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Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/18/2017

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62 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/18/2017

  1. They made a stand alone Gwent game and it sucks. All they had to do was port the one from witcher 3 and it would have been gold. I swear game devs are completely out of touch from designers and actual gamers. Also it’s been a year 1/2 since my last real relationship so Friday and Saturday nights are now PS4 nights. Kill your lifts.

  2. Guys I think I pulled my left pec. Hurts when I stretch it and it’s really hard to bench anything over 100lbs, where I could previously do about 185 for about 5 reps. Whats a good rehab strategy? So far I’ve just been doing high reps with just the bar, rolling and stretching. Anything else you would recommend?

  3. So almost a year ago I developed compressed discs and pinched nerves in my lower back which caused me to have sciatica. Went to PT for months and symptoms kept coming back after the lightest use of my glutes or lower back. PT’s tell me ill never squat or deadlift again. Fml. Well I dont accept that ‘fact’ and I end up doing some research and I do believe I have cured the cause of my sciatica. Pulled 415 sumo yesterday smooth af and I have had 0 lower back or glute issues as of aprox 3 months. If there is a will then there is a whey, dont lose hope bros.

  4. So maiby any of you read that today i had a tough exam today in previous dds. Update is that im probably passing it, so fuck yeah

    Fast forward to gym session, carbed up, preworkout in, and since i havent worked out in the whole week i start doing some bench. It feels really smooth, and i ended up gettin a pr of 105 kg, when my best 1rm was only 95 kg 2 months ago. 2pl8 club yeahhh!!

    Hope you guys kill your lifts, we all gonna make it

  5. I live in a large city, my wife’s family comes from a smaller town out in the countryside. I recently discovered during a stay during the week that there’s a pretty awesome gym nearby and figured in the future that on the occasional weekends we come out here, I’ll slip off to the gym for a couple hours, buy a day pass and kill some time. It turns out that the gym is staffed throughout the day and much of the night during the week but is only staffed in the mornings on Saturday until noon and not at all on Sundays. Outside of these hours, only monthly members get into this place. Fuck, right?

  6. How do you build a sweet quad sweep? Just regular squats, leg presses or is there anything in particular to think about? Noticed on my cut my teardrop is coming on strong but the outer quad ain’t quite there.

  7. Somehow I managed to do something to my knee in my sleep.

    Tried a leg day anyway buy failed. Managed a few calf raises and abs only. 🙁

  8. 6’2” and never bulked above 190. This is it. This is the year I hit 200. I competed at 166 and have slowly made my way up to 186. 14 more lbs. Already feeling like a fat sack of shit but CLOUD MODE ENGAGED.

  9. Tired of lower back issues and once I️m
    Healthy enough to get back in the gym I’m dedicating 3-4 weeks to glute/low back/hip stability. Aka about to be doing all kinds of insta hoe exercises and know imma be judged lol

  10. Just went out to mow the lawn. Terrible idea. Had my shirt off and girls were lining up to get a picture of my sensational abs and begging for my Snapchat

  11. Had a pretty inconsistent couple of months of lifting from July-August. When I got consistent again I deloaded all my lifts and focused on form, before yesterday I hadn’t deadlifted more than 325 in almost 3 months. Yesterday I got hella sleep and I got hyped on pre-workout and decided to see if I could touch 365 again. I was hoping for 2 reps (based on how things felt the past few weeks) but instead I got 10 reps at 190lbs. Pretty fired up about lifting again! Have a good weekend bros!


    I was just having a random thought today. You know one of those random thoughts…

    I was thinking about my sophomore year of high school world history teacher for no apparent reason. I was a dick to him once for no reason and I kind of felt bad for that incident.

    Keep in mind I never think about him and this was the first time in forever.

    And what DO YOU FUCKING KNOW. I SEE HIM TODAY AT A RESTAURANT WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND. I didn’t say anything because I’m socially anxious but

    WHAT THE FUCK. HOW. Is it a coincidence or something can someone explain?

    Maybe if I kill myself too I can resurrect myself? Help

  13. for some reason i’m a real sucker for all those “winter blend” varieties of beer and it’s ~~probably~~ definitely fucking with my calorie count

  14. My new gym crush is a milf that comes in to lift on the weekends. Today she showed up with what I can only assume is her husband, and thus crushing my hopes and dreams 🙁

  15. So my mom has to pin herself for some medical issues she’s been having, and I basically had to reteach her how to do it. The nurse that showed her didn’t tell her to aspirate, clean the injection site, or to pinch the skin around the site to make it hurt less. I’m seriously considering calling her doctor and complaining.

  16. I’ve been looking for a book on bodybuilding. I know there’s tons of resources online but with lots of information, there’s also a lot of noise. I feel like a reputable book with a consistent source of information would be better for me to read. Obviously I still intend to peruse the web for more resources but a book would be nice. Is there a reputable bodybuilding book out there? More so, how do you all weed out bad information, outside of trying it yourself ?

  17. any other bros out there know about uniqlo? i recently got an airism t shirt for 10 dollars and this shit feels like i’m wearing a cloud made out of silk. it also complements a muscular body really nicely, not that i would know or anything

  18. What’s the proper terminology to describe someone who has an absurdly high caloric maintenance for their size? Good metabolism? Good work capacity? Low body fat set point? Ectomorph? etc

  19. I strained my vastus medialis this morning doing squats. It’s not bad but definitely feels wrong. My knee sleeves have been feeling tighter lately, and I wore them on the way there and got stuck in traffic. Could they have reduced blood flow and caused the strain?

  20. Belted squats transfers over to beltless squats.

    What about using knee sleeves?

    I tried on the SBD knee sleeves and my 1 rep max (RPE 9/9.5) turned into a 3 rep RPE 8.

  21. I’ve noticed when I get a lot of sodium in before workouts they’re usually better. Is there any point to include more potassium as well or would that not do much

  22. Saw a “personal trainer” get told off today by a amateur competitor at the gym. PT was making claims about some stuff that I guess the other guy didn’t take to kindly to. The parts I heard involved the pt being told “ that being a false prophet who lifted for one year doesn’t make you an expert on shit you’re no better than those Instagram fitness pages who push a cream that makes you lose fat”. Personal trainer responded with a pretty retarded statement saying “ if I took as much roids as you I’d be an expert right ?”. Then a third fella came in and told pt “ I don’t take roids and I’m bigger than you”. I think this guy might be disliked because his next response made me laugh from 10 feet away and he told third gym bro “ yeah but how many scoops of protein and creatine do You take ?”. Then they both just walked off and were in disbelief it’s been a weird week at my gym. Membership runs out Monday and have been waiting to leave but all this funny drama makes me wanna visit occasionally and see what’s poppin.
    Edit: you’re

  23. Used bands for the first time today. Seem good on barbell exercises by emulating cable machines in providing more continuous resistance throughout the course of the exercise. Should I just be lifting more weight? Probably but I felt it better messing around with the bands.

  24. How do you know when things have gotten serious and you should be exclusive?

    Wondering if it’ stile to leave all dating apps and talking to girls but on the other hand I am on fire lately.

    I guess if it feels wrong it is wrong.

  25. Been cutting weight since August. Had my first dream about pizza except it felt so real. I remember the texture and smell and everything. Feel like I got a free cheat day out of it.

  26. Met mom just now boys. Friend got a text from a desk guy at EOS fitness in Scottsdale, AZ telling him Steve Cook came in. We left work and went to see him. We work at a luxury dealership and he told us he’s actually been thinking about buying a Porsche.

  27. Any of you guys use a high sodium diet, I feel like my energy in the gym is a lot better when I get 3,000-4,000 mg of sodium a day. When I get <2,000 I feel like shit

  28. Been in a month long dry streak since I broke up with the girl about a month ago. Last night I drunkenly went to my ex’s house from like 3 relationships ago and smashed. Big mistake, I realized that I’m not really at all attracted to her physically or as a person, dunno how the fuck i dated her for 2 years. More importantly though it made me realize what I’m missing with my recent ex. I have a couple dates with different girls coming up over the next few days,one of whom seems really cool, and there’s also a girl in my class I’m thinking of asking out… but it’s taking a lot to not text the recent ex and tell her I fucked up.

  29. Signed up for a half-marathon in Feb. Anyone have any experience with becoming a respectable runner without tossing all your gains out the window?

  30. You know how a lot of people are good with their diet all week and then fuck it up on weekends? I’m that, except for bulking. I’ll get my calories in Monday through Friday, and then I end up falling short on the weekends.


    I need to use this thread to vent…

    Haven’t lifted since July, yes I am a FUCKING IDIOT, and lost 22lb since then, all my gains are g o n e… Complicated but I haven’t really stayed at my new apartment until recently because a bunch of issues and shit, blah blah blahh and yeah stayed at home during that time…

    Today, I spent 5 straight hours trying to install a complicated piece of forum software for a website I’m working on, still not even done the installation part yet lol. Back in the day this took 2 mins tops but I had to find the best software possible and this shit is complicated, basically staring at a black screen with white text like the fucking Matrix hackerz half the time and using complex commands to do the simplest shit… To top it off last night some dude stole one of my ideas and just rushed to get it out and got a lot of upvotes even though it wasn’t a polished product… Fuck why am I such a perfectionist, my OCD kills me, I need to just get shit done asap and not worry about the details

    Koreans make spicy as fuck ramen. I didn’t even use the entire sauce packet (more like a quarter of it lol) and felt like fainting LMAO…

    I need to downgrade my apartment not only is it expensive but it’s basically more than twice as big a space as I need… Anyway I don’t know what’s wrong with me but whenever I move to a new place I feel… nothing. I don’t feel excited even though this place is so nice with brand new appliances and shit. Don’t even feel home sick or lonely like I don’t want any human contact at all even though I’m alone 99% of the time, I don’t feel human sometimes

    Going to buy a new exhaust soon but holy shit my stock exhaust sounds so loud and good when I start her up in the underground parking lot… Sometimes I just want to go down there just to listen but too bad might encounter humanz on the way

    Anyway I hope to return to the gym later this week… I remember when I made my first post in these dd threads, I asked myself if I would lose all my gains by ~August like it happens every year… 5 months ago I was at my heaviest and strongest and now it happened again, at my weakest and I fucking hate going to the gym when this happens. It will take me at least 2 months to get back to where I was. Now that I think about it I lost all my gains when I stopped posting in DD, I think I need the accountability lol…

  32. >be following asteemed actor William Shatner on Twitter

    >he’s talking about how he visits /tv/ on 4chan occasionally

    >pop over to /fit/, later /tv/

    >/tv/ is filled with Star Trek threads

    >[see this thread](

    >Shatner is shitposting literally right now

  33. My quads have grown considerably in the past few months. Now my balls and dick are pushed forward because there is no room in between them. Basically all the furniture from the living room is pushed out on the front porch and it’s kind of painful? how to proceed?

  34. My options were go to the bars for the first time since I turned 21 or drunk and hang out with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Definitely made the right choice.

  35. I’ve had an umbilical hernia for a week and I still have to wait until the end of the month for a surgeon to even look at it, because that was the earliest appointment I could make, and then probably a couple more weeks after that before I even have the surgery. So I probably won’t be able to lift again until next year, feelsbadman

  36. So there is this new pizza place in my town. They have a lower carb, -20% protein crust option. I don’t know what they put in that thing, but it made me full really fast. Usually I can make a 32 cm pizza disappear in 5 minutes, and I can easily eat a 45 cm pizza in one sitting (I have no idea how that compares to American sizing), but I was only able to eat 3/4 of their 32 cm pizza in two go, in about a 3 hour period while being kind of drunk too. Shit is mint, yo.

    Edit: lmao, it’s +20% protein, I just can’t type in the morning.

  37. Aw ya. Knee felt better so I ended up going back to the gym 8 hours later and managed 2/3 of a squat routine. Plus all the normal glute/ham work.

    Never done an accidental 2x a day but I had the energy to burn.

  38. Those snap pea crisps are a surprisingly great snack food for macros: 460 calories, 18 grams protein, 16 grams fat, 60 grams carbs, 14 grams fiber, 2 grams sugar. They’re similar in calories to rice cakes, but with much more protein/fat/fiber.

  39. Might need to stop drinking sugar free Monster.. one can raises my BP to 130s/90s when I’m normally 120s/70s.

    Or I need to get my tolerance back idk

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