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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/25/2018

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49 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/25/2018

  1. What do you think about a brosplit for natural lifters?

    I did Fullbody, PPL, etc with the focus of hitting every muscle two to three times a week since I started lifting two years ago. I lost some drive in the gym and got burned out on the frequency.

    I want to switch it up to:

    – Chest

    – Back

    – Shoulders

    – Legs

    – Arms

    – Abs + Gymnastics

    – Rest

    Everyone is telling me the low frequency / high volume is outdated and my gains will suffer. Even Arnold used Chest + Back / Shoulders + Arms / Legs + Abs x2 with DBol assistance.

    I build a decent base (125 Kg, 140 Kg, 200 Kg) (B,S,D) so intensity shouldn’t be a problem. My plan is to increase sets close to failure every week, then deload after week 8 and restart the cycle.

    What is your experience on that topic?

    Have a nice day.

  2. I’ve been lifting for 8 months now. 6 days a week PPL. Yet still every morning my mom still ask me before I head off to the gym “where are you going?”

  3. Was waiting for the shit on me Sunday thread but I can’t find it. Thought I’d share the results of my cut. 4 stone down. I’d lost my way and put on a lot of fat before this, didn’t train much. After joining a gym and taking things seriously I lost 4 stone and have managed to get down to 68kg at 5’7” over the past year and a bit. Going to start upping my calories slowly and hopefully grow over winter putting a lot of emphasis on growing my legs. Go easy on me bros. There’s a before and after shot at the end.

  4. What do you guys do when you’re sad? I’m trying to cut but I feel lonely as fuck because I’m going through a break up. And I eat when I’m sad.

    I just looked up my ex on Instagram and that was a mistake

  5. Is there anything more demoralizing than going off cycle and immediately losing strength? I wish I could be on anadrol year-round and not die, but alas.

  6. Completed the full 13 week Smolov cycle today.

    Hit every rep of every workout, although I started with a slightly conservative training max.

    Gained ~40lbs on my squat max and ~8lbs bodyweight. Solid program.

  7. xTYBGx’s dating tips number two: there’s no such thing as a “bad texter”. If the person really wants to talk to you, they’ll take time out of their day to respond to you. That or at least they’ll let you know that they won’t be available for a little bit.

    Stay groovy Brodies, don’t let the gains goblin bite. **Edit** also if you like cute birbs and need a cheer me up, here’s a step dad birb loving some babies

  8. **Black Friday / Cyber Monday**

    Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate 10lb bags $80 on Amazon, looks like a limit of 4 or you can subscribe.

  9. **Black Friday / Cyber Monday**

    MyProtein 11lb any flavor $64 shipped with code FRIDAY64. I got 33lbs, can probably get more. Salted Caramel and and Mocha are safe choices if you’re a first timer. **Must be added to your cart as 2x 5.5lb bags and not 1x 11lb bag**

  10. Off day today. Went to a country and western line dancing bar for my buddies wife’s bday. Not my normal scene (prefer dives) but I got checked out a few times which was nice, but then this drunken monster troll took a fancy to me and kept trying to feel my arms and grabbed my ass once despite me giving every signal that I was not at all interested. FUCK OFF TROLL. God damn. Ruined my night.

  11. Got engaged this weekend boys. The girl is amazing and is so supportive of everything I do. Life gains have been aplenty the past few months. It’s a shame that doesn’t correlate to gym gains with my scrawny ass.

  12. I know I should probably post this on a different sub but I love you all and would appreciate your input. So basically, I’ll be going to a show in the capital city in a few weeks and I’ve already paid for a hotel room there. I’m going to the show alone so I would like to have a go and try to hook up with a girl but I have no clue how to go about it. Would the best shot be to download Tinder and try to match with someone there in a short period of time or just go to random bars/clubs and go from there? I imagine it’ll be tough because I’m honestly like a 4/10 on a good day but I’d like to try. Sorry for the autism my boys <3

  13. Went out drinking last night and think I need to relax a bit. End up doing things I really shouldn’t be doing and never feel great about myself the day after. In a bad head space right now.

  14. Cold weather has me wanting to settle down with a nice woman, but unfortunately the bachelor life is a blast, albeit kind of lonely.

  15. aight who can help me find some solid 7 inch shorts I can squat in, preferably on sale? My quads measure ard 26-27 inches

  16. Tomorrow will be day 1 back in the brojo after over a month of bullshit

    Between getting sick, straining my back (no more deadlifts for sets of 20 before tracking guitar in the studio for 7 hours), integrating into a new job that wants to move me across the country, **and** overall me just being a lil bitch, my consistency fell off

    I want to pick my old split back up where I left off, because it does work very well for me, I just would have to drop the weights and volume for a little while to wake the cns and joints back up

    Part of me wants to go back a step to an easier program I can push more at, but I like dedicated arm and shoulder days, which that would cause me to lose

    I also haven’t posted or read here in a little so I want to go back to spending more time in r/bb than r/roids, because first pct ended a month ago and I just want to focus on food and training for a lil while I plan the next one

    I was better about consistency for about two years but this month or so off has me not stoked with what I see in the mirror, scale, or with my lifts anymore

    Deadlifts were my favorite, and having to be extra careful with them is going to bum me out a little

    We’ll do what we have to fucking do though god damn it,

    I’m going to do 30 mins on the stairs today and two 15 minute sauna bois for some heat shock and remaining inflammation buildup

    I just threw away my pack of cigs and have groceries to meal prep this evening

    It’s good to be back

    I’ll see after today if this week will be a 4 day split or 3 full body workouts with extra focus on rest and food

    Btw, new job and new grill are both exactly what I wanted just 6 months ago

    kill your lifts and nut in her mouth bois

  17. Final physical assessment for the police today! Can’t wait to get back to more bodybuilding-oriented training.

    Also, a girl legitimately asked me for permission before sending me a nude. Never had this situation arise before bois.

  18. I’m so broke, idk how I’m going to get to the gym tomorrow. Idk if I even am going to make it home from work, my cars gas light came on this morning. 😐

  19. For those of you who lean bulk (like 1/2-1 lb per week) how fast do you add inches to your waist size? I know this varies highly between people, but still.

  20. Anyone looking for some Adipowers? I have a pair size 11 that I wore only a few times and don’t use so I figured I’d try to sell them.

  21. Took my husband to the airport for a work trip early this morning. It’s a rest day but I still need to meal prep and do some housework. Feeling pretty bummed out right now but at least I have pets to cuddle.

  22. You better take a peek at the hotel’s “fitness center” before you you get all stoked for that vacation workout.

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve popped out of bed all ready to tear shit up and walk into a closet with a couple ellipticals and a yoga mat.

  23. My ex from a couple months back, who I broke up with, has been snap chatting me occasionally, like once a week lately. I’ll respond sometimes if it’s more harmless stuff like food or a show. Last night she sent one, but I didn’t open it till the morning because I was with a girl. Opened it and it was just her kneeling in front of a mirror in like a lingerie dress with make up on and the caption “geeked lmao”. Ugh just got me all in my head, overthinking shit, and getting jealous. I should probably just block her, but its difficult. Now my average shoulder workout I had planned for today is going to be me murdering them to forget about this.

  24. Anyone know of shirts that are nice enough for someone to wear to classes or out in public but also something to wear to the gym? I have an American Eagle shirt that I wear all the time that’s sweat proof to wear for my morning classes and then can wear to the gym later

  25. Anyone able to recommend some wireless over the ear headphones? My apple ones have started randomly pausing songs, skipping songs and changing the volume.

    I’m not an audiohead or anything, would only use them for the gym and looking around £100, clueless lads

  26. Ive been dabbling with some public speaking lately and it is the most amazing thing I’ve experienced so far. Having all those bright lights in your face with dozen or two people looking at you with not even a second to think. I felt this FLOW state of mind.

    I always thought it would be deadlifting or running that would give me that transcending state of mind and they do but not even close or intense to what public speaking does.

    I did poorly today though. I also went blank for a couple of seconds. Managed to finish my speech but yea man do I feel so alive

  27. What are your thoughts on making your goals public? Like when people keeping on IG/Facebook how they are going to lose x amount or gain x amount.

    I saw a guy on IG, who goes to my new gym, posts a pic every day about how he is at war with weights. I scanned back looking for a before and after and it starts at 2 years ago these gym pics and he’s the same lardo. I firmly believe this guy just gets off on attention. There is ZERO difference in the pics and he looks like a 5’10 250 body. So it’s not like it’s hard work to get in shape in that time frame.

    Now take another guy I have on Facebook. Never posts about BJJ. One weekend he tagged himself in Las Vegas. People comment win big! Put $50 on red for me. After the weekend is done he is tagged (not posted himself) that we won gold in his division at IBJJF Worlds (this is elite level of BJJ in the gi). So he didn’t tell anyone his goals and went and dominated.

    What is your opinion of letting people know vs making moves in silence?

  28. Currently doing the Reddit PPL program. At what point will I know that I’ve maxed out all gains from the program, and should move on to a more advanced routine?

  29. Reached my target bodyweight for this bulk (80kg at 1.80). Where do I go from here, it’s way too early to start cutting, but putting on even more weight will make me look too soft. Maintenance from here on until I start cutting early next year?

  30. See some tall dude in a jacket doing smith incline bench..

    Just thought he is a beginner doing some guided machines

    Then he took off his jacket and holy fuck, juicy goals detected

    beautiful biceps and lats, i nearly cried

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