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Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/29/2017

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52 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/29/2017

  1. Recently taken up BJJ and I’ve fallen in love with it and as a result of this been training it 3/4 times a week. As a result of this as well as other social commitments my time in the gym has been lacking; as of late I’ve only been going 2ish times a week.

    Currently I do a Chest/Bi’s, Back/Tri’s, Legs/Arms split but I understand this might not be optimal due to limited time in the gym I have each week. Would switching to a full-body routine be more suitable for my current situation? Unfortunately due to my schedule I can’t attend the gym in the mornings before work.

    Just looking for any input from those who train a martial art or even another sport in general that requires a somewhat large time commitment.

  2. Alright bros I need some help. My college gym clearly hates legs because in our massive multi-million dollar facility we only got 3 squat racks, one of which is broken, one leg press machine and one hack squat machine, which is broken too.

    The only leg exercises I got are lunges, leg extensions, maybe leg press depending on how busy it is, straight legged deadlifts with dumbbells and leg curls. What are some other exercises I can do to try and grow my shitty small legs?

  3. Did anyone used to play this game in the 90s? Whiplash, it’s a racing game.

    Anyway, before you hit a loop or corkscrew the announcer would yell out “Here it comes! YAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO!” or “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO”. Every single time I’m about to bust a nut that voice line plays in my head. Every. Single Time. I need it to stop. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to cum anymore because I know that stupid voice will repeat in my head.

    How do I make it stop? Help me bbs.

    Here’s the game/voice line:

  4. You wanna eat 7 pizzas, wear hoodies, and bench 4 plates? Then fuckin do it, thats what bulking is all about!

    Dom is the wisest man who ever lived

  5. Im struggling at the top of bench. On 2 plates I can push off of my chest with ease, but when I get about 60% of the way up my arms start shaking. What do I need to bring up to push through that?

  6. Sup BB, just wanna vent a bit. Been feeling lonely and down today… It just seems like my friends are either getting engaged or in relationships (and what kills me is that I’m the handsome, muscled guy in our group, yet those lazy fuckers are the ones getting the grills. Still happy for them tho, cant blame them for not being autismo) and I kinda get that this thing tends to happen at like a certain age, but I just feel extra lonesome-fucked because I haven’t been in a serious relationship since ‘11… And what’s compounding my feelings of forever alone is that one of my friends that lives in my student house has basically gotten her friend to semi-permanently live with us. The same friend that ended things between us as soon as things started to become serious… Tbh, she is extremely attractive, has cute mannerisms, strong work ethic, and has those certain vulnerabilities that just makes you feel like a man saving/protecting a damsel. So yeah, now I have to look at her face and all those mannerisms everyday and pretend that we’re friends… Also, always good to know your friends have your best interests at heart /s

    TL;DR: Been single since ‘11, probably not gonna change until I go for an autisectomy…

  7. At party last night and girl was feeling me up and tickling me and what not, only problem is she’s like 5’11 and I’m 5’5, wat do

  8. What’s up y’all. Haven’t posted in a while, but last night I chilled/smashed a chick I haven’t seen in like a year. Last time I saw her I told her that I didnt want a relationship with her (she did) and so we ended it. She was with a different dude for a year, they broke up two weeks ago she told me last night and we smashed. She’s hot af and amazing sex. I don’t wanna just be a rebound thing though… how do I keep her into me like she was before? What would y’all do? I’m gonna not text her or anything unless she hits me up but besides that?

  9. New cutting strategy:

    Pinch your hip and lower back fat every time you think about eating. Repeat until bulking season

  10. Made $800 over 5 days (30~ hours) at a chain steakhouse, feeling fuckin rich rn boiz.

    Anyone know any luxury whey protein brands?

  11. Had a photographer hit me up on instagram wanting to take pics of me. I’m already halfway through my bulk so any trace of abs are well and truly on their way out. What do?
    Also if anyone’s got experience with photo shoots, some advice would be greatly appreciated

  12. Just benched 220lbs for the first time for 3 reps today, and my mom asked me how much bigger I’m planning on getting because I’m “bulging out of my shirt”. Is this what making it feels like bros?

  13. I hate my fucking life. Even things that used to make me happy don’t anymore. I know things will get better as a college freshman and that this is normalish, but I feel numb as fuck. The only time I feel okay is in the gym and I can only lift 3 times a week since I play basketball and they don’t want me sore for games. I would quit so fast if it wasn’t for the commitment I’ve made to these guys. Also I dont even know if the gym makes me happy or just not sad at this point.

  14. God tier oatmeal:
    -1.5 cups quick oats
    -1 scoop chocolate whey
    -36 grams chocolate powdered peanut butter
    -1 chocolate pure protein bar chopped into small cubes

    The melted cubes of protein bar are fucking orgasmic

  15. So i did a thing yesterday and competed, i ended up taking 4th in super-heavy weight. The three guys ahead of me were absolute monsters it was crazy! I definitely think that coming in tighter and dropping into heavy weight will be my best bet for my next competition after a little break. Here are some pics feel free to tare me apart! And the last pic is me after a calzone, container of crullers, 14oz of watermelon, sushi, and a burger.

    [Please excuse my gf’s stickers on these and the horrendous quality lol](

  16. Wife’s friend asked if I was on steroids while I was out of the room. I’m pretty obviously not but I’ll take it as a win.

  17. Cant believe one of my good friends literally stopped hanging out with me because hes afraid the girl he likes (as if this is middle school or something) wants to fuck me (she doesnt and I have literally never tried to fuck her or ever made a move on her) I said this a while back but I found out that that is the truth of the situation yesterday.

    Being intimidated by your own friend for no fucking reason is so juvenile and blue pilled.

    Killed those 15 sets of squats today tho

  18. Today marks 21 months of lifting (1 3/4) years for me boys, and 50 pounds gained. I started off hating myself for being so small, and it’s turned into a full fledged passion for this sport. 140-190 @ 5’10. Bench 95×1-295×1. Squat 115×1-315×1. Deadlift. 135×1-365×1.

  19. I’m cutting right now and it’s gotten to a point to where I’m licking food just to satisfy my hunger. I feel pathetic and I just want to eat.

  20. Welp, just signed up for 3 Spartan races next year. The 3 mile sprint in march, 8 mile in may, and 12 mile in august. Cardio is nonexistent right now, pray for me bros.

  21. What are some good workout/cologne sprays that you guys use before you workout? Once my clothes gets sweaty it starts smelling bad..

  22. Friend of mine sent the bodybuilding group snap we have a snap of him “deadlifting” 475. My god it was some frighteningly bad form with: the one sided leg hop inch up, dangerous over/under about to tear a bicep looking grip, cat back, and everything else found in textbook bad form. I message him to chill out with the ego lifting before he gets hurt- “I’ve been doing it this way since freshman year in college and I’m happy with 475”. He played college lacrosse so he must know what he’s doing.

    The group chat was started because my close group of friends all started asking me for guidance with all things Bodybuilding and lifting/diet related and now that everyone’s lost weight and look semi decent they know better. Smh just wanted to vent lol. Can’t let me help them help themselves.

  23. I know I missed the Physique Sunday posting but here was me two months ago, this was me 7 months into my first ever bulk:

    I’ve put on some muscle and fat since than but still have maintained my abs and general leanness because I am ocd bout my macro intake. Been making really really good strength strides in the gym these past couple weeks after I stopped drinking on weekend. I know I just need to keep growing my but I like having a focus area because it helps for motivation, so should I continue to use my smaller chest as my area that needs the most improvement?

    Also, Been having super weird relationship problems with my girlfriend. Not bad, no animosity, just a lot of the time I don’t want anything to do with her and I’d rather just go monk mode for a week where she doesn’t bother me so I can concentrate on life, lifting, and getting my diet perfect to a T. Eventually that’s going to lead to problems because it’s not a healthy way to maintain a relationship which scares me but I care more about bodybuilding than her unfortunately. Gah heads all messed up I gotta figure it out and soon.

  24. I put my preworkout in my shaker cup before heading to work.

    Guess I had some on my finger when I went to dig for gold.

    Accidental preworkout high on the drive to work.

  25. Getting the squat bar off temporarily off my shoulders appears to be solving my shoulder/trap issue. I was able to bench 4 days after making the change. I’ll resume my deficit in few days now that I’m able to train properly.

    Super Mario Odyssey is soooo awesome.

    I decided to be a masochist and stick to my schedule of doing legs on Mondays and that’s what I did (rather than doing arms as mentioned earlier).

    Not 100% sure if it was the dbol or a placebo effect…but everything felt light, didn’t even feel exhausted as I usually do. I also ended up doing abs and a bit of cardio.

  27. God damnit is it just me or does Dwight Howard have god tier potential for bodybuilding? Dude has some juicy felts and a tiny waist. Imagine him on full gear and a bodybuilding training regiment, plus he’s 7 foot so he’s gonna dwarf literally everyone on stage. One can only imagine….

  28. anyone have a favorite workout video? Sounds dumb, but I rewatch the leg workout with bradley martyn and simeon panda every now and again. brad has amazing squat form even up to 5+ plates

  29. Lying in bed, unable to sleep because I am hungry. I thought the hunger would end when I stopped prep, but it continues on this slow ass reverse diet. I just want to eat like a normal person again pls

  30. Welp boys tweaked my shoulder front squating, no idea if it’s scapula or rotator cuff leaning towards scapula. Going to do the healthy thing and assume it’ll go away on it’s own and take it easy if it still hurts by Tuesday since no health insurance. Also figure out how the fuck I managed to do that front squating, I was fatigued as fuck but gonna reevaulate my form anyways.

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