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Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/14/2017

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59 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/14/2017

  1. Anyone from the states ever just randomly book a solo trip to Europe (or vice versa) to get away and see some new things? I think I’m having a “1/3 life” crisis being single and having nothing tying me down to anything.. a gift and a curse. How’d that trip(s) go for you?

  2. I just did my gym’s body composition test (they use calipers) and came in at 12.4%. So now I’m wondering 1) how accurate is that? I definitely don’t think I look that low (I was expecting closer to 15%) and 2) what is a good number to start bulking at? The initial goal was sub 10%, but now I’m not sure

  3. Hey gym bros its the dude who fucked his toe by a 45lb weight being dropped on it! Just wanted to say I’m getting stronger by the day right babe? Got my other account suspended for 7 days because the Tren mod gods didn’t like some unrelated informatiom I was saying. Anyways keep lifting on Reeeeeeee

  4. so I joined a the original Powerhouse Gym in Detroit today. it’s one of those gyms with naked dudes on the wall and every piece of equipment known to man. 10/10 highly recommend

  5. I finally got official (though watermarked) non-potato photos from my first natty physique competition in September:

    [front 1]( [front 2](


    I definitely came in bloated and puffy that day.

    [These were the guys I placed against, and I came in 5th](

    **Question 1:** I weighed in at 169 on Sept 9; right now I’m sitting at 180…is that too high? I know 3DMJ says the Recovery Diet has you putting on 5-10% in the first 4 weeks, but I feel like that’s high given that my body fat wasn’t that low to begin with. My guess is if I did a mini cut and got closer to 178 that would be better, but I’m not sure.

    **Question 2:** My current TDEE is 2000. It’s so low. How do I unfuck my metabolism?

  6. I think the one in Novi is a little more modern. This one in Detroit is more oldschool and not as nice, but it has that hardcore feel.

  7. Kai posted a video doing dumb fucking shit with Bradley Martin on instagram. Idk why that bothers me so fucking much but it does.

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  9. Some guy at the gym asked me what my chest routine was. Jokes on him because I have gyno but ill take it as a compliment I guess.

  10. I just showed my dad pics of Arnold and Ronnie and he laughed at Ronnie’s physique lmao. He doesn’t support me taking steroids but said if I did he would shun me if I went Ronnie’s route and not Arnie’s

  11. I don’t know if it’s just me getting older and jaded, but music coming out nowadays (specifically rap) is absolutely fucking awful. I don’t get the hype with mumble rap, it’s trash.

  12. Day 9 of consistent training complete. Pull day wasn’t bad, but felt dragged on, so it’s whateva.

    I was talking with my friend about how revolutionized leggings have become. They can make any chick a bad ho if the linings make her ass pop like a fat pimple. I’ma cop one pair so I can see if my ass is on these girls’ levels. I’ll be very disappointed if it’s not.

  13. Are preworkouts really a waste of time? I usually take a 200mg caffeine pill and some carbs but today I tried a pretty standard preworkout that had 200mg of caffeine and was wired out of my mind. Could be placebo?

  14. Just deadlifted 165lb for the first time. That’s officially 1.3x my body weight. CHOO CHOO! ALL ABOARD THE GAINS TRAIN!

  15. I was reminded just how normie normies are today when a guy felt up my forearm and told me I have nice triceps. That is all.

  16. I am new to body building and I am having a hard time eating my weight in protein grams. Can I still gain muscle eating less than my body weight in protein? Can I get jacked eating anything?

  17. Anyone else have calves bigger than their arms?

    Arms 14.5″, Calves 15.0″.

    Looks weird, like, I have a decent upper body @5’5, but my legs look more impressive. And I don’t even train calves wtf.

    Also: mid cut, @169 after dinner, just started being able to get that gap in the upper ab area when i vacuum my stomach. Fucc yea

    Will probably be satisified with my cut around 160lbs with a full stomach, then a solid bulk to 170 before I cut again to 160 full stomach.

    I’ma be a dense MF by the end of my 4 years of college. Hopefully a couple inches taller as well (a man can hope right)

  18. Need your help boys. I saw this qt at the gym about a month ago doing cleans and immediately fell in love. I tried to break through the social autism and managed to get her number. I’ve been texting her for about a month now, and we’ve only met up twice; once for coffee and another time for dinner. She’s super busy (on the order of having 2-3 jobs while being a student at uni here), so I completely get the timing issue.

    I feel great whenever we talk or text, and I feel like there’s something there. Like, my mouth goes dry when I talk to her, and its really hard to find the words sometimes, social pariah-status withstanding. I’ve managed to avoid saying stupid shit, so that’s in my favor.

    I dunno what to do though, I leave for about a month and a half next month, and want to continue whatever we have when I get back. I’m assuming since she’s always busy that she doesn’t really have time for other dudes, but idk if she’d wait a whole month and a bit. Should I push and try to define whatever? I’ve been trying to meet up with her, but timings clash heavily. I mostly see her at the gym, and can’t get enough.

    Thanks /r/bb. Mucho love <3, kill your lifts today.

    In other news, I’m starting to think that the whole traps and chicks with dicks thing isn’t a meme, the stronger I get the more attracted I am to traps. Does anyone know if there’s studies floating around that I can look at that correlate strength gains to feminine penises?

  19. Didn’t realize how much I’ve begun to depend on lifting to keep me level. Was framing/hinging a door with my brother and somehow I fucked my shoulder it was excruciating even to breathe deeply, it’s feeling better a few days later almost 0 pain a little discomfort but it’s been bothering me lately so I’ve decided to take a week or two off to be safe. Days are so long and the urge to drink/get high is strong to make the days pass. Doesn’t help I couldn’t work and there’s little work this time of year for me. At least the 2 books I preordered a few months ago arrived today.

    On a side note: Do I just keep cutting for the next few weeks even though I won’t be lifting/only doing legs? Or just eat at maintenance?

  20. Last year I posted saying how the doc said I’ll never lift heavy again. I may be a big guy but a 4 plate deadlift is heavy enough for me to be happy.

  21. Anyone else close their eyes during intense sets? Helps me concentrate on the muscle and sometimes to get through the burn. Never see anyone else do it tho

  22. I keep making tiny fucking mistakes at work and it fucking sucks….
    I fucking love the job and working in he industry gives me a bunch of benefits, but it just feels like i don’t deserve it with the amount of small mistakes i keep making.

  23. Being mentally feeling like shit lately I’m 2 weeks into my cruise and in the past 3 months I’ve developed terrible anxiety. These last 3 weeks I’ve felt mentally burnt out and don’t have any motivation last week I only went to the gym 4 days instead of 5 and already this week I’m feeling mentally burnt out like my body and brain is just tired. I hate this feeling and just want to lift but I feel like shit and I don’t know what’s going on honestly.

  24. Farted at the bench before I went to lift and then a really attractive fit chick starts walking my way so I start to panic on the inside because I didn’t want her to be disgusted by the smell of the fart. She stops and calls out to a beefy short man to who appeared to be her boyfriend. Then my petty self decided to let out another fart in hopes that when they walked by her boyfriend would smell it and throw up some of those precious calories he consumed for the the day thus ruining his bulk and making him smaller/weaker. Maybe if I keep this up daily he will shrink enough to where she will be upset with his physique and I can swoop in. I’ll keep you updated on the process folks!

  25. Whoever was trying to tell me Chris Hemsworth wasn’t absolutely gorgeous in the new Thor movie was goddamn retarded, dude was huge.

    Also, fantastic movie.

  26. Girl has been an enormous pain in the ass lately. Her turning me down for sex today was the last straw. All started when we decided to become exclusive. Now all I hear from her is “well if you’re not getting enough from me why don’t you go fuck somebody else?”.

    What the fuck. We went from having sex every day to having sex once a week. This shit ain’t gonna go. I walked out on her today, gonna find me a new girl for the winter.

  27. I just read that u can waterboard urself by covering ur face with a cloth and breathing in while facing the showerhead, at my gym we have free showers and paper towels, guess who just found a way to save hundreds of bucks on preworkouts and smelling salts?

  28. Fuck this cough might kill me

    Voice is 90% gone. Speaking in whispers

    Constantly wheezing because theres shit in my lungs that’s completely stuck

    Nose is closed off

    So I’m always breathing like a fat man at the end of a marathon, add in the tren and holy shit. Couldn’t really workout this morning (i was whiping down everything dont worry) because I was out of breath after a set of tricep pull downs

    Never had a cough this bad in my life. Feel fine besides that, dont feel sick at all

    Sound like a man on his death bed taking his last breath, except it’s every breath

    Send get well cards please

    Edit: ate ass for the first time today, 9/10 didnt taste doo doo

  29. Been cutting pretty hard lately, got a solid 4 pack and the last two are a few days out.

    Sent a pic to a girl I’ve been chatting with and she told me I looked tiny.

    Hold me bros 🙁

  30. My ultimate goal in life is to get a job at a hardware store helping people select hose sizes. I’ll stand next to the counter and flex. They then point to the vein they feel is the best size. I’ll take 1m of the delt vein and 5m of the bicep vein.

  31. The other night I got a girl’s number. I later realized I had been *ahem* under the influence, and I was glad nothing happened that night because I would have been disgusted. Today she texted me. Should I gently say I’m not interested(which seems odd given I approached her), or should I do what the girl does to me in this situation(lol) and just ignore her until she gets the message?

  32. Dinners that are too late at night = not the best idea. Had to squeeze in a bunch of calories for my dinner to hit my targets for the day, ended up feeling bloated in the morning. Fck.

    Trying to hit the goal of reading one book per week. Gotta make gains in the gym and professional life.

  33. After warnings lights came on my car yesterday I’m now sitting in a Volkswagen dealership having just dropped my car off.

    Pray for me that it’s nothing too expensive.

  34. 4 people called me big in the past 6 days, you could Say my swole status is officially: level 1 apprentice. We’re all gonna make it! Kill your lifts and be forever autismo

  35. Getting coffee with way too attractive for me gym receptionist. It’s going to be pure failure, haven’t dated in years

  36. How do you progress doing Sheiko? I’m not really familiar with his programs. Does it have AMRAP sets? Do you add 5lbs per month to all your lifts, or 5lbs to your training max of some kind…?

  37. I suck at bulking. I’m down to 13 stone from 13.4 over a few weeks when I’ve been trying to gain weight. More foods required.

  38. Good news is that I managed to smash QT from last Friday and got cooked a nice breakfast too. Bad news is that I could barely get it up after 50mg Viagra and no alcohol. Not too psyched to be having to splash out on these meds in order to bang but some things in life are priceless after all

  39. Just drank 8 liquid egg whites straight from the carton. Had the exact look and texture of what I’d imagine swallowing the worlds biggest load is like. Now I’m back to looking at pictures of shirtless men.

    Honestly there comes a point in this hobby here you start to question life.

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