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Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/21/2017

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56 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/21/2017

  1. So I was sleeping at my girlfriends house and had a 10/10 sex dream and came in my pants in the middle of the night. Is this what making it feels like?

  2. I have a theory….

    So jokes about being gay are pretty common in online bodybuilding communities, not just here. I think many people use homo jokes to disguise insecurities they have regarding admiring other men’s physiques, complimenting other men, evaluating glutes, etc. Tends to have the connotation of “I’m gay for Bob/steve/Calum HAHA(but really I just wanna compliment their physiques, I’m not actually gay, and if I frame it as a joke it’s definitely NOT gay)

  3. Friendly reminder that if you’re reading this and not eating GO EAT MOTHERFUCKER. This is exactly why we’re smol goddammit GO EAT.

  4. To whoever posted recently about putting a little pwo directly under the tongue and letting it soak: thank you for introducing me to this new gateway behavior and for furthering my addiction.

    On the bright side, you’re definitely onto something. I did it today, then my gf talked me into a pre-lift roll in the hay, and I still hit the best DL I’ve done in over 3 years.

  5. Now that I can train arms at home, I think I’m going to focus on doing my neck training in the gym.

    Want a bigger neck man. It’s like 2-3 inches away from perfection.

  6. Big fan of that PB2 powdered peanut butter. Been slacking on my shakes since I have a massive tub of mediocre vanilla whey, adding a spoonful of PB2 makes me actually look forward to it.

  7. 2 days out from 💉leaving 💉humanity 💉behind

    Wish me luck boys.

    Edit: there will be pics. I’ve posted my natty pics here on my main account before. I’m 33 and have trained natty for over 3 years now. Going into 250mg test e E3D + 12.5mg mk-677 ED for 16 weeks.

    6’3″ 205 12%ish going in.

  8. Any other bros here feeling down + demotivated as fuck rn? I’ve got a banging ~~girlfriend~~ boyfriend, lifts are going up, money in the bank and all that good stuff, but it just feels like every day is a serious effort to actually do *something* productive, like I’m constantly fighting myself to do anything

  9. Gym is still going good but life in general isn’t that great. Don’t really have anyone to hang out with since I’ve stopped hanging out with a group since I was never really happy around them and I don’t think they really saw me as a friend anyways. I guess I’m doing good in my classes this semester so life isn’t all that terrible I just wish I was able to make friends easily. Shit sucks.

  10. Anyone on here play 2k on Xbox? Need someone else to play Park with since these randoms are ball hogs lol. GT: KimWongTrill

  11. There was this guy on the stationary bikes today moving a bit weirdly, and I couldn’t really tell what was going on. But then I got a bit closer, and saw what was happening. This absolute legend had brought a pair of drumsticks to the gym and was doing a hectic air drum solo with max effort and headbanging WHILE riding the bike at max effort, then hopped onto the elliptical. Also birthday squats boys, 315 for 5 sets of 6-8 yeeaah budday.

  12. I’ve been flirting for a while with this 20 year old chick, today she asks me for a ride and I say sure. We’ve talked before about how I’m not looking for any relationship right now and that’s probably the reason why she has kept a certain distance between us. She asks me to take her to my home “to see where I live” unfortunately as some of you might know from previous posts I live with my momma (I know sad) so I just park in the garage and made out a little, I take her home and we make out a little there too. She tells me to stop because she doesn’t want to catch any feelings for me.

    Wait what????

    Feelings? She knows what’s up, she knows I’m not interested in anything serious why does she have to bring up feelings to all this. Anyway, we make out a little more and then she leaves.

    Also, right after I went to buy some beer, she asks me for my id and I tell her my bday is coming if she’s gonna get me something. I was just jokig around but she thought I was flirting, autismo kick in in both of us she giggled and I think she gave me the incorrect change.

  13. PSA for those of us currently thinking about our exes too much at the moment:

    Remember to take off the rose-tinted glasses. There’s a reason they’re in your past now.

  14. So I was talking about the gym with a couple friends of mine and we started talking about preworkout. My friend who’s bigger than me then says that “if you take two scoops of preworkout you can die”. I just stood there like wtf but everybody believed him cuz he’s shredded lmaoo

  15. Sitting in my kitchen drinking my nitriflex Rtd before I hit chest and arms today and my gf is sipping on a vpx bang. Well I finish mine and see she has hardly touched hers. Well I decided to have a sip and now I’m sitting here shaking at the hammer strength with red marks all over from Beta Alanine.

  16. I fucking broke the rowing machine. Loaded up 205lbs, took a deep breath pulled hard af and the cable snapped. I flew back 3-4 feet into the incline bench, ass over head. Didn’t hurt anything though, guess I’m lucky. Kill your lifts boys and girls.

  17. Slowly coming to the realization that my chest insertions are shit. Well guess my only option is to become a fat powerlifter.

  18. Does anyone here have the inability to full extend their arms? No matter how hard I extend it’s always a noticeable angle. What can be done to rectify this

  19. Guys I met a great girl but we’re on literally on opposite schedules so we barely get to see each other :'( it’s like God keeps going out of his way to be all “guys check it out, I’m gonna fuck with Johnson again kekekekek”

    What do?

  20. 2 days ago I posted that I lost a used condom in my fitness studio and couldn’t find it, I was freaking out that one client would find before me. However case solved! Apparently the girls dog ate the condom! Feeling relieved.

  21. It’s a rest day and all I want to do is go to the gym.

    Wife is losing her butt. She’s lost 35-40 pounds over the last 14 months and looks fucking fantastic but I miss that fat ass. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a great ass, just not what it used to be. On the plus side she’s actually considering go to the gym with me to get it back.

  22. Do I get to cash in on break up gains if in my mind we were already married, but she said no to a first date? Asking for a friend

  23. I was posing in the locker room yesterday, and some skinny DYEL walked past me and said “How many grams bro?” This would’ve been the ultimate compliment if I was natty, but I’m not. I joined a legit powerlifting and bodybuilding gym to avoid shit like this… I wasn’t even in posing trunks, just shirtless hitting a few mandatories to check out my pump. Hold me bros

  24. I tutor a 9 year old korean boy in English once a week, and our sessions last for two hours with a 30 minute break in between. The mom usually brings a fast-food lunch like chikfila for him during the break. Well, now she brought him just grapes and telling him needs to lose some weight/eat less. I agree he is a little bit fluffy but I can see the mom pushing him to lose weight is causing him some stress since he didn’t even eat the grapes today.

    What advice would you offer to the mom to help keep the kids weight from spiraling out of control but without it becoming an unhealthy obsession with being fit? I already suggested her to cut soda and French fries. I think 9 is a little young to start working out so I suggested for him to join a sport, but he doesn’t like soccer and he doesn’t like taekwondo (the two things he’s done before).

  25. Earlier in the week, a young man caught me at the end of my workout to pick my brain about some program related stuff. Which was very flattering.

    Anyway, I asked what his goals were, explained a few things, and gave him some advice. And encouragement.

    At the end of the week, we ran into eachother again. He told me he’d adjusted his diet and changed his program. Dude seemed really excited about his new direction.

    It was a really nice experience.

  26. Been dealing with some emotional and mental issues, and last night I had to get away from my apartment so I went back to the gym after missing a bench PR.

    Ended up taking 85% 1rm on deads for 9 reps, barely missed ten. Previous best was 5 reps.

  27. Long time lurker, just wanna say I read this on the daily and that you guys help keep me disciplined and motivated. Whenever I feel like not working out or I’m down I read some doddyduilding and it turns shit around

  28. I didn’t want to lift today and I really have no excuse (home gym) but reading the dd always gets me pumped! Leg day here we come!

  29. No cigs Day 7: Put in my notice at the bar I bounce at on the weekends. Everyone smokes. Outside only, but still everyone smells like cigs and old beer. At least I will have more time to lift.

    Edit: day 6? Its 7. I made it a week boyz!

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