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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/27/2017

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42 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/27/2017

  1. Finally have time to get back in the gym after finishing up the giant fuck off group project for my masters year. Shattered finger is just about recovered enough to cope with Gym work, so fucking hyped to actually start making some gains again

  2. Anyone have any solutions to my hands themselves hurting after sets? Just did dumbbell press and my hands hurt after maybe from gripping too hard?

  3. Wait shit my forearm’s grown a lot I haven’t worn my watch since summer when I went out clubbing, tried it on just now and it’s skin fucking tight Jesus is it uncomfortable

  4. Can someome give me pointers on my meal plan for my cut? I am 5’9.5, 180lb male

    Breakfast: 1/4 cup whole milk, 1/4 cup of frosted flakes , 1/2 cup of kind peanut butter oats, banana(occasionallu) all mixed into cereal
    2boiled eggs and a banana
    1/3 cup of oatmeal w water and banana

    On the rare occasion i do : home made yogurt, protein powder( bsn syntha 6 chocalate milkshake) , banana, kind oats all mixed in. Its about 600-800 calories

    Lunch: ground beef (.75lb) , 3 eggs, onions, garlic and two slices of american cheese cooked all together and make a calum von mager muscle burger variation but i dont make them into a burger i have it like a taco meat
    1 boiled/grilled chicken breast with 1/2 cup of brown rice , 4 broccoli pieces and half a carrot. Mixed with hot sauce

    My dinner is either one of the extra lunch, also i tend to have asparagus with my dinner once a week with red pepper and garlic seasoning it.

    Throughout the day i snack on kind oats or fruits such as apples and grapes and i ofcourse have my protein shake.

    BSN syntha 6 chocalate milkshake

    Total calories average: 1710
    128g protein
    126g carbs
    22g fiber
    21g sugar
    84g of fat

    My tdee is apparently 3000.

    Do you have any thoughts

  5. My short legs make me look like a child in most pants. I’m 5’9″ but I see myself in the mirror and my proportions look so weird.

    I had an ex who was 5’10/11″ and she was shorter than me when we sat next to each other.

  6. not really bodybuilding related but after not getting a lot of matches on tinder i reset my profile, took a shirtless selfie, and put that as my only picture. More matches in 2 days then ive had the last month and a half. this just in girls are just as shallow as we are.

  7. Bros. What is a good bodybuilding/fitness app? I recently upgraded from a 5c to an 8 and I don’t know what to do with all the extra storage. I’m tired of using the Notes app for listing all my workouts. I’ve been using the Nike Training App but it’s mainly for general fitness and tbh it kinda sucks.

    Finals week is next week and I’m gonna get fucked. Good news is I’m working over winter break at the uni gym. Bad news is I gotta drive an hour and back in order to work. Gonna be a tiring month

  8. I’ve got a question for all of you that work professional jobs. Due to some recent personnel changes at my job, I’m going to have a lot more responsibility and work volume. What’s the best way to ask for a raise? The team kind of needs me at this point so I have a bit of leverage, but I don’t want to rub my managers the wrong way by just approaching it as “give me more money.” Any advice is appreciated!

  9. I missed my session on Saturday due to family. I felt kinda bad on Sunday and now it’s Monday. But guess what my dudes? It doesn’t matter if you miss a session every now and then because it’s all about long term consistency. You won’t get ripped by eating one meal of broccoli and chicken, and you won’t get fat by eating more than your TDEE one day. Sit back relax and do one day at a time. I’m out my dudes, today is ohp!

  10. I’ve got a question regarding my bench. Is it normal for my working weight to be close to my 1rm? I can do 60kg for a set of 10, but my max is only 80kg

  11. what’s something green to pair with sriracha pineapple chicken & roasted potatoes? gotta impress the lady

    she also wants me to tie her up, so my first ever trip to home depot will be in the name of sexual deviance. cant wait boyos

  12. I am planning to compete this Spring/Early Summer. What is the preferred length of a prep for you guys? 12 weeks and fast, 20 weeks and slow with room for mistakes and altercations. I am currently 193 lb and expect my show weight to be around 175.

  13. Today at the gym I met this kinda old dude who suddenly asked me how much I squat. I said 405 and he was like “I used to do that for 10×10 when I was younger. How much do you bench?” So rip poverty bench, I said 105kg (whatever that is in pounds). He then said “I used to bench 6 plates on each side when I was younger”

    Okayyyyyyy didn’t know Larry Wheels suddenly aged man

  14. How much do you guys spend on food every month?

    I spend about £200 ($275~) myself. That includes hache steaks from musclefood, protein powder from myprotein when I buy it, chicken, fruits, milk, eggs, yogurt, rice, multi vitamins & fish oils etc. from my local supermarket.

    Curious as I’m wanting to bring my food budget down without my food tasting worse.

    Any meal staples you guys have every day/love?
    The hache steaks are fairly cheap at £15 for 10 and that’s 10 days, wondering if I could do things cheaper.

    **EDIT**: Re-worked out exactly what I’m spending as my notepad was a bit dated. I spend **£142.88 before protein powder and steaks.** The steaks set me back about £55 and protein powder is supposed to be £30 a month but I just wait for it to be on sale, buying in bulk (Like today would be ideal)

    This doesn’t leave money for eating out or on the weekends though, I usually need to prep another meal or 2 Sat/Sun

  15. I didn’t work abs on my bulk and as I’m cutting its exposing me Lol. Every where else is coming in fine. Should I start working them now and cut or just bulk?

  16. Back to work after holiday and I’m preparing myself to resist the barrages of leftover desserts that a bunch of people always bring to the office to get rid of after a holiday.

    Woe is me for having a cubicle right next to the kitchen and where I can smell the wonderful apple pies (my one true weakness).

    Kill your lifts bros! And wish me luck!

  17. Sorta hit a bench rep PR today, in the past I’ve done 205 for 5 on a 1+ and for 3 while working up to a higher weight but today I did it for 3×4 in the middle of my working sets so that’s pretty lit. Every lift except squat seems to be going up which is dope.

    Update: a generator on campus exploded so we have no power or WiFi and I’m not sure how I’m gonna eat lunch since dining halls are probably offline, but at least the gym is vacant

  18. Did some bouldering for the first time this weekend and it kicked my ass. Definitely got good workout and had me sore for 2 days.

  19. I need some advice boys. I still can’t get over an ex that I broke up with in March. I only remember the good stuff even though I distinctly remember her driving me crazy constantly and manipulating me. I’ve tried banging sluts (I love it) but I still drift back to thinking about her.

    Any advice?

  20. I’m going to kind of show a friend (girl) the ropes for working out. Her goal is to improve her physique. My primary goal is to get her past the uncomfortable stage and able to put together her own routine. I want to show her how to make it fun, while making her familiar with exercises getting started so she can go off on her own and be consistent long term. I’m a big fan of a bodypart split like PPL with compounds as the first lift of the workout, but I’m a guy. Is there a different split that would be more fun for a chick to improve their physique on?

  21. Yesterday I told my coach I wasn’t going to buy protein from her this month because her price increased $20 and because of the sweet deal I picked up on at MyProtein for Black Friday.

    So she insisted that I show her the label to see if I got the “right stuff”…. apparently not, She started going on about how her personal brand is an Isolate/ concentrate protein blend and the one I bought is just a concentrate and it contains Sucralose which is bad. I played dumb and agreed that I’ve probably bought the wrong thing, and she suggested I should do more research next time (buy her product).
    Jokes on her because I bought 25kg of this stuff.

    I did the research before I bought from myprotein though, and they have a higher protein content and more favorable macros for me. And over the course of the year I’d have saved more than $500 with it compared to her’s.

    Anyway I get that people need to make money somehow and selling supps on the side is her jam, but I’m feeling cheated by this,
    and that from here on out I have to take all her advice with a grain of salt.

  22. Can I do all exercises if you have APT (anterior pelvic tilt) or should I avoid exercises that involve hip flexors and quads? From what I’ve read these muscles are tense along with lower back while hamstrings, abs and glutes are weak causing arched back and butt sticking out. I only started trying to fix it today. Any advice is welcome. P. S. It probably came from sitting too often and too long

  23. vivienstar• 3m
    My thighs are flared out. Not sure if it’s because I have wide hips of peace and prosperity or big legs or both. Also I naturally store fat in lower body. I already know what I’m doing. Any suggestion as to why my body is like that ?

  24. I injured my wrist about a month ago and haven’t gone to the gym. Only thing I was doing was legs and exercises that ain’t require tons of grip. Pretty much didn’t do crap.

    I’m not too cheesed, because my grandmother was sick so I got to spend time with her… but is there a basic guide of way to do when I go back to the gym? My diet has *not* been on point either. My goal was to go for strength.

  25. It’s going to be my first day back to the gym after taking 10 days off during my vacation. It was necessary to get some rest but now I look/feel small(er) and depleted so was it really worth it?

  26. Literally just hit a PR today bros, 70kg bench for 4 reps!!! So fucking pumped I’m typing this before my next set. This feeling is one of the reasons why I lift thanks all

  27. I failed my first lift in like 10 years yesterday but I’m telling myself it’s because I haven’t done legs in 2 weeks and I’m on a cut. Am I making excuses or should I be kicking myself?

  28. I’m reading the daily discussion threads very often and I often see that newbies have problems with their bench or chest workouts in general. I am one of those noobs.

    I’m going to the gym for two months now and chest days were so fucking frustrating. I was training them along with triceps and it was just horrible. No real pump, no power gains, I couldn’t get through the workout normally.

    But today me and my friend tried something different. We only trained chest (and few abs exercises at the end) and did something like this:

    6 sets of BB bench press (pyramid)

    4 sets of cable flyes

    3 sets of incline DB bench press

    3 sets of decline BB bench press

    Saying it went great is a huge underestimate. Best pump I ever had (also REALLY felt the chest working instead of shoulders as usual), could get through workout easily, was working with more weight.. I’m just happy we found out what we were doing wrong.

    Just wanted to share cuz im happy. Also decline BB press is fucking great if you have bad shoulders, it really makes it easier to activate chest. At least in my case

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