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Each day Dialogue Thread: 11/13/2018

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45 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 11/13/2018

  1. Am I not lean enough or am I doomed with a double chin? At what % do you lose that shit cause it’s fucking annoying bros

  2. Everytime I hear dudes talk about motivation problems I’m like wtf.

    Never in my 6 years of lifting have I ever not been motivated to go to the gym. Like training is fun af Its like clockwork.

  3. I squatted just under 4 plates for a triple yesterday and I’m way more nervous about benching a 2 plate triple today lol. I am oh so envious of you people that make bench press gainz

  4. Does anyone know where the hell last year’s r/bb survey is? I wanted to check it out and can’t find it anymore. Can someone post a link pls?

  5. What are your guys thoughts on clinginess? Ive been with my gf for almost a year now and even though we’re 22 we’ve been told we act like 16 year olds in a first relationship. Is this a red flag?

  6. Realized it was cold af walking to the gym this morning. Anyone got recommendations for sweats that are good at stopping wind/staying warm in general

  7. Day 2 Update for you handsome fucks:

    She texted me around noon yesterday apologizing for literally throwing up in my fucking mouth. I assured her it was all good (wtf) and I have no hard feelings.

    We ended up going out again last night and I of course got fuckin shithoused at a piano bar. Paid the musician $200 to play Wonderwall 3 times in a row (I know…).

    She brought me home and rode me like she just won the god damn lottery. Kept grabbing my triceps and hanging on for dear life digging those long ass nails into my skin. I started bleeding but I am honestly really into that shit and picked her up and smashed the shit out of her against the door of her room. Roommates got upset and started texting her if she was ok and she just shouted at them.

    What the fuck am I doing boys.

  8. I’m convinced 2 plate squat gets quarter repped more than any other weight. At least in my gym, it seems everybody has a goal of squatting 2 plates and they don’t give a fuuuuuck about depth. Not sure why it irrationally annoys me, it shouldn’t.

  9. So for the past 2 weeks Ive been having horrible pain in my right leg and I was hoping it might have been a shingles outbreak and not a pinched nerve. I got some valtrex and so far it seems to be working.

    Ive still been working out since it hasnt effected my lifts really, but’ll be nice to only fight with soreness and not soreness & intense nerve pain
    Fingers crossed for shingles!

  10. Got dumped by a girl I had been dating for a month or so. Things seemed to be going really well for the most part, but she chalked it up to personality differences. Sad boys.

    First time ever I’ve been on the receiving end of this and it makes me sad but kinda happy cuz I feel more human now.

  11. Bro’s, if you are able too, I HIGHLY recommend doing Uber & Lyft.

    I work full-time at a office building and I’ll do Uber/Lyft for 4-5 hours after I get off & it’s crazy how much of a difference it has on my income.

  12. Could anyone suggest me a hamstring isolation exercise that’s not too hard on knees? My glutes are overactive on deadlifts, rdls, etc. I hardly feel my hamstrings at all.
    I can’t use the leg curl machine in my gym because it’s broken as fuck. Tried to do hamstring curls on the cable machine but the clip kept on hitting me in the knee, and it felt very awkward. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. PPL is hurting me but I love it. Luckily I’m single so I have room for a borderline abusive relationship in my life.

    Working this hard and trying to drop weight is the struggle. Hopefully when I start work and go back to wrecking crew/IF it’ll come together bc I have let my sleep and eating schedule unravel in a big way, but being in the gym from 7-9 pm has helped with unemployment anxiety.

  14. GF of 7 years and I broke up, depression hit me like a train and although my will to live is practically non-existent I finally leaned out and look like I lift. I hope you are all doing better.

  15. Nothing much to say I just love lifting weights yall. It makes me feel like a real human bean and not like the fat fuck I was.

  16. Anyone else deal with going on a date and feeling like it went really well but then the next few days after they seem to be less and less interested until it turns into a straight ghosting? This happened to me on my last two tinder dates and it’s really kind of demoralizing. I think i have an issue of texting too soon after and appearing clingy instead of letting them do the talking.

  17. Somebody brought their dog to my gym yesterday. On one hand, I fucking loved it because he was a good boi. On the other more practical hand, it probably wasn’t the safest thing to have him walking around the gym.

  18. Are carbs necessary for building muscle? If not, what else is required aside from protein?

    I’ve heard of something about carbs being associated with muscle repair… recovery… post workout… all jumbled up together. Is any of that true?

  19. I currently drive a coupe and I’m thinking about getting a new used car because having a coupe with a kid isn’t ideal or safe.

    Any recommendations on a sedan that’s fun to drive? I would love to drive a V6.

    I’m hoping to spend max $23k.

  20. For someone who is trying to building lean muscle, why are keto and low carb diets unoptimal?

    Edit: Forgot to hit reply.

  21. What kind of progress would you expect after a year of lifting? I’ve been at it for about 9.5 months (probably a month less due to illness/traveling). I’ve definitely made improvements and have gone from around 175 to 205 at 5’11”, but still think I’m not making optimal progress. First pic was from end of january. Second pic was today.



  22. I might be looking for a coach early 2019. For those who have hired online coaches, what are some things I should be looking for? And, if you’re comfortable discussing it, what price ranges have you looked at? Being totally new to this, it’d be easy enough for me to be totally ripped off.

  23. Those who have herniated a disc before. How did it feel? Did you immediately know when you did it or did you notice it later? Squats seem to give me a nasty lower back pump to where I need to lay down but deadlifts are fine. I haven’t changed form on either.

  24. Decided to do a full body day yesterday with squats deadlifts and flat bench, but forgot about me benching today. That last rep for my highest weight set kicked my ass but I didn’t fail a single one. This is the 4th week of nSuns and I’m gonna run this program into the group until I get 2/3/4/5


  26. Now that my gym’s resident big guy moved to another gym, I’m the big guy in the gym. I feel like a celebrity. The manager even gave me free stuff. Its great!

  27. Depression has been the worst it’s been in a long time lately. Came to the conclusion that I’m looking for validation from outside sources (like females) but in reality I don’t even love myself so I don’t know how I can expect someone else to love me.

    But at the same time hating myself is how I made all my gains in the first place so now I’m at a crossroads (/s?)

  28. Might be a dumb question but how would I go about getting like a 9 day membership to my local gym? Coming back home for thanksgiving break and don’t wanna spend $50 for a month membership which is what they offer

  29. Good god my shoulders are so imbalanced. All because of a summer job in a warehouse 4 years ago where i carried everything over my left shoulder. Theres literally a gap in my left shoulder of just completely undeveloped muscle and i can never get even pumps. 🙁

  30. I seriously can’t read without crashing. It’s super annoying because I’m trying to break these unproductive habits (playing games when I don’t really truly want to, mindlessly watching YouTube, I’ve already stopped watched Netflix shows for these same reasons, mindlessly browsing reddit, Snapchat, etc) and I have a load of audio books and PDF ebooks on my phone that interest me and I want to read but every time I do, I crash within 30 minutes.

    Any advice?

  31. so since i keep getting face acne and it fucking sucks i’m thinking of completely eliminating diary from my diet. Has anyone does this before and do you guys have any bulking tips to still get my macros? i normally drink an oat/whey/peanut butter shake for calories every night.


    Any of you guys experienced something like this. That thing has keep me out of the gym since pretty much April. I go to the gym here and there but not much. I’ve lost a good 20+ lbs. My left shoulder is far behind and one is elevated higher. My right buttock is kind of more forward and the leg isn’t really centred. it turns out outward slightly.

    When I squat I feel discomfort in my right hip/pelvic area. My squat is imbalance because the bar isn’t straight on my shoulder blades and no matter what i try one leg is always slightly behind. I try putting a small plate under one foot but doesn’t help much. I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist so the pain isn’t there most time if i squat light weight. Bench press and shoulder press is no go. Even for overhead tricep work, one elbow is flared out more as one shoulder blade is way behind

    If i were to bench/press I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night due to pain. I got a cortisol injection on the left shoulder b4 cause it was very painful. when i sit down there’s a lot of discomfort in the hip/pelvic area if i keep the right leg straight. when i sleep the right sides isn’t really flat on the bed. I was seeing a chiropractor but i stopped going cause there was no progress. This is my 2nd physio and i’ve seen slight improvement. My DR referred me to an orthopaedic for an assessment 2 months ago but i’m still waiting.

    Was just wondering if anybody dealt with this as well. The right leg is shaped exactly like the abnormal leg on the skeleton. And I have as much muscle as the skeleton too haha.

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