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Each day Dialogue Thread: 11/23/2017

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41 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 11/23/2017

  1. Note to self: Try on new clothes and look in the mirror before wearing them to the gym. Gray sweats are a no go from now on. Oops.

  2. Got my bulking plan written out to tackle some flaws in my physique next three months. After that I will diet down again something like 10 lbs and be shredded for the summer.

  3. I just graduated boys! I’m gonna celebrate by eating a shit ton of food and then sleep like a peaceful stuffed baby!

    Happy Thanksgiving American bros!

  4. The new myprotein coconut flavor is pretty awesome. Add some instant oats to it and you pretty much got something that has the taste and consistency of coconut milk just with a shit ton of protein and carbs.
    Too bad it’s only a limited edition for now and not available as an isolate.

  5. To the person who asked yesterday if an upper chest pump was possible:

    Super slow eccentric on incline bench.

    Happy turkey day!

  6. Thanksgiving isn’t going to get in the way of my mini-cut #dedication #grind #struggle #idontactuallygiveafuckaboutthanksgiving

  7. I’ve ways done slow, grindy bench press. Are there benefits to doing it more explosive? I’m having trouble getting over a plateau ~ 200×5

    Should I just change my benching routine?

  8. Currently destroying a toliet at the gym before a huge back day. I feel like today and tomorrow are going to be great workouts. So much carb energy!!!

    Also, I’m pretty sure that my high school sweetheart and I are going to be back together soon. We dated for the last two years of highschool and the first of college, then split because distance and neither of us had ever had anything else. Four years later, I’m about to graduate and will be moving back to the area we’re from for a full time job.

    We reconnected over the summer and things have been going really well, but we’ve sorta skirted the topic of actually dating. She did ask to do Xmas gifts this year though, and asked me for lifting stuff. I’m super excited to hook it up fat. I’m going to get her:
    Otomix shoes
    A belt
    Wrist wraps
    Wrist straps
    Some whey and BCAAs
    A lifting journal
    I can’t wait to see her open it all.

  9. Probably a daft question but when doing dumbell bench do you count it as a rep when you press the dumbells up into position or do you start counting from then?

  10. When the gym crush arrives when you’re almost at the end of the training session so you suddenly remember you still have to do the 8 hours arm workout of the day

  11. Used the prowler for the first time yesterday and holy fucking shit it is some of the best conditioning ive had in a while.

  12. Took some LSD yesterday and went to the gym, felt great and had a wonderful workout. Came home, felt good and composed. Decided to go out to a comedy open mic and try and do a set.

    Got on the subway and thought “fuck I should not be out.”

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone around the world that’s celebrating it today! Enjoy your time and meals with your family. As for me, my closest family member is over 4,000 miles away from me.

  14. Hey bros. So I’m a college student transfer, and I’m living in the dorms. Didn’t go back home for thanksgiving and roommates are gone so I’m alone for this whole week.

    Gonna be little lonely but gonna go gym then just explore around places a bit while reflecting on things I’m grateful of. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

  15. Haven’t been to the gym all week, decided to go this morning before the Thanksgiving feast. Put on some Kendrick Lamar, and finally pulled 4 plates! Said fuck it and tried 415 lbs, ended up getting that up too. Excited as fuck, enjoy your holiday brothers!

  16. Finally hit a plate on OHP today, boyos. Had to grind a bit but it was easier than expected..Still have this shitty poverty bench though Feelsbadman.jpg

  17. First thanksgiving with my family now that my parents got divorced. It’s weird bros. my dads with my brother down in Florida. I’m with my mom and her boyfriend. Life changes I guess

  18. Can anyone recommend a good calculator / comparison website to see where I set in terms of strength, compared to the rest of the people who train?

    I want to see in-depth where I am with my training.

  19. Sometime it takes everything I have not to ask people “what the fuck” in the gym. There’s these two 40-50 year old guys and one does literally 2 inch ROM reps with way more weight than the guy can handle-he does this on every machine. The other guy looks a lot like chuck Norris-as an old guy, and he wears these skin tight sleeveless under armour shirts on his pear shaped body, and he’s going back between doing those weird half incline dumbbell half flyes that I see these people who don’t really lift love to do and taking up the main cable station so he can do half rep weighted pull-ups. Now I can respect that superset but not taking up the whole machine on something there’s literally 8 of elsewhere, and he’s like screaming grunting-not at the last bit of the last rep-like consistently throughout the whole time he yelled and grunted. I wanted to ask him if he needed an ambulance or something. Rant over sorry

  20. 2 weeks out from competition.

    Sitting at ~240 lb with my weight cut off for classic bodybuilding at 236 lb.

    I’m already a solid 5% (skin caliper read me lower at 3.72% but I think it’s wrong).

    I wish the cut off weight was higher. I don’t like how the organization I’m in does it based only on height 5’11+ 236 and under. Like what if you’re someone like me who’s 6’4 and 236 would make you look pretty small?

    They should do a 245 cut off for dudes who are 6’3+ or something.


    I’m lowkey stressing and just venting to no one but I have to keep telling myself that I can drop those last 5 lbs of weight as water.

    Last year before I went pro I managed to lose 10 lbs last week wth water load and ~50g carbs per day. I was just hoping to not have to drop my carbs so low because last time I came in too depleted just to make a 225 cut off.

  21. It’s Thanksgiving and my biochemistry class is on fat synthesis and storage. How appropriate, I’ll know exactly what’s going on inside myself for the next couple days.


  23. Fuck me. I’m pretty sick and yesterday all I ate was pedialyte, cough drops and some force fed turkey. I’m feeling even worse today, I’ll be lucky if U don’t start puking, everyone kill your cheat meals for me. Also looking shredded, I’ve dropped 10lbs since last month which sounds good but I’ve been trying to hit 200lbs with all the willpower I can muster.

  24. First ever American thanksgiving with u/wh1tedragon!! Still getting used to not having to shovel snow as soon as I wake up

    Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and get glorious pumps tomorrow!

  25. Well this new acne medication is making my skin dryer than an overcooked chicken breast, but at least I don’t have acne anymore.

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