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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 10/13/2017

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55 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 10/13/2017

  1. Relearning low-bar squatting because highbar I think has set bad movement patterns giving me hip issues.

    It’s a lot more exertion! Feel need to get tighter is better and holding the bar in place requires more energy and effort. Worked up to just 265×3 today (highbar 1rm only 315 anyway) hoping I can put some bigboy numbers up soon and you really feel HIP DRAHVE more.

    Thanks for listening BB no one else would care about this <3

  2. Was finishing my workout yesterday doing curls and my girlfriend was just staring at me from in the kitchen while eating food. After my last set she just said “floor, now.” So I laid down. She proceeded to strip down and mount me, making me flex while she rode me and rubbing my arms.

    Am I making it?

  3. Boys I’ve got a problem.

    I just came home from a modeling agency. I applied to be a model and they were really satisfied with how I look and they really want me to become a model. I am a little bit short and I’d need a few inches for an international market. The owner of the agency said I’d be great for the international but the companies won’t want to have me because of my height. So I’d be doing campaigns for a local market and maybe Asia etc. where they don’t mind “shorter” people.

    It really sounds great to me, I’d like to do this job. You can make great money and now that I’ve dropped out of university and am unemployed, it could be my ticket to a better life.

    But my mood really went to shit when he told me that I can’t get even one millimeter bigger.

    I am 5’11”, 150 lbs soaking wet. But the main problem he had with me most was that my back is too wide. I have naturally kinda big shoulders and chest and high shoulder to waist ratio. So despite my low weight, I look a bit heavier than I am. He literally told me that it would be best if my lats got smaller.

    Now I’ve recently started to bulk hard, and taking this job would mean a stop to my bulk, to my goal of getting bigger, basically stopping anything bodybuilding-related…

    And it hit me hard. I don’t know what to do right now. :/

    I could build a great career out of it, but thinking about not lifting is driving me mad.

    I know that young models should and have to be on that skinnier and smaller side but I can’t deal with it 🙁

  4. Going to be squatting 280 lb for 3 today. I haven’t touched this much weight since January and that was a super ugly 1 rm. Feels good to finally be back on track.

    Unfortunately this is where the mind games come in because everything after this will be heavier than I’ve ever gone and I’ll be doing it for reps

    Also taking the 100s for a ride for the first time ever on dumbbell bench so that’s another milestone for me

  5. The old rich guy made another appearance today at work.

    Wants to meetup with me again, said I could come to his gym and show him how to workout.


  6. I went on vacation and went 15 days between deadlifting sets. Deadlifted yesterday and can barely move. I’m never going on vacation again.

  7. Planning a vacation in Feb to Costa Rica, does anybody have any recommendations? I only have ~6 days because I can’t be gone from work any longer than that. Man, I miss being in school and getting months off ;(

  8. Been a eyeing a girl in my 9AM class all semester, finally talked to her and asked about her sweatshirt because I recognized the acronym.

    Her response, “Yeah, I’m surprised you knew what it was, my boyfriend goes there. Not many people recognize it”

    First sentence. First fucking sentence she hits me with it.

  9. Bought lifting shoes and knee sleeves. Shoes are great and hips feel much better. Knee sleeves are preventing a lot of rug burn.

  10. Is there a good alternative to the bent arm dumbbell pullover? It hurts my shoulders when I lift heavy with this exercise. I also do a front lat pulldown on my back day, but I want another exercise to really isolate my lats without damaging my shoulders.

  11. Started play tom platz motivational videos on repeat for the last 45 minutes of leg day, ended up hitting multiple PRs and squatted for a second time, but I still feel like I can do more.

  12. Wore my new Calum style lifting short shorts to the gym yesterday. Leg day was that much better and I had people miring. Not sure if they were disgusted or what but idgaf. Feels good man

  13. ive been a huge pos last 2 weeks

    just been depressed not wanting to work out or eat healthy

    Im actually feelin like going to the gym later tonight, i want to begin a new program, ive been lifting for like 1year on and off with decent progress, would prefer a strength program

    any recommendations? pls no 5×5 or heavy leg day programs

  14. Anybody did blood test and came back with high Creatinine? What did doctors tell you about this and how high was it?

  15. So how often do you guys eat stuff like Pringles??? I really want to eat it but I’m so scared to.

    I’ve had this problem with food ever since I lost weight, I get too conscious and miss out on some amazing tasting food because of it.

  16. haven’t hit the gym in a month and half because i did a front flip off my motorcycle crew.

    the 24th is my 2 month crash anniversary. my fractured wrist has improved a lot, hopefully by my next appointment in 10 days itll be healed or almost fully healed. fuuuuuck imagine the DOMS and pumps ill get once I hit the gym again

  17. haven’t hit the gym in a month and half because i did a front flip off my motorcycle crew.

    the 24th is my 2 month crash anniversary. my fractured wrist has improved a lot, hopefully by my next appointment in 10 days itll be healed or almost fully healed. fuuuuuck imagine the DOMS and pumps ill get once I hit the gym again

  18. Well boys, I just broke it off with my girlfriend because long distance was too hard for both of us. I’m bipolar and a lot to deal with emotionally, but she was always really understanding and patient with me which has always been pretty hard to find in most of my relationships. It was a tough decision but it’s for the best. Hopefully these breakup gains can help me smash some chest and arms today.

  19. My boss is terrible at scheduling coverage. I know I have to cover a vacation tomorrow but he never put it on, so that basically makes it a call in pay day for me, and also means more money next week thanks to the consecutive day policy.

    Social life “-”

    Bank account “+”

  20. In two days I will of had a month of gym due to illness, my god I want to rip out my eyes and gut myself watching my innards fall out but on the bright side I should be able to train within the next few days.

  21. Midterm in 6 hours and can’t seem to sleep, hoping for a bench PR.

    What’s the thing that has improved your bench?

  22. My co workers said I look like that muscular kangaroo on the internet. I was hurt until I googled it. Roos are yoked af. Dunno why they tied that to me…. *sob*

  23. So I worked out yesterday morning at 9. Today I can’t workout. Tomorrow I gotta wait till 7:30 to workout. That’s more than 60 hours without working out I’m already going crazy REEEE

  24. So last week my boarding school was having max test for those, who has fitness as their main subject. Made a huge PR in squat, but didn’t really move up in deadlift or bench.

    My currents stats;

    Bench – 80 kg / ~176 lbs

    Squat – 117,5 kg / ~260 lbs

    Deadlift – 145 kg / ~320 lbs

  25. Decided to join the University’s Cyber Security team and I don’t know what the fuck is going on lol.

    We’re going through how to install a wordpress site on linux but i’m so lost

  26. For those of you with beards what do you do about your lower lip? I’ve got the line going up the center and hair under my lip with two bald spots under it. Do you shave your lower lip? The hair there looks kinda iffy, it’s thick but idk if it makes it look better or if it’s more fashionable to shave that part. Beard is pretty short, not a long one. Close to [this](

    I’ve googled this so many different ways and all that comes up are soul patches and guys who can’t grow beards.

  27. Any recommendations for quad-isolating exercises in replace of Leg Extensions? I’ve had several knee surgeries and have been told to never perform extensions ever again.

  28. I posted a picture of my right arm on fb and I was called out for Photoshop so that’s cool. They also called me out on me being fat but it’s all about that bulk baby

  29. Smokers in here doing HIIT. Saw a similar post here the other day but fuck me it pisses me off hearing this guy hork up some nasty shit every ten seconds.

  30. Overheard two gym bros talking and one told the other he tried his buddies preworkout and it “had test in it”…. am I just missing the love juice euphemism?

  31. Fuck me, I just ended my one year relationship with my now ex-girlfriend. It hurt to see her cry, but I just didn’t want to hurt her even more by stringing her along when I don’t feel the relationship anymore. No other way to do it 🙁

  32. So glad it’s Friday and the gym will be empty. A very bossy client is complaining about some obscure bugs in IE11 and I’ve spent all day trying to debug them in a VM. I want to take my laptop to the roof of my office building and hurl it off. Don’t usually have “angry” workouts but right now it’d really help

  33. I’m going to go out and test my new pick-up line:

    “Hey you. Come here. I’m a scout for the Harvey Weinstien talent agency, and I see that you *might* have potential. Of course, there’s an audition process… do you think you have what it takes?”

    This is Gold, Jerry. GOLD!

  34. How many different accessories and sets do you do for each upper body part? For escarole I usually do 5×20 for both lateral raises and facepulls on shoulders, 3×12 on incline curls and hammer curls for biceps. Just trying to get a sense of whether I should do more or maybe drop some sets

  35. Got a party in an hour but I’m already super fucking tired, but I also know I need to go out and socialize more.

    Also out of bread so I don’t have anything to eat before I drink, and I haven’t drank in a few months, so I’m gonna get pretty trashed.

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