    So this girl I’ve been talking to for the past few months posted a few pics of her working out legs on snap, I’m thinking cool she’s looking mad thicc too. So she texts me a few minutes later saying “I just finished working out” and instead of asking her about it and awkwardly flirting my smart brain goes “nice! I’m about to workout now!”. And she hasn’t responded since lol

  18. Why the fuck do guys with 12 inch arms and concave chests wear stringers to the gym and spend 10 minutes flexing between sets of epileptic cheat curls?

  19. Genetics are huge in building muscle.

    Well guess what, they’re major in being able to digest and process foods thereby getting the nutrients efficiently- my innards fucking suck, and I’m struggling to eat more than 2k calories ffs.

    I never even thought if it till recently but a good digestive system is gold for muscle gain, and a bad one is a fucking curse. Bloat constipation all the damn time….

  20. So I got a suit that fits me almost perfectly for a presentation that I have to do. Because it fits so well my mom is trying to tell me that I need to stop going to the gym so I don’t grow out of it or at the very least stop doing upper body. Like I need advice on staying small, if I wanted to get big I’d be taking creatine or even some whey but I’m gonna keep on with the natty life

  21. Who here never wear singlet or tank top to the gym even when you’re lean cause it just ‘feels’ douchey? Nothing against those that do wear em of course.

  22. I’m 26 years old and just got an ad on IG for Botox gift cards. Not just yet, lad, not just yet. Definite yes in a few years though.

  23. I hit 335 for 8 on bench today. Im pretty proud of that but I got an awful cramp in my hammy on the 6th that kept me for going for 9.

    In other words. MY LIFE FUCKING SUCKS

  24. Normies think the douchiest guy in the gym is the 250 pounder doing 90 lb hammer curls, but really it’s the 145 pound teenager who just benched 135 last week

  25. Just tried Mr. Hyde Nitro X for the first time… HOLY FUCK THE FOCUS. HOCUS POCUS MY LOCUS

    The Pixie Dust flavor is also the best tasting preworkout I’ve ever tried to date.

  26. What a shitty fucking day. First deadlifts wend like shit couldn’t get more than 295×4. Then I get in my truck and soon as I start it check engine comes on. Hopefully it’s not major I can’t afford it. Been laid off since October. Of course this has to happen before christmas

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