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Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/10/2017

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49 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/10/2017

  1. I want to hop on so bad but I’m only 19, especially living in Miami now it’s hard to not just go for it. Hold me bros

  2. Been having problems with my relationship this week and holy shit is it taking a toll on me.

    I sleep like shit at night and my appetite is pretty much gone all day. Everything feels way heavier at the gym, assuming I even force myself to go.

    How to stop being a sadkunt and go back to being a sikkunt pls advise.

  3. So i’ve been seeing some shoulder veins coming up on this cut. They don’t pop, but they’re there waiting to come out and play.

    I was lifting upper body this morning, short rests, and hella super sets. In the corner of my eye, i see it. Is that a vein making its way to the surface? Fuck yes.jpg. I finally look over to mire. Turns out i’m blind, the popping vein was on my fucking elbow. One day god damn it.

  4. Posted this in the previous dd but very late. So I’ll copy and paste

    I went to my old work today. I’m going out with a couple girls who work there tonight. Was catching up with a qt pie who I haven’t seen in a while. She asked how life was and I mentioned that I’m single. Then I asked her and she mentioned that she’s single. Said she’s trying to enjoy it because she was in a relationship forever and told me she’s been on tinder. I said me too and she was like “yeah I saw you but swiped left cuz I didn’t wanna be awkward.” But she’s also going out tonight and said maybe we’ll run into eachother, I said to text me and she said she has a new number and she’ll text me with it.

    Obviously I’m gonna go with the flow and see where the night takes me but you boys think I have a chance?

  5. Got a 10k raise without even asking for it today. My boss said he’s been really happy with how I’ve been doing and wanted to make sure I was rewarded for it. It’s great because I honestly didn’t know if they were happy with my work or if I was close to getting fired. I’m fucking stoked.

  6. Day 5 of consistent gym complete. Was a tough day because I was close to not going, but tracking this kept me reliable.

    Legs tomorrow. Someone give me a reasonable leg day and I’ll give it a try.

  7. Normies always saying I gym too much, same as watching netflix all day, or scrolling through your phone. Nothing wrong with either of these things, just you cant judge, I mean no one should be judging in the first place.

  8. I’m not hyuge by any means. I’m 6ft and 200 lbs. I don’t even own a dog. Also, username is irrelevant; not black man so I I’ll never have muscles like a black man.

    I went to the grocery store after hitting the gym and had an older woman stop me as she was leaving to ask me to flex. I replied, “Thanks, you too.” and walked inside.

    Looks like it’s time to move.

  9. Funeral was today. Suicide is no joke boys. If you’re feeling depressed and clouded of thinking, *please* reach out for help. Don’t do it alone.

  10. im at a psychiatric hospital for my nursing rotations. walk by a guy and he says im looking like a “brick wall”. i thanked him and walked away. later i checked his chart and saw he has schizophrenia with visual hallucinations 🙁

  11. Nearly got ran over today, but China will be China.

    New coworker is a more than hefty woman and her commentary about my lunch or the amount of water I drink are always amusing. She has a need to bring up the fact how her and her husband are “trying to diet”, but nothing seems to work. I no longer bother with landwhales like her, I just nod and continue whatever it is I am doing.

    Back day #2 tonight. Ayyy.

  12. A week since I broke up with my gf and still feeling depressed since she was devastated . What can you do. Extra gym time and getting back to open mic comedy has helped.

  13. Hey guys. I got super drunk last night and lost my Jaybirds. I fucking loved those headphones, had em for like less than a month. Just 120 (CAD) down the drain.

    Really hurts. I maybe drink 1-2x a month, but when I do I binge. Thankfully, I’ve never done permanent damage, but last night was pretty discouraging.

    I don’t want to stop, but I do want to have a healthier relationship with alcohol. Any of you successfully done this? Or is it just time to quit…

  14. Get a text an hour before the coffee date “Let’s reschedule soon”. The words of death.

    In other news, been messing with Halo top and arctic Zero. Halo top is the superior product don’t @ me

  15. So I stopped taking creatine and i’ve never felt so mortal at the gym. I don’t get as good of a pump and I can’t bust out those few extra sets 🙁

  16. All the squat racks were taken during my entire leg day at my uni so at the end of the workout I decided to do walking lunges around the entire 300m track… about 10m in I realized how big of a mistake I was making but I ain’t no quitter so I finished it. That was like 15min straight of walking lunges to failure, wait a couple seconds, repeat. I don’t think my legs have ever been this sore in my entire life and I wanna die.

  17. I honestly liked Louis CKs comedy and it’s sad to see his career ruined by his dumb shit. He apologized appropriately but goddamm it man.

  18. I was watching a video where Dr. Mike Israetel talks about phase potentiation. He said hypertrophy training interferes with strength training and vice-versa.

    Do you guys know why they would interfere with each other?

    He even says that getting bigger will help you get stronger, so how does hypertrophy training negatively impact strength training? (I guess he’s talking about the powerlifting peaking period, specifically)

  19. I posted a video my friend took of a deadlift pr on my snap story and some guy that had never messaged me for the past 3 years hit me up saying “gettin swole” and that’s all he said lmao

  20. Really taking a shot in the dark here, is anyone here a fire prevention officer or know one who could help me out? I need to do an interview with one for an assignment at school. I just need his answers so I can just DM the questions. I’m kinda fucked atm lol

  21. Got back from Korea yesterday around 6pm. Feeling sluggish as I hadn’t got a workout in in around 5 days, and even before I was struggling to complete it.

    Went, did some heavy singles and doubles on DL, 3×5 heavy overhead press, some bench and then loads of arm work. Came out pumped and feeling amazing.

    Kill your lifts.

  22. Anyone done Arnold Blueprint to Mass from Thoughts? I integrated the idea of drop sets/taking weight off and immediately continuing into my shoulder press and it’s definitely helped – want to see if following the program outright would work too.

  23. Sup doddyduilders
    Been out of the gym with illness for about a week
    I know it’s only a week which isn’t all that much compared to the hurdles some people overcome but I was killing all my lifts two weeks ago and back at the gym today I felt weak as shit
    Hopefully after a week or so I’m back to form

  24. There’s an older woman (I don’t mean MILF, I mean she is at least 70) at my gym who jokingly calls me her boyfriend. [Today it dawned on me that she is the only female to ever call me that.](

    In other news, I got 245×7 on bench recently. Might get to a 315 max bench by the end of the year if I’m lucky.

  25. Life and lifts are shit right now, novemeber is a shitty month for me but i always try to power through it.

    Keep lifting my barbell brothers(and sisters).

  26. tfw dermatologist told me to use cetaphil but that shit makes my face burn like a motherfucker and it’s making my skin peel, it’s fine on the rest of my body so I guess I”ll stop using it on my face

  27. I work valet at a bar and this grill whose a regular showed up drunk and started correcting my posture. She’s straight up feeling my body like rubbing my chest and back in front of the whole bar…. for like a solid 10 min. She said I was very muscular and I nearly came my pants. Did not smash tho cuz she has a bf but I got her number and she invited me out for drinks Sunday..

  28. Shoulders feel pretty good. I think I’ve got this TOS issue under control. I’m so anxious to bench (it’s been like 8+ weeks?) that I’m probably my own worst enemy right now.

  29. I’m so fucking horny all the time. I’m a big natty been training for a long time, constantly get accused of being on gear, and now since I’m bulking I can’t think about anything but sex. I’m past my mid 20s so testosterone should be at its peak right?

    I should get it checked out I think I might have very high natural levels, my sex drive is always though the roof can’t even look at a decent looking girl walking past me without having dirty thoughts constantly.

  30. So I woke up weighing less than 100 kilos(~220 lbs) for the first time in like 10 years (about the start of highschool or so I think).

    Started lifting at about 150 kilos at(~330 lbs) 5’11(I weighed 147 or 148 at the doc, but I haven’t been there for a few years and I have been lifting for a few months at the time, so it might’ve been more), but weight loss, although a nice bonus, wasn’t really my main focus. I occasionally worked on building festival sets and such during college and the DOMS were killing me sometimes up to a week after those, and I was a lonely nerd who had nothing better to do anyway. I fell in love and gradually went into this shit deeper and deeper. Now here I am, about half a year after graduating from university with a CS bachelors, about 9 months into an awesome software dev job (could earn twice as much if I moved to the capitol about 2 hours from here, but as long as the work gets done I don’t have strict hours, my coworkers are cool, and I get to wear shorts to work), thinking about saving up some money and starting over, trying to become a PT. I have at least a year or two of grinding for this to be, both in the gym and money wise, but I might actually end up doing it.

    I just wanted to share that I’m on the path of making it, because I don’t really have anyone in my life who shares my love and dedication for this thing.

    Anyway, I woke up, weighed myself, went for a run, and now it’s time for an epic cheat day to celebrate.

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