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Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/17/2017

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42 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/17/2017

  1. Pulled an adderall fueled all-nighter to get work done…went to my 8 AM…took a full scoop Meso to get through legs + my basketball wellness… now I feel like I’m dying in bed. Oh yeah, its my birthday too. Hap birth to me

  2. Strap recommendations $20 and under?

    Favorite forearm workouts? Besides farmer’s walks?

    Was joking with my wife a couple of weekends ago about me becoming a stripper and she flipped her shit. Completely caught me off guard seeing as we have a pseudo girlfriend together. Women be tripping.

    One arm weightless barbell curling in the squat rack dude is back. Don’t know why but it fucking bothers me so much. I really shouldn’t care but I do.

  3. Anyone have some good suggestions for zero to very few calorie sauces for food while you’re cutting? I know hot sauce is pretty popular but I’m looking for more non hot sauces.

  4. Tried uncooked cauliflower for the first time today. Not doing that again unless I add a sauce to it.

    I like it plain when cooked. But raw, it tastes like hard bubbly grass.

    1/10 not doing again.

    On a more positive note, ending a week off of lifting today. Going to try a 6-9 week on, 1 off system for a bit. Getting old sucks.

  5. Ok guys, my last post died in the daily discussion, so I’m going to post again in there.

    I need some advice. So the other day I was shopping around for a gym membership since my current gym membership at golds-gym is about to run out. I came across a really good deal. A UFC gym membership (ultimate package), 3 year! The only catch is it’s $750 a month upfront/out the door. No fees or anything. That’s about $20/month, which is a steal for UFC gym.
    One of the great perks about this gym is, it’s less than 2 miles away from my house, and it’s open 24/7.

    Is it a good or bad idea to pay for a 3 year gym membership upfront?

    This gym deal is from a private seller, not directly from the gym itself*

  6. A few months ago, I worked out with my bro (a crossfitter, but he has a level head) and he had us warm up with a rowing machine. The warmup wore me out so much that I bought a rower myself and cardio has been much less of a chore since then.

    Rowing is no joke and a great total body workout.

  7. I don’t talk to grills when I’m bulking not because I’m in fluff mode, but because I am always farting and shitting.

  8. I wonder what would happen if I got super lean. I think facial fat is dragging me down in the aesthetics game. One day I’ll find out.

  9. This rest week is having me notice how much of my life is gym. I can actually get home before it’s dark now, need to come up with other things to think about, and have so much more free time

  10. Hey Y’all. Just wanted to share a couple things.

    1. Hit 275×5 on the bench last night after not even being able to bench 200 a month ago. Taking a year off of the gym. NOT EVEN ONCE.

    2. Wish I had more bb people people to chat with. No one is up/awake in my friend group when i’m at the gym since i go so late. 🙁 Plus none of them actually lift.

  11. Am I missing something or is the reddit app for iOS retarded? Just got an iphone and everytime I leave reddit to go on another app it brings me to the top of the thread, is there a setting to stop this??

  12. ive decided to switch gyms. it’s bitter sweet. i am excited for my new gym which is overall a way better facility, lockers, towel service, laundry service etc. but my old gym is where i started to lift seriously and what has led me to this subreddit.

    i’ll miss my gym bros that i never knew their names but exchanged casual small talk with, and the few that i actually got to know better.

    feels like i’m breaking up almost with a gurlfriend. i like my old gym but i want something sexier that washes my gym clothes for me

  13. Currently running chest&tris, legs, back&bis, shoulders&random arms, legs (legs are lagging so hitting them twice) should I just switch to PPLUL? The only thing stopping me is that I have all my lifts documented and so I have a good view of my progress on my current split

  14. Went to buy some protein to a vitamin store owned by a girl that competes in bikini competition. She shows me a protein and says:

    ” this is the best of the best completely isolate but… it’s mostly for when you’re competing and of course (she might not have said of course but it sure felt like it) you’re not competing right?”

    No I’m not was my answer as I started looking at the floor hiding my shame

  15. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that IIFYM is the reason NPC men’s physique is a joke. So many people don’t want to suffer, well if you don’t want to suffer then don’t compete. I’m going to get downvoted for this, but contest prep should not be fun. Stop trying to make it fun. If you don’t like it, then don’t compete. IIFYM is fine if you want to look good on the beach or at the pool, or look shredded to normies, but if you want to bring freakish conditioning, it’s going to have to be 100% clean. Let the downvotes begin

  16. Going to LA tomorrow after having to change my flight info last-minute. My flight arrives at 10 AM, but AirBNB check-in isn’t until 4 PM. Any ideas on shit to do for six hours without a rental car and all my luggage on me?

  17. I have a really, really stupid question. Is the word mirin a reference to mirrors or short for “admiring”? Like how would I pronounce it? Meer-In?

  18. today i took my friend to do shouders with me. hes a varsity pole vaulter and hes pretty small but hes hella cut. anyways, ive never seen him in a tank before and i might have to fucking kill myself since apparently ill never have shoulders like a fucking track athlete

  19. What is your one food that you eat daily and are convinced that it makes a difference yet there’s nothing to back it up?

    Mines pickles, I eat pickled gherkins all the time, love that shit.

  20. Randy: But Mr. Lahey, someone could get killed!

    Jim Lahey: Wouldn’t that be nice.

    Randy: Mr Lahey, is this you talking or the liquor?

    Jim Lahey: Randy… I am the liquor.

    RIP shit hawk

  21. A guy died at my office job today. He stood up, said he felt dizzy, then fell over. Paramedics called it on the scene.

    I didn’t know him well, but I still feel bad about it.

    When your boy dies at the gym you throw in two more plates then call the cops. What do you do at an office? Load up two more spreadsheets?

    Fuck man, I don’t know. This shit was easier in the navy.

    Reps with Jesus. RIP Mark.

  22. So, bruv’s I used to be regular at this sub, I did like a small cut during the summer and got into a pretty good shape, and lifted a respectable amount as well. However, this fall semester has been crazy for me. With job hunt, hurricanes and studies I havent found a lot of time for the gym. I saw myself in the mirror today and got pretty disgusted. So, I want to get back now, however, I guess I have got a bit bored by routine. I used to train one body part everyday, starting with compounds, followed by isolation exercises, and abs 3 times a week as well. Any of you who have had similar experience and moving onto a different routine helped, if you could suggest some routine. Earlier I used to focus on lifting heavy, however, now I want to focus a bit on cardio/endurance as well, and become more lean.

  23. Decided the other day to just out of the blue spend over an hour just doing every variation of calves I could think of, unilateral if possible. Huge mistake, can’t walk, haven’t been able to for 2 days, send help.

  24. Do you ever approach new gym goers and talk to them? Give them advice on their form or suggest a particular exercise? Do you ever encourage them when their form is good?

    There’s a new guy at my gym who’s pretty DYEL. His lat pull down form was spot on and the guy across from him, though a little bigger, had absolute garbage form. I wanted to tell the little dude to keep up the good work, but I just don’t ever initiate conversations I guess.

  25. This is late so it won’t get seen, but I went to ACL this weekend and met this amazing girl. She goes to a different school, but our personalities clicked perfectly. We had the same sense of humor and I really like that in a girl. I’m not really planning on pursuing anything because she is graduating soon, but it was very cool to meet someone like that.

  26. Do you guys use that Harvard study when determining how many calories you burn lifting weights? Or do you just not count it?

  27. Took today off of work because I have my two online finals due by midnight so I’ve been reading and studying ever since I left the gym. Rode my bike to do squats and deadlifts today, killed it and I feel amazing and NOW IM GOING TO SMASH THESE FINALS

  28. In my second month of training now (PPL), just did 12 reps of 1.5xBW deadlift. Don’t bully me for the reps, I have dumb plates so I can only fit that much on my bar. I’m as wrecked after deadlifts as I am after an entire Push workout. Anyone else dying after deadlifts?

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