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Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/06/2017

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52 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/06/2017

  1. some tiny undergrads were blasting shitty dubstep from a bluetooth speaker in the middle of the rec center. Told them to shut that shit off. whats the normal gym etiquette on this?

  2. Tried to do legs today, caffeine wasn’t boosting me off 400mg, did my regular teo scoops of pre, didn’t do much either. Did some sets of light squats, everything was feeling tight and not right. So went and did accessary leg stuff. And then finished with cable crunches.

  3. Can’t wait to get back in, been out of the gym for a couple weeks cus sick + bad joints + responsibilities. The tendons are still so sore.

    Body dysmorphia kicking in hard.

  4. Fuck, boys. It is max week on my program and I did not hit 405 on deads like I had planned. I have the 3 other lifts to do, so I better hit a PR somewhere, but I feel like a bitch. Wasn’t even my grip that failed me, it was the first couple inches after breaking off the floor. Feels like I just wasted the last 12 weeks.

  5. Pulled 345 today. Putting 10lbs a week on my deadlift right now and it’s pretty awesome.

    Got an interview on Friday for an IT job. It pays way less than my current (part-time) job but it’s an opportunity to start a career in a different field. And I finally wouldn’t have to work outside for the first time in a decade. So I don’t know, guess we’ll see how it goes.

  6. I went to a medical residency interview in Columbus and the director asked me what my hobbies are, so naturally I told him “I like lift,” and he goes “Oh we staff the Arnold every year. You could probably meet Arnold and a lot of the other guys if you wanted.”

    This must be what falling in love feels like.

  7. Man my back molers are so fucked now, they are falling apart and wmoften when i eat food or chew gum ill hear a chomp and it my molers breaking off

    Dentist wont do shit of course

    Literally FML

  8. All of the barbells at my new gym are like… Greased.. So you can feel all the plates rotate and shit and everything is just loose when you push and god dammit is it the most annoying fucking thing ever

  9. Holy shit this semester is kicking my ass. This is easily the least I’ve shot posted on this sub ever since I started browsing here.

    Only need 2 classes to graduate next spring though, so I just need to ride out the last month and a half of this fall

  10. I got my friends to get a gym membership with me. They’ve been coming to the gym with me and listening to everything I say. I’ve taught them anatomy, form, proper breathing and given them some diet adjustments. Looking at them 6 months later makes me really proud because they look insane and they’re so much happier and more energetic. Also their health issues (mainly rounded shoulders) are gone.

    It’s honestly more rewarding than working on my own body, damn I love the gym.

  11. Hey guys and gals of this subreddit.

    I’m trying to find some info and I’m hoping you can help me.

    I am looking for the name of a person, to my knowledge she is not a member of this subreddit, however she is in the bodybuilding community.

    She lives in the Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ area. She was in a car accident on 10/28 in Scottsdale. She was fatally injured and passed this past Saturday.

    Does anyone know her or her name? I am trying to find her family so I can do something nice for them.


  12. Real talk, how the hell do you get below 12% body fat without using Clen? My diet is supurb, I’m killing lifts 6x a week and drinking a shitload of water. It’s just like a freaking brick wall.

  13. I got a shoulder imbalance I think, right shoulder sits lower than my left it looks like especially when my hands are overhead. Anybody got any exercises/prehab shit to do to help fix this? I always thought it was just due to my traps being asymmetrical (which they are from the front). Maybe the right one is winging? Hard to tell since I just started my cut.

    Pictures: 1st relaxed, 2nd overhead, 3rd pulling my scapulae together

  14. Honestly a huge shoutout to the sub (and especially the mods) for the great AMA with /u/WesleyVissers – Honestly goes to show that we likely may have more bodybuilders come in here and participate in doing an AMA due to how well it went.

  15. Aww yeah. Finally was able to troubleshoot how i kept messing up my back with deadlifts. Short answer is basically any abdominal work prior to DL.

    Through trail and error (intentionally bad form, no warmups, tons of warmups, DL after chest, legs etc.) I was able to replicate it 3 for 3.

  16. hey guys, just subbed to this board.
    I’m a 15 year old lifter and I’m really focused on my physique, I don’t fuck around. My question is though, what is the best macro split? There is so much disagreement with the amount of protein you NEED to be getting, some say 1g/lb some say 0.8g/lb, and all of this affects how much you are really eating.
    Right now I eat a diet of 50%carbs, 25%protein and 25%fat which comes out to 2214 calories. My protein is at 140g and I was wondering if this is too much because it takes away calories from other macros like fats and carbs. What do you guys personally eat?

  17. Week 3 no cigs update:

    Some fuckin normie got me sick. I am fuckin worried about my gains bros how did this sickness penetrate my daily multivitamin and my daily preworkout AND my daily double scoop whey shake?

    Also some kid on the local FB is going around telling all my friends about the anabolic carb window and now my friends that know I lift (which is all of them) are asking me about anabolic carb windows and I want to murder him then kill myself….

    Got some downvotes last night after a comment on the DD about some manlet halfrepping rackpulls and then someone at my new gym today literally asked me why I was deadlifting when I could just do rack pulls… worth it? Seems like this is a trend at my new gym I might just go back to my garage.

    Last order of biznassty—–so found out I can order BHB keto salts in 50 kilo bags. Anyone want to start a Multi Level Marketing company?

  18. Thinking of moving on from PHUL to PPL. Don’t really enjoy the power aspect of it, with having to take long rests and being really hard work if I’m feeling tired and having a rough day.

    I also got wicked pumps in the hypertrophy days and would prefer to do those more often, although I’m not sure which would contribute more to pure gains. Strange thing tho is that my legs blew up doing 3×5 squat, not the same for bench/ohp.

    Anyone have success replacing those 3×5 compounds with something like 3×8?

  19. Tryna get big but then my rotor cuff gets messed up, now my tricep/elbow is fucked, and no matter how much I eat I can’t gain weight. Good things come in 3s.

    Before I get the eat more stuff, I am. Originally at 2750 and weight stayed the same, then 3000 and gained a little weight from more carbs and stalled, now I weigh out all 3000 and snack the whole day (probably 250-500 more cals depending on the day) and I’m still not sure I’m gaining weight. Weigh myself 6x a week, cardio 2-4x for about 10 min, 160lbs 5’9″.

  20. No matter the day, I will invariably end up watching youtube videos of amazing foods being made.

    Why do I do this to myself when I’m on a cut?

    On the upside, I learned there’s a Michelin starred restaurant in Singapore that sells a meal for 1.50 😱😱😱

  21. If you train first thing in the morning, what do you eat or drink before? I feel like my push strength suffers when I just go off of black coffee only.

  22. Looking for a trustworthy resource to learn a bit more about what 1-2 types I want to use for my beginner cycle. To be honest, I just want to do 1 cycle to finish up this cut strong and then lean bulk natty. I’ve heard just from reading some forums that DBOL or Clen is a bit easier on a beginner, but I’m looking for an online source for actually physically getting them, and also doing more research before i begin.

  23. For those who do rack pulls on a regular basis, where’s the bar in relation to your knees? Above, even, or just below?

  24. I’ve been going to the gym for about a year now, and I’ve gotten fairly muscular. I’m currently 165 with I️’d have to guess anywhere from 12-17% body fat. I️ was originally around 170 and pretty chubby before I️ started, dropped down to 150 and pretty lean, and then started trying to bulk up. I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories when it comes to guys trying to bulk up, and I️ was wondering if anyone had some good advice for a beginner in terms of bulking. Thanks!


    the poor bodybuilder can not waste money on balonie,, thus avoid supplements by any way possible ,,not even if it look realy really promising that mean when you go to your local city store and walking exploding out of your xl shirt while your girl follow you …take the product of the shelve,,look at it ,, smell it ,, hug it ,, and then peacfuly put it on the shelf again ,, that mean that waxymazie you really think will do you good ….just put it back there and leave ,,,go there to sniff a little like addict to chocolatos but dont waste a dime in that store,,

    when you done the biweekly walk in your local city store…you will head into walmart americanas direction,, or any big store in your country that sell damn food,,you going to enter the place and go directly to where they have fish ,,,tilapias in bulk packages,, white fish in bulk packages whatever fish aside from mahi mahi and that county cat fish ,, but in general look for the fish in bulk should be 5-10 dolaros deals for 10 fish yb few packeges and then go to where you see written RICE,, buy rice ,,then you go to whatever spice you like as in hot souce or ketchop or anything you like and buy it ,,then you go to the banana ile and get some bananas,, then you go to pineapple can area and get yourself pineapple,,this is for your sugar pine apple and bananas,,finally you go to eggwhite ile and depending on what you have financialy you buy either eggs or allwhite egg carton drinks …this can be little costly but since you done with buying supplments you can waste those 100-200 dolaros in the grocery store and get much more eggwhites than you can imagine,,one last thing is while you do all this you send your girl to bring you the best icecream she can find around

    thats it friends,, you got here in the above paragraph almost everything you will need to eat,,

    the idea behind it is ….every time you are hungry and you will be very hungry if on legit products…you go put tilapias in microwave …defrost them foro 3 min,, then cook them in pan and within 2-3 min its ready to eat,,you add it to rice and thats your meal ,,everytime you are hungry this is what you put in your body ,,every 2-3 hours like a clock only if you are hungry ofcourse but you will be…because you will be on legit products,,

    now how you work the icecream into all this? if you feel you are still hungry ,,you take the icecream out of freezer and eat some of it untill you satisfy your hunger,,it shouldnt be 3 packages but get one package and do it as your over the counter supplement to your means,,not every mean just ewhen you want to up calories and make it all interesting,,thats how you also keep it all in tune ….brain and body are intune because brain doesnt go crazy and doesnt crave anything because you feed it with icecream while you trick it to eat the fish and rice all the time,,and fish and rice especialy sushi is not clean food counsidered by me so you are eating happy nice healthy interesting meals,,ofocurse sushi is costly but even regular fish can be very good and tasty if done right and has thre right souce and spices

    thats it,, this is yoru food ,,

    now the definition of a good bodybuillder is the ability of him to look or APPEAR freaky ! that takes first and formost being lean ! and low bodyfat …and this is what will get you lower in bodyfat and into the freaky zone when all the products i will mention in phase 3 added,,

    your mission in phase 2 is to eat what you need,, not overfeed ,,not balonie yourslef with tons of calories,, just eat good solid food that your body YOUR PERSONAL body likes ,, some fellas on hormones ….their bodys do not like anything but fish due to all hormone wack that go on the body learn to navigate itself into the food of his choice,, in many cases it is fish it balance the bodybuild and keep the bodybuild healthy see kevin levrone ,, he was counting on fish very very much,, many others too me included

    remember pupils! no matter if you have less money than others…in the gym what you cant see is not considered as size,, you HAVE TO SEE THE MUSCLES ,, THE LINES TO SOMEM COMFORTABLE DEGREE,, INORDER TO BE CONSIDERED IMPRESSIVE,, YOU NEED TO SEE SCULPTED BODYBUILDER INORDER TO CONSIDER HIM ADVANCED AND IMPRESSIVE,,

    take a look at the no one picturee,, this is what we call a freak there are levels of freakiness,,but from this boardinghis picture come to my mind as good enough for this example due to his body composition ,, his bodyfat,, his over all sculpt to the physiqe and over al muscular development while keeping size as in CONDITIONED SIZE,,

    tomorow i will write phase 3 which will be about the hormones and the applications of them for the poorer bodybuilders,,

    gh15 approved

  26. Sup bros, getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving.

    What are you guys gonna eat that day, and why did you decide on 2 full pumpkin pies, 14 beers, and your brother’s newborn baby?

  27. Guys heres the issue. My personal and social life was non existent and shitty, not because of bodybuilding. But my bodybuilding is giing great so atleast theres that.

    Well not anymore. I broke my hand in a fight this weekend. The docs say its pretty bad and may require surgery and pins. I need to see a hand specialist to see.

    No obviously i can no longer lift. I am going to take week off and then try and see what i can do for legs.

    To make it worse i was on a steroid cycle, which is now kind of pointless because i cant really train.

    So im just telling you guys whats up. My plan is in spring to do a big steroid cycle and be better than ever. Least thats my dream.

    Any advice how i should be eating now? I was in the middle of a bulk but now ill be dropping to a cruise dose, and not training much. It will be my first ever cruise as well. Im gonna pin here shortly, ill do 75mg and do that agsin Thursday, so 150mg a week.

    Fuck man cant believe i wrecked my hand. Getting dressed, showering, driving, wiping ass is all hard as fuck.

    Thanks for reading.

  28. California blend vegetables (broccoli,cauliflower, carrot mix) are a godsend. Tasty and filling for those ppl starving on a cut

  29. I go to school in NYC and it honestly fucks me up sometimes living in a big city. Like anxiety and autistic behaviors and shit. The gym is a perfect sanctuary though. May everyone find solace in gainz 🙏

  30. It’s funny how Top Ramen is like the unofficial food of poverty, but regular pasta is pretty damn cheap as well. $1-$1.50 for 6-8 servings.

  31. So the girl from last night said that she preferred for us to stay acquaintances because she wouldn’t want to get attached especially since I am looking to move to AUS within a year. We still fooled around and had a good time.

    Tonight I am going to dinner with my Ukrainian girl and a group of my former coworkers and apparently it’ll be at a Brazilian steakhouse type deal…should be good!

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