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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/06/2018

Leap day motherfuckers

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52 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/06/2018

  1. Anyone else see romantic relationships as a win-win?

    -You win if it works out
    -You win if it doesn’t because breakup/sadboi gains

    Yeah me neither

  2. Thoughts on Scitec 100% Whey Professional protein powder? Good, bad, and why? Best protein in this price range?

  3. What’s been the biggest change in your lifting that has allowed to build more muscle? Higher frequency, mind muscle connection, etc?I feel like I’ve falling in a plateau in terms of muscle mass. I’m getting stronger but don’t feel like my body composition is changing. I’m currently running a PPL 2x a week and usually start each workout with a heavy compound 5 reps and then progress onto more higher rep stuff. What are some things I should try to strictly build muscle?

  4. The college mens volleyball team I’m the trainer for is super out of shape and pissed I made them do the beep test to track their cardio progress over the year. They’re demanding I run it with them next time we do it in about 2 months. Little do they know I’m going to train my cardio every single day for the next month while I’m on winter break and blow them all out of the water. It’s gonna be a long road of boring cardio but it’ll all be worth it to see their faces when their seemingly unathletic trainer beats all their asses.

  5. Wish my chest would go grow like my [legs]( . Also, I have no idea how y’all units find clothes that fit . I only weigh 180 and most large shirts/jackets don’t fit me and XL is like wearing a dress. Jeans and sweats are a nightmare because of my huge ass.

  6. Woke up at 3PM, had a protein shake that made me nauseous for three hours, then I went to the gym and now I’m ordering a kebab pizza. Not how I planned out my day but workout felt great and I’m looking forward to the food.

  7. Just saw one of my gyms regulars walking his dog down the street in my neighborhood. The guys in his mid 40s and squats 500+

    It felt like seeing a teacher outside of school

  8. I had a black guy comment on one of my insta posts today and he said ‘black peoples hero’. I’m about to screenshot that and put it on my resume.

  9. Oh shit just realized I never updated my Tinder profile after I got back from Europe. I’ve been rocking a cheesy tourist bio for like 5 weeks now.

  10. Finally back into a good workout schedule. Just got an instant pot so time to really bulk with volume cooking and consistent training. Anyone got some good simple-ish recipes

  11. Secured new job at work which is much more interesting and rewarding than my current job.

    took two scoops of pwo, did back pump workout, got good pump, new veins, was cumming whole hour of my workout


  12. Looking for a new hip hinge movement that isn’t a deadlift variation or good morning.

    Would something like a GHR or 45-degree hyperextension work? I’m doing leg curls for hams already.

  13. Trying a new training split really shows you where you are weak.

    Split up leg day into quads and hams, squat on one day deadlift on the other and my hams are killing me right now. (I always seem to have a problem with my hamstring conditioning)

    Also added in side bends for the first time in a long time and my obliques are so sore I didnt even want to put on my weight belt today.

  14. If you count and are consistent with your calories and hit 1g protein per lb of body weight does it really matter what percentage of your leftover calories are carbs and fats as long as you have decent amounts of both?

  15. 8 weeks into a cut, from 171 lbs —> 159.6 lbs as of this morning. Bench has gone down 5 lbs, deadlift went down 10 lbs, squat remained the same. Is minor strength loss okay? Or am i cutting to fast? Currently doing an Upper/Lower 4x a week, with 3, 20 minute cardio sessions. Also in a -500 deficit.

  16. Same girl (waifu) who calls herself autistic also said to me “god why do i have such manly arms” so me thinking I can snag a funny story to post in the DD say “yeah haha and you have a broad back” and she just looks at me like “????????????????”

  17. Need help from bros who have had herniated discs and got back to bb after surgery – how do you get back into working out? I plan on taking off from lifting for 1-2 months just because I dont want to deal with this pain again and surgery is expensive as hell too. How early did you guys get back into it? What was your rehab like and if you use gear, how soon after your surgery did you start cycling again

  18. during puberty i would have weird hormonal cycles where over the course of two months or so id feel really good and confident for 3/4 of the time and then feel like an irritable pussy the other 1/4th. earlier this year it started happening again and it was cool since it was the early semester and i started to calm down for a while. but now its the friday before finals and i can feel it coming back and the only fucking thing on my mind is sex

  19. Does increasing Time Under Tension equate to an increase in volume. Say a set of lat pull downs with a 1 second eccentric contraction vs a 3 second eccentric contraction. Does the increased TUT= increased volume?

  20. “I know. Because I don’t know what I’m gonna do if it doesn’t.” The feeling when you are going to hit a PR and your boy tells you, you got this.

  21. My brothers argument against flu shots and immunizations/vaccines is that “on the CDC website they say that the shot is not 100% effective” and therefore shots and those sorts of things have no benefit at all.


    Also not sure about the validity of this claim, but apparently the CDC hasn’t maintained their vaccines for 30 years or something?

    Edit: he said they haven’t done a safety check on vaccines in 30 years.

    Edit: completely unrelated, but the same brother said that Muslims are goat fuckers. I said really, every one? And he said “most of them over there” and I said oh, right all Muslims are in the Middle East? And he just goes yep and goes on his phone

  22. Is my chest lagging behind the rest of my upper body?

    My friend seems to think so but I’m just convinced that it’s small like the rest of me lol.

    Also I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ask but could anybody give me a bf% guess? I’m currently cutting with plans to reach 200 lbs(I’m currently 206-ish).


    EDIT: Added a pic of my chest in normal lighting because my bathroom makes me look bigger than I actually am lol

  23. I did some Seated Overhead Presses and the a bunch of “Back Lat Focus” type work and then Preacher Curls tonight. Good workout with plenty of small PRs all over the place. So overall this was **Shoulders + “Back Lat Focus” + Biceps**. Video: [](

  24. Listen guys something seems kinda fishy. This girl on tinder just straight up hits me with a date, we exchange phone numbers and set up a time and place to get sushi this Sunday all within like 5 messages. It just seems kinda weird that we didn’t even talk or snap each other first just straight up dove in to a date. Her pics seem legit and her bio is the typical “no hookups just need a cuddle buddy” and she looks cute/nerdy and not a thot at all so I don’t know if she just wants a hook up which is completely fine. Either way im going even if she just wants a free meal or hook up I’ll sniff about. It just seems weird cus my typical tinder formula is snap+talk to see if shes a genuine person and not just looking for money or free stuff. Is it normal to just set up a date right away with out getting to know the person a bit? Is this what normal people do?

  25. What is considered a low bicep insertion?

    From the mirror, they look like they join into my forearms but there’s actually a 1 inch gap (about the width of my thumb) when I flex my arm (arm being upright at 90 degree angle). Or is that just the tendon being activated – because at rest with my arm extended out it continues right into the forearm.

  26. There’s a seemingly freshly baked loaf of bread at the gym. It’s on a footstool near the main desk.

    Do I give it a home? Is it the owners bread? Will the person take it tomorrow?

  27. Felt strong today. Hit weighted chin-ups with 90 pounds attached for 5, which is a lifetime PR. Crazy thing is I have over 20 pounds to lose on this cut lol. So I should get significantly stronger on this lift I think. Followed that up with OHP top set 140×5. All this is done fasted. Pretty good training session. Now off to try and eat 280 G protein

  28. Is it me or do face pulls feal awkward as shit. I’ve been doing it for months and I still dont feal comfortable with it

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