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Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/16/2018

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57 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 11/16/2018

  1. What’s happens when you weight lifts but commits caloric deficit, no gains at all? And what if the meals had good amount of protein?

  2. Rant time. I been dating my girl for almost 3 years and just can’t see myself with her forever. Definitely in love with her and everything clicks great except pretty bad insecurity, like she asks me almost weekly that I don’t look at porn, talking to other girls, jack off when she’s not there, etc. And the other is her weak cognitive ability. I could probably live with the insecurity through reinforcement and the like but really can’t do anything about smarts. She’ll tell a story and my eyes gloss over right away, she goes off on story paths that lead no where and there’s not even a climax to the story at all, it’s awful, I can’t live like that with someone who can’t engage me mentally… And I’m not trying to be mean like I said she’s awesome in just about every other way.. I have no idea what to do about it. Seems breaking up is the only option but fuck man.. There’s not THAT much wrong in the moment at least.. she’s going to take it horribly.. Nothing is wrong from her perspective. And the longer I wait the worse it’ll be I’m sure. End rant

  3. This whole week I’ve been having elbow pain when flat bench so that sucks. There’s this bbb that works the front desk at my gym and idk who tf shits in her cereal every morning but goddamn does she give me attitude and dirty ass looks and for once I wanted a shake and she acted like it was the greatest inconvenience of her life like damn bitch and it’s not like I’m rude chill tf out damn

  4. Also a different ex of mine texted me last weekend saying that she hopes I’m doing well and that she’s thankful we met because she feels that I made her a better girlfriend to her current boyfriend. I say thanks and wish her well. She then replies saying how she misses our sex life and she thinks about it often lolol. How are you gonna say that right after telling me about your boyfriend SMH

  5. Anybody who remembers me posting about that job interview that was super important to me, it went alright. Not my best but it didn’t go badly. Haven’t heard back but it’s only been 3 days. Just gotta play the waiting game and hope. In other news bulk is going well and finally got over my pussyitis about deadlifting after I threw out my back and pulled 365 for 3 after not deadlifting for a year so I’m happy with that. Kill your lifts today guys make every day count

  6. Getting to that point in a cut where if I don’t wear a shirt, have a pump, and get just the right angle, it almost looks like I lift.

  7. At least 50% of the reason I switched gyms is the fucking anabolic lighting that makes me look like I have a perma 8 pack.

    Changing rooms? Eh just about got some delt definition.

    Gym floor? Fuck me is that a tricep vein?

  8. Your friend came and talked to me. Your friend wanted to dance with me. She doesn’t need the three land whales to come over and “save” her. She even said sorry to me as you grabbed her and rushed her away. I’m sure she had a great time being alone the rest of the night. God I really hate insecure girl clicks

  9. Boyz I’ve started shaving legs and abs… What’s the secret to not having your body covered in red spots afterwards? I’ve tried using both shaving cream and conditioner but they perform pretty similarly.

    I look like I’ve got the plague and it’s not aesthetic.

  10. Every time I skip arms for a week or so and then go back, I get these *really* intense cramps in my forearms which start a few hours after training.

    It hasn’t happened for a few months but I had to take most of this week off due to an injury, so I missed an arms session or two. And recently I’ve become quite good at hitting arms really hard and effectively. So you can imagine how badly I’m cramping up right now after absolutely blasting them today. Just got out of the shower and literally couldn’t dry my hair because my forearms would just immediately cramp up.

    Why am I being punished for hitting arms? 🙁

    Edit: took two magnesium tabs and now I’m 100% fine a few hours later. Usually takes until the next morning.

  11. Hi guys! Long time not posting nothing, been a bit busy with work lately. Just wanted to ask, smth.

    I was suppose to lean bulk till february but in this 7/8 week into the bulk im currently weighing 5/6 kg more (13/14lbs more) i really feel bigger, and the weigths im using are the heaviest i have used in my 1.5 yrs lifting. Actually feeling a bit stresed bout that because dont want to be that fat fuck again, and i really dont know if i fucked up( 95% not because i have been a fucking monk with the diet), the nutricionist that made my diet fucked up or whut. Dont know if i should just cut my ass down and try to get where i was and restart the lean bulk o dunno.


    Any help appreciated, have a fucking nice day and kill yall lifts, i have to work today 10hrs :S

  12. Homegym.

    Working out in only shorts/underwear and able to see all your muscles working while doing your exercises.

    No guys mirin’ your glutes.

  13. So easy to stay on my cut during week days since i meal prep for 5 days and eat at my job. But then weekend comes and here i am just ordered a 40 cm pizza just for myself after just did leg day.

  14. Does creatine ever go off? I’m just getting back into the gym after a 5 month hiatus using my old supps, and my creatine has kinda stuck togther in little rock type things. Assume I can simply just break it up back into fine powder and it’s all good right?

  15. Cute grill, at gym I’m staying at for work, waves at me.

    Autismo Prime engaged, hand that is holding dumbbell drops dumbbell on toe to wave back, she’s waving at her friend on the cable machine behind me

    Worth the toenail that will no doubt be coming off very soon?

  16. Getting to that point in my cut where I’m just pretty much not shitting. One full-sized shit per day (maximum) down from three or four. And I’m cutting another 50g carbs next week. Where tf does all that food go??

    I have been dating my wife for 11years now today! Crazy how fast time flys. Time for us to do some Anniversary Squats.
    Kill your lifts my dudes!

  18. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I’m cutting while getting over a relationship, but I hosted a party at work last night and ended the night with double my target intake. Damn alcohol. Obviously I’m punishing myself with an extra long session in the gym today while cringing about last night’s karaoke performance.

  19. I went from 145lb to 170lb since I have last seen my grandmother. Mark my words, she is going to call me skinny when I go and see her today.

  20. Decided to build a small gym setup in my garage so I can’t train on days where I get stuck at work for 12-14 hours and can’t make the gym… trying to decide between rogue or rep fitness for the gear, obviously rouge is better quality but is it double the price worth of quality for a garage gym? My lifts are pretty low, no racking 600lbs or anything … any one have any input on rep fitness? Basic PL setup, rack, plates, bar, bench

  21. How do I find a schedule for amateur physique shows? Is there a single website that tracks them? Do I just have to find the individual shows and see when they are? I thought it’d be easy enough to find a show near me and that’d be that. And I was wrong. An hour in last night and I realize I have no idea what I’m doing.

  22. Well boys, my week in Belize ends today. Tomorrow I get to hit the gym again and……step on the scale :(. But a reload week of ungodly amounts of seafood and rum is a good thing right?

  23. Failed to incline press the 100 lb dumbbells on the first. I got it partially up but the left one fell down in am awkward position. I dont think anything is broken but i have some discomfort when moving my left arm certain ways. Any idea what it could be?

  24. So I’m back to living at my parents house after college and want to start dating again. Haven’t had a gf in about a year. The main worry I have with dating right now is: I feel like it’ll be awkward/a turn off when I tell whatever future date I’m with that I’m living with my parents at the moment. My parents aren’t strict or weird about having girls over and they always let me do my own thing but still I feel like it’ll be a bit awkward.

    Ha anyone else had experience or thoughts about this? I’m only 21 right now but I’m putting most of my money from my current job into savings to hopefully move out within a year.

    The main reason I’m asking is there’s this girl at my gym who I’ve got my eye on and is around my age but I’m nervous about making a move on her for this reason.

  25. Doing

    1) 300 calorie cardio + 200 calorie deficit (eating less)

    2) 500 calorie deficit (eating less)

    Would it will cause same effect of loosing weight?

  26. Anyone here experimented with prolonged fasting (24+ hrs) for cutting?

    I want to do just a brief cut for the next few weeks, but I want it to be pretty effective.

  27. Been dealing with heavy depression and this black lady I talk to in her 60s (bless honest old ladies) tells me “youre looking good” and “I tell my daughter why can’t you bring someone like him home”. An ego boost for sure, but still dying inside.

  28. People don’t make any sense.

    My brother and his wife moved back into his wife’s parents house because they have financial issues. Yet my brother apparently would rather be in credit card debt than get a second job. He was even thinking about buying an Xbox one x (instead of using his Xbox one he had gotten a few months to a year before) just to run RDR2 at better graphics. (A game which I split 50/50 for, and he has yet to pay his half). His wife gets mad at him when he spends money on shit, but now she’s taking a trip to Mexico with her friend?? Without her husband?? She gets mad when my brother and I are playing video games together (we were super stoked to play rdr2 online when it came out, now he said he won’t be playing much).

    Fuck, I’m really trying to judge people less but it’s hard when people do such stupid shit. I’m single and have been for a while so I can see when people are being rarted in relationships like this, no emotional bias or whatever, and I pray to jeebus that I’ll never become so needy and invested in a girl that’s this needy.

  29. Noob questions
    Im trying to lose fat (cutting) my macros are
    120 g protein , 44 g fat , 278 g carb
    I feel like something sounds wrong. Is C>P ok for cutting? I weight 132 lb and 165 cm tall

    Also a friend of mine trying to lose weight she needs a diet she weights 222 lb and 170 cm tall
    Since she doesnt have access to protein sources im trying to give her low protein diet something like 90 g protein and around 55 g fat and the rest is carbs. Will she lose weight with those macros?

  30. Im 18, workout 4 times a week. Im 166 cm and 60 kg. Im not bulking, im just eating around 2000 calories a day, yet im still getting fat. Should i eat less? And is 80g protein a day enough or too little?

  31. Realised today that i might have above average lowerbody gentics, but below average upperbody genetics.. Not sure how to feel about this.

  32. Surrounding myself with lots of great new people lately. It’s okay to let go of friends that aren’t building you up.

  33. I have a question regarding calorie count on beef groundmeat. I bought 500 gramms beef groundmeat (17,6 ounces) and made burgers with it. Before frying, it had 940 calories. Now when frying the patties, they lose lots of fat. Does anyone know if there is like a general rule of how many calories groundmeat has after frying?

  34. Anyone snaked a good deal on a huge tv? I’m looking at 80 or so inches but it seems like they’re all crazy expensive even with planned black friday deals

  35. WTF is wrong up with me. I stayed up late last night for a girl,( who not to be a dick, should be well below my standards) to come over. We’re texting back and forth, and I fall asleep on my couch sometime around 4. She texts me back multiple times at 5, waking me up, but at that point I was too tired and told her so. I’ve been feeling kinda tired this week, and I really should have just gone to bed early and slept for 10 hours. I’m an idiot.

  36. Anyone here suffer or suffered from wrist pain? Do you have any tips and tricks about it? Because my left wrist started to hurt after heavy push day and its really frustrating

  37. Actually dig the gym shark classic logo hoodies, but if I get one I’ll just be another DYEL wearing gymshark. Decisions, Decisions.

  38. You guys ever get to the gym and just don’t have it that day? Like you can’t get into that headspace where it’s just you and the weights no matter what. Normally lifting is an almost meditative thing for me but today it seemed like I couldn’t get my mind right.

  39. How would you guys program a push pull split if your legs grow way faster than your upper body? I stopped running ppl in favor of a bro split because my legs were leaving the rest of my body behind

  40. My Man u/frobebryant crushed it at nationals today.
    I ended up third callout and couldn’t be happier. Time to fuckin eat guys!

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