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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/03/2018

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55 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 12/03/2018

  1. I saw a screenshot of a tweet on Reddit that said “I wish I had enough money to say money isn’t everything” (or something similar). I calculated all my finances and I’m pretty much dollar for dollar. I need a fucking raise. I spent $70 over the weekend because I met up with a buddy I haven’t seen in years and now I’m stressed the fuck out about it. That’s how broke I am.

  2. Honest question: if I’m not competing anytime soon is it worth getting shredded as a natural? I’m sitting at like 12% bf right now, not shredded by any means, but beach bod lean. I’m going to get <10% for sure but will my hormones get absolutely fucked and want to kms if I go any lower?

  3. anyone here who has run nSuns 5day program – what does the progress on the accessory lifts look like? just set a set-rep goal, and when I achieve the given reps I just up the weight?

  4. Haven’t been working since I lost my job in June. Starting to feel like a bum. Depression comes and goes after not affecting me in years. Thankfully there’s positives in my life that keep me going. Praying for that bounce back.

  5. I’ll probably repost this on the nutrition post, but curious if anyone here has had success with reducing their meat intake, but not going full vegetarian or vegan. Recently I’m down to usually only eating meat at dinner and it seems to be working well and I’m still hitting my protein with whey, nuts, dairy, etc. Honestly I’d be happy to move towards meat only a few times a week, but I don’t want to miss out on the key nutrients.

    Anyone have experience doing this?

    It’s not an ethical thing for me, but more of an environmental concern.

  6. Saw this guy I graduated high school with tagged in a video on Facebook, which was captioned “proposed to my beta and he said yes”. Apparently people dress up like kinky puppies and have parties? I had no clue this was a thing. What the fuck is going on

  7. Wonder how the world would change if the government in 1st world countries made an announcement that every obese person would be executed in 2 years

  8. Shoutout to whoever recommended doing biceps cable curls and flexing to behind your ears to build the peaks. This is my new favorite biceps exercise.

  9. So I’m a month into my first bulk and I’ve lost two KG so…things going pretty well haha.

    On the plus side my lifts have gone up and today after having a week off work one of the managers said to me “You look more ripped everytime i see you”.

    Gonna be riding that high for the next week.

  10. why do people have this fucking desire to talk to me at the gym? I am not your friend. I have enough friends. Fuck off and leave me alone.

    I left the gym earlier than normal today for a work meeting. Dumb fuck goes “You’re leaving early.” Why are you watching me so hard?

  11. My fucking God. I was at a party with all new people on Saturday and was saying something to a couple of girls…

    I jumbled my words and stuttered for like 4-5 tries before I got my basic sentence out. They tried to pretend like I didn’t just make it extremely awkward but you could feel it.

    Still cringing my face off from that memory. I wasn’t even really nervous. My brain just fucked up at delivering a sentence

  12. Day 1 of the cut, 213 this morning. Took a before pic but I will wait until I have an after pic to post both together. Running Chris Jones’ Hoe Ready program. The volume on this shit is crazy but his clients seem to get crazy results. So I guess it’s worth it. Well see in a little under 14 weeks once I complete it.

  13. Medical question!

    I hurt my shoulder last august and I finally got an MRI midway through November and did PT during the time in between. After the 4 months, the MRI said there was a labrum tear of the moderate degree. My doc said try to wait some more before we do surgery but if you feel like you want to come in and schedule a surgery do it. I have been looking online and it seems as if surgery in general is the best way to heal a labrum tear and im losing my mind not being able to lift for this long. I still have severe pain when doing a hawkins test, and not as bad pain when lifting my hand overhead (no weight obviously). Do you guys think I should get surgery on my shoulder? I’ll also post a pic of my MRI if any of you guys know how to read and could tell me anything more about my tear.


    Thanks, All insight welcome

  14. I just won 100 bucks from my favorite lunch spot! I think the girl behind the counter rigged it for me to win.

  15. Last night, I asked a girl who I had over if she wanted to hold my slice of buffalo chicken pizza and watch me do pullups.

    She laughed for like a full minute and said it was the douchiest thing she’d ever heard.

    Still banged tho

  16. This bulk I’ve put on a decent amount of muscle as well as an indecent amount of fat. Next cut is going to be brutal bb

  17. Whenever I see exercise, specifically lifting, as a suggestion for those that are suffering from depression, I think of this meme:

    Except, “Cool, now I’m depressed with a sick physique.”

    Not saying it doesn’t help, but part of the reason I even got in the gym 8 years ago was because of that. I haven’t skipped a session in (5 or 6 days a week depending on my programming) in 4.5 years. But people assume that if your body is healthy your mind is healthy. And plot twist: my body is not even healthy. It *looks* healthy. I drink 60 beers a week and sometimes go several days without eating. Tricked ya, nerds

  18. Help me out brothers. I wanna end my cut with a bang today and I was thinking I should smach one large pizza on my own. Problem is one large pizza is not enough so maybe i should hit Cici’s and just eat my heart of on the cheap? But now I’m thinking id also like some fried chicken so maybe hit golden coral? But then again the (very faint) voice of reason is begging me not to waste a week’s progress in one meal. I have a massive appetite so a buffet would be a 6k calorie meal at least

    What to do?

  19. anybody esle ordered from myprotein on black friday and is still waiting for the package? fuck, it’s a total shitfest on trustpilot right now, tons of negative review all saying that after 2 weeks the orders are yet to be shipped and of course the client centre has shut down and nobody replies.. so mad right now, they knew that a lot of people would have ordered on black friday, yet they approached it totally unprepared.. after 4 years I’m actually thinking to drop them

  20. Does anyone here do paired sets on some days? I’m running a variation of the Helms intermediate U/L/P/P/L and on the upper power days I was thinking of doing variations like Bench/Pullups, OHP/Rows, etc.

  21. If you’re searching for frugal gains go to the deli at Walmart near closing or opening, there’s loads of sliced turkey/ham etc and rotisserie chickens not sold that day for half off.

  22. Alright fellas, need suggestions for some quality resistance bands. I want to use them to warm up before lift sessions, and also to get decentish workouts in when I’m traveling and don’t have access to a gym. I’ve never owned or even used them before, so suggestions with regards to what “weights” and brands to get would be much appreciated.

  23. My problem with instathots is that none of them actually do anything. way more impressive if they have a talent or are good at a sport or something. looking at grills in the same dumb poses that took 300+ tries to get right, just so they could look like every other “model” is boring and repetitive.

  24. I’m officially on that morning, pre-work lifting train now. Ready to make these social/career/other hobby gains after work now.

    Feels good to start the day with a PR…das it mane.

  25. Home sick with fever, etc. All I want to do is go lift but feel too weak to drive to the gym. Forced rest days are a bummer.

  26. Nothing goes better with reconditioning your heavy squat after fixing a leg imbalance like having the runs mid warmup.

  27. haha my goal was to cut to high 60s (kg) by Sep but I stuck at around 70-71. As of this morning I am 67.7kg

    It took me approx. 4-5 days: no diets, no cardio, no nothing!


    Pretty simple – I was a dumbass and didn’t get my flu shot this year which obviously led me to getting a flu. Its pretty nasty this year here in Canada – crazy fever (39.9C), at some point I actually lost my eyesight in both eyes for like 4-5 seconds (shat bricks) when I quicly stood up one night.

    But fuck whatever it takes cut complete.

  28. Is it pretty typical for the pump of different body parts to feel completely different? For example, my calves just feel like they’re cramping up, but my arms will feel like (small) balloons

  29. Holy shit boys. After breaking that 185lb bench barrier to 190, I went to 195lb and it was like butter today again (for 5×5). I feel like someone smarter than me will confirm this but I think doing chest flys with DBs has helped greatly cause I really focus on the contraction on those bad boys and have been doing them every workout now the last while. I also popped up to 215lbs with my LB squat (5×5). Whoever posted about the Powerlifter 3.1 Adidas shoes for Black Friday, thank you!!! They’ve felt so good for squatting.

    I’m still fat (25% bf+ for sure) but seeing strength gains again is nice.

  30. Does any strong bros here hate chest day?

    I use 100lb dumbbells for my flat bench press and I always dread it. Everything is so fucking heavy to get up and I always have this fear that if I drop the weight, Ima crush my face or chest.

  31. I’ve been compared to some sweet characters/people (Thor, Captain America, Chris Pratt (whatever that means, because I look nothing like him)), but the other day, this girl said that I reminded her of the Sandman from Spider-Man 2 lol…I feel insulted by that for some reason

  32. Some days I wake up and I know I’m carrying extra water weight because of the feeling. Just result of tracking my weight daily, and also taking note of sodium (not added salt, but whatever is in the packaging/meat/veggies I eat).

    Usually my heavier weight when I feel like this is 83kg, today the weight when I woke up feeling like this was only 80.8kg. So this cut is going pretty good for sure, and it means that my weight when not carrying extra water is like 79, so that’s got me pretty happy.

  33. Hey guys, here for my quarterly venting session! In all seriousness, I’m feeling like i’m in a real slump right now; lifting has always been a nice constant but even the gym is starting to beat me up. Literally. I’m turning 21 in a few days and my whole body aches despite just deloading after running a strength cycle. Yes, i’m also in a slight caloric surplus, so I’m not sure why either. On another note, I feel like I’ve accomplished a fat and collective nothing so far in life. I went straight to university out of highschool and dropped out after a year after being hit with a severe flair up of depression and derealization that I’ve experienced on and off since I was a child. It really affects my cognitive abilities and reading a textbook in this state literally feels like trying to workout underwater. Since then I’ve been working seasonal jobs in construction and I actually have a decent amount of money saved. But I hate the work, and I certainly cant imagine doing it for the rest of my life. So now I’m sitting here in my fathers house while he loses his job and I’m confronted with the fact that despite his pension, i’ts gonna be me as an only child who will be responsible for taking care of him as he ages.

    Anyways, I’ve been doing nothing every day except for gyming, smoking excessive amounts of weed (woo legalization in canada!!) and playing video games for the past two months and I feel disgusting. I actually have hit some all time PR’s on my squat and deadlift recently but my numbers are still quite novice and my bench press hasn’t budged for nearly a year. I’ve certainly been procrastinating thinking about my future and what I would like to do with my life. It feels like such a huge insurmountable question to answer. I think I’ll make it out of this, as I know these feelings tend to fade, but I’m worried I’m gonna feel like i’m treading water for the rest of my life. I WANT to do SOMETHING. But I don’t know what that something is. Hold me, boys. ):

  34. What are the current thoughts on static training? Kinda want to try it for neck training. Neck bridges and wrestling seem to work the best and they’re both pretty static.

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