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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/08/2019

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44 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/08/2019

  1. This is probably going to get a negative reception, but it really grinds my gears whenever I see people here or in r/steroids bashing new guys for asking about stuff like prohormones and SARMS.

    You have dudes blasting grams of tren lecturing about health risks. iF yOu ArEn’T ReAdY tO PiN YoU sHoUlD sTaY NaTTy. None of it is good for you; lay off the condescension.

  2. Okay I’m not sure if this is bigoted or not but anytime I hear a guy casually mention dating another guy in my head I’m like “okay he’s gay. That’s fine that’s normal just don’t bring up cus it’s all normal” and I keep reminding myself not to bring it up. But the conversation goes fine and I’m respectful, I guess it’s just new to me

  3. I think it’s time for 6 day squat variation of nSuns even though I just thought that I wanted to do bro-split with only one leg day every week. Been spinning my wheels for couple of weeks after finishing Nippard’s LPP program which I loved but want to try something different.

  4. Brian Shaw is so wholesome, while I’m recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction, I’ve been watching a lot of his videos. I want to jump in and go workout again, but dont want to rip my stitches lol

  5. started adding basic stretches and some posture/mobility work to the end of each workout and prob increases each session by like 30-40 mins but i don’t really mind , especially when it gets colder and dark outside the gym inside just feels really comfy when you can just concentrate on what’s in front of you instead of everything else in the world

  6. Bro /u/xgouged-outx this guy idgaf if his story is fake af i legit am cracking up at his responses to ppl

    “Bro call me a pants shitter but chill out with the R word” bahahaha im fkn cracking up u ppl are so creative i wish i had this comedic skill

  7. Haven’t posted on this sub in a long time. my girlfriend of 2 years is finally showing a passion in lifting. She’s went on and off in the past just as something to do with me but I told her I was gonna head to the gym after work tonight, and she asked if she could come train back and bis with me! It’s a great feeling seeing someone start to fall in love with the gym.
    Hope all you bros and broettes have a good lift today

  8. You ever get reminded that you’re not as big as you think or want to be? For years, I was the only person in my workplace that looked like they lift. If anyone else does, they suck at it.

    Anyway, this new guy starts and is yolked. Suddenly multiple people from the office are asking him to train them and they’re working out together. No one ever asked me.

    Dear diary: I am forever smol.

  9. Just went swimming for the first time in c. 5 years. Did the old spinning push off the wall and immediately cramped up both my calves, leading to me flailing in pain and subluxating my shoulder (again). So that’s it, I’m muscular but im not fucking functional. Time to make a change.

  10. After a 4 week break I started taking preworkout again.

    And it makes me sleepy and unfocused at the gym. WTF!

    Gonna stop using it but it’s crazy how much it used to help and now doesn’t.

  11. Missed the training Thursday thread but guys who do upper/lower splits, what’s your upper body training look like? I used to do PPL, but I can only really train 4 days a week now. I’ve been doing a 4-day bro split but I want to see if I get better results with upper/lower. Just having trouble cramming so much work into one workout. Leg days are fine though.

  12. Holy shit, so I don’t usually take back pics but I actually took one today and I was like damn, my erectors actually have gotten bigger and my lats in the last 6 months have grown a ton. I found my back didn’t grow too, too much, when I was doing the ICF 5×5 but with nSuns, especially adding in lat pull downs, rows and chin-ups/pull-ups (duh to adding all those exercises for back), I’ve seen a lot of progress.

    Also, I got a hemorrhoid so Prep H does feel good… on the whole.

  13. Went to a coffee shop to study for a certification and ran into a girl I had been talking to on a date with another guy so that was confusing. However while studying I learned I secured a ticket to EDC Las Vegas for next year, so that’s good. Gonna have to get shredded for it my dudes.

  14. After buying my first pair of weightlifting shoes about two months ago I can wholly reccomend them to anyone. I just feel so *stable* when squatting especially when doing front squats, just having that base makes the lift feel so much better.

  15. So a moon pie has 3 servings per package, and it’s one big cookie….. what kind of soulless zombie could eat a 1/3rd of a cookie and walk away???

  16. Watching some dude at the gym, he’s going hard on the treadmill, intently staring at a picture of some woman on his iphone, and when the screen times out, he touches it again to bring her back on screen

    She’s not coming back my bro… :'(

  17. Is wearing a Dunder Milfflin shirt/hoodie the new gym fashion? There’s like 5 Bros wearing dunder mifflin shirts currently here.

  18. Just finished my first ever bulk. Went from 165 in September 2018 to now 220. I was going to bulk until the end of the year but I hurt my rotator cuff and ac joint quite badly. Can’t train for a few weeks at least (except legs and abs). I’m real worried about losing this precious muscle I’ve worked hard for. If say I don’t train for 2 months and go from 220 to 210, will there be a big muscle loss? Or is a lot of that just excess water and fat at that stage?

    No point in bulking anymore as I’m not in the gym and even when I get back in I won’t be progressively overloading straight away

  19. I can’t fucking find any information for nutrition for a normal ass chicken gyro. Bread, sauce, lettuce, tomato, chicken. Trying to guess my dinner calories lol.

  20. Best way to grow the back? I have next to no MMC with my back, and I feel I need to grind that first before trying to progress on movements

  21. If any of you feel like getting in your feels on this Friday night while you sit at home alone eating chicken and rice, Courtney King just posted a video on how she met Cbum. It’s cute and I’ve watched it three times I hate life.

  22. Smallish dude puts 255 on the bar and gets ready to bench.

    I’m about to be impressed.

    Dude proceeds to quarter rep 3 times then grunts and flexes as he sits up.

    Fuck I hate the people at my gym

  23. Any snacks that are borderline no calories like pickles? I’ve been eating an entire jar in one day and the salt is like 240% of my daily intake

  24. Been a rough few weeks between the dog passing away, being injured, and just generally shitty feeling. But I just found out my Sergeants exam is in the spring so I’m gonna be studying like I’m back in college again, kinda looking forward to it actually, it gives me something to focus on

  25. ay sorry for yet another family post but i feel this is worth sharing because of how ludicrous it is. also semi-seeking advice.

    Long story short, brother’s wedding next week. For some unknown, or at best, illogical reasoning on his fiancee’s part, grandparents aren’t invited (the story I’ve heard is this: her grandma and aunt live together. it’s a small wedding. if the grandma is invited, the aunt will have to be not invited since they live together. to avoid this, they’re just not inviting the aunts or grandmas…??)

    My grandma is decimated by this. My grandfather died last September, and she’s over 80, so she lives for spending time with loved ones and that’s about it. What else is there at that point in life? My parents and I want to say fuck it and bring her with, but for some reason we are pretty sure this will piss off my brother’s fiancee like none other. why? no fucking clue; she’s been very controlling about this, which I guess is typical, but no grandparents? really?

    Crazy shit, I’m gonna feel real shitty about leaving my grandma in town while we all go to Colorado to attend a wedding, when there’s no good reason she can’t go.

  26. Just got an Apple Watch yesterday from Best Buy (they’re on sale) and i’m curious how accurate the calorie count is? I’m not going to follow it religiously but I think I might track it in an excel sheet vs cals I eat and my weight or something just to see

  27. I hate how girls in my class will stare at me but not approach me. I’m honestly a cute guy. I’m guessing if I talked more, I would have a lot of girlfriends, and would have probably lost my virginity by now. But I’m not talkative, I’m quiet and shy. Even when I’m in gym class and I make sure the girls can see how much I’m squatting, they don’t react because I’m not talking when I squat, I’m grunting and concentrating on the reps. And the popular guys in my school don’t even squat as much as I do, some don’t even squat, they just to stuff like pushups and curls. But the girls still talk to them. I wish I could fix my personality, but it’s not easy.

  28. Seems to always be relationship problems in Here. So To whoever needs to hear this. My one piece of relationship advice to y’all would be that it’s incredibly important that both of you have your own separate lives apart from each other. Don’t be 100% reliant on each other. We all have that friend who is a social butterfly and the second they start dating someone they ghost and ditch their friends to never be heard from again. Do NOT BE THAT GUY. You need your own group of friends and your own lives and hobbies. Hope this helps

    SOURCE: Currently in a 10 year relationship since high school.

  29. *on tinder*

    “Thighs bigger than your dreams”
    You are fat. Don’t act like having big thighs because you’re fat is a good thing

  30. Best lifting belt from experience? Currently looking at an inzer belt. Had a couple other brands in the past but were always too big and too hard to break in (probably getting the wrong size)

  31. Check ins were pretty sick this morning, coach added in some extra food. Pre-workout cheat meal was also fucking sick (protein pancakes, ice cream, and Pb) before legs today, and I’m gunning to hit 5×10 squats @lmao3pl8 by the end of the year.

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