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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/02/2017

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48 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/02/2017

  1. Was told I have “nice ass arms” by my friend. She wants the D and is mirin hard but I don’t want to fuck up our entire friend group my half-assing a relationship since I’m not that into her. So I got that mire going for me.

    The search continues.

  2. I always wanted to compete, but found out that standing on stage feels so meaningless if I’m not on gear. Anyone else feel this way? I’m kind of losing motivation to compete

  3. I dont care if you’re big or not.
    *If you’re training chest or back, wear a stringer and pants.
    *If you’re training shoulders or arms, wear a regular tank, and pants.
    *If you’re training legs, wear a T-shirt or long sleeve with shorts or tight pants.

    If the muscle you’re working is strong, GOOD. Be proud, show off, and relish the pump. If it’s weak, GOOD. Make yourself look at it. Get mad, get motivated, and smash it.

  4. Not sure whether to bulk or cut right now. Just took 4 months off lifting to fix some nagging injuries and lost at least 10 pounds lean. I’d like to start bulking again right away, but I’m feeling kinda fluffy right now and I work weekends as a bachelorette party nude model. Wat do?

  5. Man if you haven’t listened to Current’s album ‘the place I feel safest’ you’re missing out (assuming you like metal core).

    Been spinning it since it came out in June, absolutely great piece of work, lyrics really hit home.

  6. God, I’ve spent the entire week refactoring. My brain is a mess and I’ dead tired. And I need to go to Costco to get food. If I go now, it’ll be fine. If I wait until the weekend, it’ll be raining, it’ll take an hour to get out of the parking lot and I’ll road rage. Plus if I go now, samples…

    I don’t get paid enough for this shit.

  7. What would my max deadlift be if I can do 20-30 reps @200 without any real problems? Only asking because all I have rn is 200 and no access to a gym

  8. So I pulled a muscle in my back last week and took 5 days off. Felt much better today so I went and hit chest/bis.

    Good workout. Fast forward to 5 mins ago.

    As I go to roll out my back with a foam roller Needed Me by Rihanna comes on. Pure bliss. Such relief. Many pops. Orgasmic.

    Best sexual experience i’ve had in years.


  9. Hit 495 DL for a few speedy doubles today. Then AMRAP with 405 for a set of 8 right after. Good to know strength didn’t take a big hit after the halloweekend bender. FeelsgoodBB

  10. How do I better hide a moose knuckle? I just realized that I’ve been walking around for years whenever I wear my sweats with it on full display.. Bigger pants?

  11. Mesomorph makes me so fuckin happy after i lift I feel like i could talk to any hot girl. Even more so than when I’m drunk

  12. Holy fuck Bros, tried sumo deadlift for the first time.. I always sorta ignored it, but it’s way then fuck better for my body type. My low back used to kill during conventional but now it feels amazing

  13. bad week, heavily depressed to the point of suicidal thoughts on the daily. feeling like I’ve pulled things back today, gonna go strangle some people at BJJ tomorrow then smash shoulders and arms

  14. So my gym has 3 power racks, but one is superior, and all the people who train seriously aim to use it.. so today, as I was hitting some OHP, 2 of my gym bros show up to squat… so they use the inside of the rack and I use the outside… then one of the hottest gym grills comes over to squat… she’s really short, so we set up some pins on the inside, beneath my gym bros pins… so yeah we had 4 people and 3 sets of pins in 1 rack today… all to avoid the shittier racks lol …

  15. Lifetime natty, but I was getting blood drawn for my annual physical and the nurse said that my blood flows really well, probably because I’m “so stacked.” Ego gains.

    Also, the doctor told me that he can tell I don’t retract my scapula enough when I bench press, so I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks, Doc!

  16. That feel when you go to the grocery store after blowing yourself out on a high volume day, and have to use the cart for physical and emotional support.

  17. Hit a nice deadlift PR at 385 lbs today, bodyweight is 161lbs rn and all my lifts have blown up recently. We might all make it boys.

  18. Lifted to keep depression in check – But now it’s getting so bad that i m getting thoughts of just quitting the gym…

  19. To me going to work just means getting through the data for gym time. The whole day is building to finish time and rushing to the gym. I don’t hate my job. I just find it less rewarding than curls or the mirror. Maybe I just prefer to be alone and answer to nobody. The hour or two I’m in the gym I have an unwritten rule not to check things like Facebook or messages. I just listen to music and myself. Reading the dd during rest periods of course.

  20. A few years ago I worked for GNC. It was an alright job. We had this regional manager that everyone hated. He acted like a giant prick to everyone. He actually fired me for some bullshit and I can never work at GNC again.

    I was talking to one of my old friends last night and found out somebody shot and killed him in July. Life comes at you fast

  21. When I do back I seriously can hardly feel the contraction and I don’t think I’ve ever had much of a pump in my back. Can some please diagnose my problem?

  22. Is taking a piss while you deadlift a common practice? Because there is a chick who trains at the gym I work at and always pisses while she does deads. That’s disgusting, right?

  23. When cutting as a natty, should you only aim to lose say 1lb a week, or can you go harder and lose 2lb / week without worrying too much about adverse muscle loss? I hear so many different opinions so thought I’d ask.

    My thoughts are: By cutting quicker and getting down to a lower body fat quicker, I can then get back into a lean bulk sooner and gain more muscle / strength sooner rather than later. And would you tend to gain back any muscle lost during your cut fairly quickly in any case?

  24. Shout out to anyone who’s been depressed. What did y’all do to get out of that slump? I keep feeling like I’m making progress and then just regressing. How do I take little steps to get back to a good place?


    My 2.5 year physique of relatively dedicated training (semi healthy iifym). 6 3 190 in that pic and flexing abs kinda.

    For so much time dedicated I look like I don’t even go to the gym and my stomach looks like shit if I don’t flex. Like if I’m eating 5 lbs a day of food (1 lb of potatoes is only like 350 fkn calories) my stomach always looks distended as fuck.

    How shit is my physique for this time period… I get so upset and wish I got a different hobby. Maybe I’ll just start a cycle soon…

    And yes my left arm won’t grow.

  26. We joke about them all the time, but how many of you guys have seriously given up on calves? I’m resigned to the fact that they won’t get bigger, so at this point, I just train them so they don’t get even smaller.

  27. Why do people think it’s okay to swolest me whenever they feel like it? You have to give warning so I can flex god damnit. Guy at work just started prodding my pecs tonight at work. And then slapped ’em hard. I loved it though, good ego boost. Still fucking small though so don’t know what’s the deal.

  28. Left quad is sore like a motherfucker. Working during the weekend will be a challenge.
    Now if only I could pin my calves and make them grow at least to the size of my fellow gym-goers.

  29. I lifted in a hoodie because fat but the other day I said fuck it and went down to just a t-shirt.

    Huge fucking placebo effect or something cause just being able to see my arms lift the weight, the weight was easier.

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