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Each day Dialogue Thread: 11/05/2018

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47 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 11/05/2018

  1. I have the worst luck with headphones. The Bluetooth ones that came with my phone are literally the worst and I’ve blown through the 3 pairs of wired ones in the past month

  2. Me and qtgf are bench maxing today and getting stoned and eating/chilling later on this rainy day. I think I reached heaven????

    **we’re all gonna make it**

  3. Bulking is the biggest mindfuck for me. Want to get bigger, but seeing that number creep up on the scale gives me more mixed feelings than a rear glute spread.

  4. Hey guys, could you give me some feedback on my routine ?
    I used the DUP method with 60% / 80% / 85% of my 1RM with varying reps/sets.

    I split the training in two parts : chest and lower & back.
    If I manage to do the 3 variations of my 1RM on a given exercice while keeping good form, I will add 5kg to the max weight of the exercice.

    For the accessorises, if I manage to do 12 reps with perfect form two sessions in a row, next session I’ll go 8 rep of the next weight increment.

    My routine is in 6 days but I’m going around 3 or 5 times per week depending on my availability (I travel a lot for work).
    I’ve been going to the gym for 6 months while using a PPL linear progression routine. I wanna try the DUP method for the varying exercice weight/reps to keep things spicy and to no feel like I always do the same thing.
    My objectives are primary looks (hypertrophy) but I still wanna have some strength to back it up.
    Plus, having a 2 split instead of 3 allow me to hit my muscle more frequently because of my unstable gym schedule.

    Here is the routine : [SpreadSheet](

    Thanks !

  5. Hack squat. Hamstring curl. Seated calf raise. What else should I add to leg day?

    No squats or deads though because of accutane back pain.

  6. I was worried that Red Dead Redemption would take over my life and I would end up not going to the gym. In a twist of fate, turns out I’m not enjoying the game that much so now I won’t lose my gains at least.

  7. I work in landscaping/masonry and I finally have a day off because of the rain! Can’t wait to hit the gym all rested up. It’s been tough this year trying to bulk. 3800 a day and I stay the same weight. Can’t wait til this winter when I can just dream bulk

  8. I swear, everyone mentions the break up gains after a fucked up relationship comes to an end. No one mentions the break up beard.

    I feel like bearded Ryan Gosling in the Notebook, if he also ate his feelings and pounded iron.

  9. I was able to snag suite tickets to a hockey game from my company.

    Free parking, free drinks, free food, comfortable seats, and a great view.

    If there was a reason to make more money in life, its so I can sit in seats like that every time I want to go to a game.

  10. Good Morning DD, Good Morning Wrecking Crew! I have been in the camp of chest/arm pump is the best pump but I’m slowly converting to like the back pump. Kill your lifts this week everyone!

  11. Lately I’ve been going to the gym at the ass crack of dawn and, weirdly, it’s still pretty damn busy, but in a much better way. Turns out dumb motherfuckers and ego lifters don’t show up at 6am. Who knew?

    It’s a big box gym in downtown next to the “have a good job, a hot gf, and a cute dog at age 26-35” area of town. Those people also happen to like gyming at 6am. (it’s Florida so you gots to stay beach ready)

    It’s nice to be surrounded by people who are making it, even if I never make eye contact and have headphones in the whole time.

  12. Started my new role on a new project, so far the team seems great and can’t wait to properly get started. Line manager was showing me around, and turns out he trains at the gym I’ve just joined, also in the morning before work, and said he’ll see me there tomorrow….

    Guess I’ll be hitting a deadlift PR 6am tomorrow then!

  13. Loading up on 10mg of Cialis pre work-out, going to be looking absolutely dick skinned.

    Praying there’s no hot girls at the gym today.

  14. Whelp, only lost 0.5lbs this week cause I went hard on Saturday. Dropped my carbs down by 30 and gonna try and make up for it this week. Let’s kill the week boys

  15. Am I the only one tired of Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits? Can we have some good vibe songs pls 🙁

    to much sad boi, summer pls

  16. What is your opinion on people who use machines/equipment for exercises they’re not necessarily designed for? I get being annoyed at some girl using a lateral raise machine for single leg abductions or that same girl using an incline press machine for glute kickbacks (damn bikini grills on Instagram am I right), but I just saw some people bitching and moaning about someone using the smith machine as a vertical leg press because it “seems dangerous” (despite the safety pins) “and regardless, it just looks ridiculous.” To me I think that is a perfectly normal thing to do if your gym doesn’t have a vertical leg press machine. Another person was acting like some guy at their gym using the assisted pull up machine for close grip tricep pushdown was the “stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. It was like he was trying to use it for some weird inverted bench press.”

    Maybe it just pisses me off that people seem so preoccupied and caught up in other gym goers’ business that they feel the need to record and publicly bash them for doing something just because that machine says one thing but they’re using it for another? Is the general consensus that you only use a machine for EXACTLY what it says it’s made for or you face gym ridicule?

  17. Watched the new Bohemian Rhapsody film yesterday and Queen is my new gym music. Would highly recommend if you want a rise to fame story sprinkled with feels.

    Very anabolic

  18. Anyone know a good gym in North Arlington VA? Looking to move there and according to Google most gyms in my potential area are crossfit or group fitness :/

  19. i feel like ive asked this many times before but im at the point where each lift is lagging due to some weakness. for bench im pretty sure its because my chest just isnt strong enough or big enough. I’ve done weighted dips and that helped but not so much anymore.

    what is your favorite chest builder that isn’t super hard on triceps and helped with your bench?

  20. I have been getting to the gym at 6 AM for the past few weeks and it was definitely tough at first but it is so worth it. Much less crowded, feeling good during the day, get to relax at night after work. Would highly recommend.

  21. Lifting with buddies- PRs,more energy, motivation and hype
    Lifting alone- not enough courage to lift heavy

    How can i get out of this mess bros, i canf afford working out with someone every training, my best workouts are those where im not alone, am i the only one?

  22. Some of you saw the tinder poll I did for preferred body types, well something unexpected has come from that. One of the grills I polled wanted to keep talking after the poll. I honestly don’t think tinder is a healthy place to meet people so I don’t take it seriously at all but I thought I might as well just go with it since she wanted to talk.

    Anyway, cut to today and we’ve been talking everyday since saturday last week. Okay, no big deal, that can happen. Well we’ve been talking on the phone nearly everyday. On sunday we talked for 4.5 hours and it felt like we talked for 20 minutes. We’re very similar. We both have huge goals for our futures and want a lot of the same things out of life. I’ve never experienced this level of connection with somebody.

    It actually scares me a little. I’ve always kept people at arms length because that way I can’t get hurt and it’s turned me into a robot of sorts but I can’t help it with this girl. I’ve afraid I’ll get too attached too quickly.

    What do you guys think? What do the women here think?

    EDIT: We talk on the phone because we’re a 3 hour drive from each other and both in school

  23. Any of you guys know some good benching programs? I’m at around 300 and trying to get that 315. Been doing nsuns for a while and think it’s time to try something else.

  24. What are you favorite exercises for isolating your obliques?

    I tried doing landmine rotations but I can barely feel them.

  25. Earlier in the year I hit that 225 plateau on bench but I’ve been a slowly grinding and I’m hoping to hit 275 1rm by the end of the year and this has just made me realize I’m such a weak pussy 😣

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