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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/04/2019

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39 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 11/04/2019

  1. I train at my college gym due to it being the closest to my house and a decent amount of equipment but I have to say the best part is watching clueless guys “train” their girlfriends. If I have to watch one more skinny ass guy in a stringer make his girlfriend who has never worked out but wears gym shark do quarter squats on the smith machine, I’m gonna lose my fucking mind.

  2. I’m at college in California. There’s a 3 week Christmas vacation coming and the school told us we have to pack our things and move them somewhere because they’re leasing the rooms out while we’re gone.

    We paid for 10 months rent during the whole school year, confirmed by the dean. How can I stop them from making me pack up and letting someone live in my room while I’m gone!?

  3. The peoples doctor/marine biologist greg doucette seemed to piss a lot of ppl off with the natural vs enhanced video he released.

  4. guys, i’m 4 weeks into my “first cut.” i have the discipline to hit my macros during the day, but recently i’ve been waking up night with hunger pangs so bad that i feel like i can’t fall back asleep unless i eat something. any tips??

  5. Gonna go watch American Psycho after seeing you autists talking about it so much over the last year

    If it’s just some meme shit you owe me an explanation

  6. Dumbbell Pullover vs. Barbell pullover? Straight arm vs. Bent Arm pullovers?

    I’ve recently added a dumbbell pullover to my chest routine and a barbell pullover to my back routine. Now my only reason for this is that generally it seems that dumbbells pullovers are recommended for chest and barbell pullovers are recommended for back. Issue is I can find almost no consensus on whether to have your arms bent or straight for each respective exercise and whether having your arms bent emphasizes one body part over another (i.e if bending my arms emphasizes the chest more il do the DB’s bent but if straight arms emphasize the lats il Donthe barbells straight), or if it even makes any difference at all.

  7. Im not sure if there is anything to be gleaned from an empty bar form check… but here is my weak ass coming back from nagging hip pain.

    5’9″ 169 lbs 27m Front squat 5×10 final set.

    Id appreciate any insight. Understandably if this is just too light to critique form break down i understand. Otherwise, how could the camera angle be improved so when I start moving up in weight I can best ask for feedback?

    Thank you

    Below is my previous 3+ set several months ago for reference. This was my last workout with the movement and afterward I took 2 months off to try and address previously mentioned hip pain.

    Ive brought my feet closer, “spread the ground” instead of “screwing into the ground”, and begun initiating the movement by “knees out” as opposed to sitting down.

    Again, appreciate any pointers, and happy fuckin mondaaaaay.

  8. Is there some type of greg doucette fan club invading this sub?

    Why the fuck is his name all over this subreddit as of recently?

  9. whats going on with reddit and /all? its literally just filled with rage posts so people can complain and bully someone in comments section. I don’t remember it being like few months ago

  10. Took my last regular test of nursing school. I can get a zero on the exit exam on Wednesday and still pass. Super stoked for these life gains boys!

  11. Day 1: Call it the Auschwitz challenge

    How long can a reformed dream bulker go without eating food. Let’s find out.

    I haven’t eaten shit. Only drank diet coke and chewed on nicotine gum like it was dick and I’m a broke crack whore.

    Beauty is pain.

    No calories have given me legitimate social autism.

    1 like 1 brain cell

  12. What are the DDs must watch movies? I miss every reference and constantly have to say “I haven’t seen it” and want to change that.

    Inb4 pumping iron

  13. Comment on porn hub: “make some videos of your feet. We want some sexy soles”. As a guy who doesnt have a foot fetish that was hilarious to read lmfao

  14. SO i got unflavored pea protein because of $$$$ and instead of a shake I’ve been making a “soup” in the blender because the pea protein is so gross with just water/milk. all the random spices and veggies actually make it pretty tasty plus all those micros are dope

  15. First pin ever… no pain until 2nd day.

    Second pin from this morning… holy fk my glute is sore. Might not be able to walk tomorrow.

  16. I use to joke about getting protein farts all the time but i havent had that in a while. I just realized they were really just lactose farts cuz i dont really eat dairy any more

  17. Does anyone actually train each set to 45 seconds as is commonly recommended for hypertrophy? Even Dr Greg recommends it all the time and I’ve tried it before but unless you’re doing sets of 15-20 its just so boring slowing down every rep so much and I feel like it doesnt do shit hypertrophy wise

  18. I just had the worst interactions with one of my friends. You know what they say about assumptions- they make an ass out of you and me. So my birthday is coming up, and I’m pretty confident my friends know it. And I also know that one of my friend groups is buying everyone a gift this year. In class today, I was sure that 2 of those friends were talking about looking at a gift for me. I saw them on the Yeti website, looking at the tumblers, and that makes sense for someone like me- I’m always carrying coffee in my hydroflask. Sounds like a bit of a stretch so far, right? But then we are sitting down studying, and one of them starts asking me about carrying around coffee in my hydroflask and I mention having a Yeti as well, but I don’t have the magnetic cap. And she asks me “well do you want to get one with the magnetic cap?” So yeah, I think they are looking for me. I tell her no- I can’t clip it to my backpack, I think it will leak while biking, the cap isn’t as insulating as my hydroflask. But that’s not the bad part. I think about this over the course of the day, and decide that I’d try to strongly drop some hints about things I’d actually use (of course I would appreciate anything my friends got me) to the other friend- but keep in mind I don’t know for sure they are looking for me. And this girl is usually pretty direct, so I thought it would be better to just ask if she wants some suggestions. So an hour ago, I try to ask the other friend if she would it would be a good idea if I showed her some of the things I have been looking at getting for lifting. Not only does she say “why would I want to know that?” but I also phrased it so poorly by starting off saying “I don’t want to be wrong about this” and “I hope I’m not reading to much into things.” I’m 99% sure her heart stopped and she thought I was going to ask her about dating. I couldn’t salvage the conversation. Absolute disaster.

    Sorry for the incoherent rant, but I need to get this off my chest. Hope everyone else had a better day than me.


    5’8 , 172lbs

    Started very first Test E cycle (15 weeks). You guys think I should bulk up or recomp on it? Feel decently fat but want to make the most of it.

    Pics are no pump, very bad lighting. I say this simply because I posted two years ago at 180lbs and everybody told me I’d look DYEL if I cut, and then I cut down to 150 and everybody was saying my physique is great and I made good progress. (I tend to look way worse in pics if taking my own pictures at higher body fat)

    edit: damn… so much hate… for reference… here is me when I was cut with LESS muscle mass.

  20. Added a few sets of barbell incline after my flat bench today, then weighted dips and amrap push up set. Never have I ever had such a good pump.

  21. I tried a intraworkout juice thing today for the first time. It was a lemon-honey something or other with electrolytes, vitamins and a wee bit of caffine(50mg) and it was great and I didn’t feel like bunghole after my workout. Will buy again.

  22. There is absolutely NOTHING better than feeling good about the progress that you’ve made over time. It beats out sex, junk food, anything I can think of.

    S/o to bodybuilding for being the one part of my life that just always seems to be great

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