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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 10/09/2017

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50 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 10/09/2017

  1. update on grill. sent her flowers to work. $42 flowers and $18 delivery. did i cheap out? given the high deliver fee, i think i shoulda put more into the flowers.

  2. Just moved out and I gotta go grocery shopping.. Which has the cheapest prices between Aldi, Wegmans, Acme or Target? Those are my options

  3. Should there be a instagram weekly follow thread up? Thought it was every Monday, anyone wanna start it? Id do it myself but dont really know how…

  4. I’m on the edge about what to do here.
    Been training for over 8 years here naturally, the strength and size is starting to taper off and I’m seeing less progress. I’m chewing on taking the plunge and taking it beyond where I am now.

  5. When I first started lifting back in high school I didnt give a shit about my legs. I still trained them and squatted 315 (1rm), but didnt give a shit about the actual look of big quads and hams. Now its something high on the list of what I wished looked better/bigger. Crazy how ideals change with time

  6. my gf has insane calves, like I’d kill for that quality. She doesnt even train them but has a fucking shelf if she flexes them. wtf genetics

  7. People are playing a dumbell version of musical chairs in the gym today, how hard is it to put them back on the clearly labeled rack?

  8. Who needs preworkout when you can really ramp up the rage by just driving around town during rush hour?

    Fucking people suck at driving.

  9. Hit 170kgx6 on dead last week, so this week I say I’m going to pull 4 plates for the first time in 8ish years. Would have been satisfied with 3 reps, but it’s only a pretty slow single. Then only manage a single rep at 160 after. Actually so mad.

    I’ve been doing the Israetal +2 sets/week thing on my lagging body parts, and I’m still hitting weight/rep PRs with the extra volume, but my joints are starting to kill me and I’m feeling run down. Physical job and insomnia are not helping. Tldr I think I’m deloading next week anyways.

  10. my rotator cuff would be in pain, if it were about to injure? i had some weird feeling, not really pain, but not pleasant, near my left arm pit, 2 weeks ago. i took a week off, and now it seems to be normal. i shouldn’t be worried, right?

  11. Leaving the gym to catch the bus to school and a homeless lady stops and asks if she can speak to me. The bus comes in less than a minute so I just say “no” and continue walking to the bus stop. Meanwhile she’s yelling “You’re Fucking Bogus muscle man, fucking bogus!!”

    So I got that going for me which is nice

  12. This quote gets me fucking fired up:

    > “We don’t have a great war in our generation, or a great depression, but we do, we have a great war of the spirit. We have a great revolution against the culture. The great depression is our lives. We have a spiritual depression.”

    Fuck being weak and fuck making excuses.

  13. Decided to try one rep max on bench after about 4 months of not doing barbell bench. Ended up increasing my 1RM by 12.5lbs, so I’m finally in the 200+ Club. It was a good day.

    Amateur powerlifting meet is on Saturday and Sunday, so I’m looking forward to that.

  14. Losing all my definition on this bulk and it’s depressing af. Good thing we’re entering hoodie weather. Plus, I really need to bring my abs up

  15. I got to sit in a BMW M4 as the new owner plowed it into a light pole going over 40mph. Mah nek hurts. Why did I skip neck day?

  16. Tomorrow I have a test where I’ll be running as far as possible in 12 minutes. I haven’t run for about 2 years and frankly I’m pretty sure I’ll only make it about a mile. Does anyone have any tips that will make me run faster? (Supplements, music, running technique, etc.)

  17. so i’m a broke little 18yo kid with around 500$ in bills and expenses every month (car, gym, phone, extra groceries to “grow my muscles” that my mom doesn’t cover, spotify, etc.). Point is, I try to save up for my upcoming law school and usually only spend on the strick necessary.

    Today I decided to buy some jaybirds and a lifting belt, feels kinda bad but also feels good to buy some quality stuff for myself.
    Ninja edit ; yeeeet shipping is 40$ for the belt. fuck that lmao

    Treat yourself every once in a while

  18. Been crushing some Cap3 and loving it the past couple weeks. Just decided to add some conditioning in and I felt like I was going to die. Did prowler with two plates thinking it would be a good way to ease into it but I was wrong. Felt like I was about to die but got a sick quad pump so actually really like that part. Can’t wait to try some more and see how I progress.

  19. Saw my buddy at the gym wearing a zyzz stringer that I’ve never seen him wear before. I got his attention and said “I like the stringer”. He kinda laughed it off and said “Zyzz got me into lifting and I used to love him until I realized how much of a douche he was”. Old gym bro next to me (has to be like 30) smiles and looks at us and says “nah zyzz brah for lyfe”. Immediately gym bois, what a sick kunt. We’re all gonna make it.

  20. never understood why anyone would spend more than 20-30 bucks on a button up shirt, just seemed like a waste of money. but recently went into a store with expensive shirts ($50-100) and tried a few on and holy fuck there is a big difference. I ended up buying 1 shirt for $50 and dont regret it at all

    It fits fucking great, no tightness in the back between my shoulders, the cuffs dont end up half way up my forearms if I stretch out, it doesnt lift above my pants if I raise my arms, and the material is soft and comfy as hell. It made the rest of my shirts feel like fucking pleb shirts. I’ll be slowly updating my wardrobe with these kinds of shirts from now on

  21. Took 2 days off, cause the whole body was demolished due to kinda overtraining (fucked my knee 2 months ago and im doing a shitton of volume and frequency for upper body) , ate a large pizza, 8 dougnouts and more stuff. Dont look bloated at all but i feel like shit now, i guess its time to smash chest and back tomorrow.

    The Bulklyfe chose me, i aint gonna give up on it

  22. Is there anyway to give unsolicited advice at the gym without seeming like a total douche? … I want to help some people so bad, but it’s awkward to just correct people in the gym. But like today, I’m watching this guy bench with collars on the bar, Cleary a beginner, terrible form, no ROM… I feel bad for his shoulders and eventually his rib cage when he won’t be able to dump the weight cause he’s ego lifting with collars on… I only want to save this man !!!

  23. Dad rolled the window up while I closed the door and crushed the tip of my finger, thankfully it wasn’t on a joint but now it’s all swollen with a nice dent in it. At least tomorrow’s a rest day.

  24. What to do if I get random, uncertain thoughts in the back of my mind about my girlfriend of one year?

    I’m pretty active and fit, she’s not. She always has been a bit chubby and gets tired/naps a lot. I started off not minding this aspect in our relationship but now it’s getting progressively to the point where I want a more active girlfriend, especially if I’m going to do the long-term thing with her (I’m 22, she’s 23). It’s not really in her to gym; if she does, she does it very half-assed with her phone, so I don’t want to force her to. Swimming and going to beaches is not her thing either as she’s conscious about her looks.

    We have little common ground between us as well, but it’s working out alright so far. I just feel like more and more that my standards are changing, and not sure if this is temporary or just that the so-called “honey-moon” phase is done and the reality kicked in a bit. In my mind, I see a more fit person who goes out on runs, goes swimming, plays with dogs (and long-term, kids) without disliking this, not being able to, or getting tired fast.

    Talking to her yields little interest, even though she’s dieting down but very very slowly and not that consistent it’s still something. Her insecurity is hard to work with and her need for lots of naps and lying down gets me discouraged and drags me down sometimes when I’m also lying down for long times.

    Maybe I should get a cat instead.

  25. Got my own pre-workout and creatine today and I’m surprised /u/TheSunGoat hasn’t commented about it. (On Reddit I mean)

  26. I just discovered something that was useful to me and maybe it’ll be useful to some of you guys.

    I’ve had trouble remembering to keep my shoulders back when doing tricep push downs. Today though, I wore a hat and when I leaned forward the bill bumped into the cable and reminded me to shrug back a bit instead of rolling my shoulders forward.

    Long story short, if you have that problem too, wear a hat and you won’t forget 🙂

  27. I’m tired of having a shitty squat so I’m switching to low bar. I already pull sumo so might as well go full cheater

    Edit: by shitty I mean not pushing enough weight.

  28. Wish I were making this up, but not too long ago I saw a guy at work pour salsa into his hand and eat out of it with chips

  29. Today was my first day back in the gym after a few months off. I did legs and my hamstrigs were dead by my 3rd set of squats. I can’t wait for the doms. It’s gonna be painful for the first few weeks but I’m glad to be back on track. I also got some girlfriend gains while I was gone. She said she’ll meal prep for me and even pin me if I wanted her to. My new gym is huge with a ton of equipment including like 8 squat racks and a couple deadlift platforms. The best part is it’s filled with a bunch of huge guys (and girls). We’re all gonna make it brahs.

  30. Strained/injured/something in my right oblique or lower rib cage. No idea specifically what happened. I was drunk and there was wrestling, and now I can’t really lift very well. So that’s a thing.

    How are y’all doing?

  31. Just had a massive thanksgiving dinner, (Canada) nearly in a food coma, smashed it at the gym in anticipation over the weekend,

  32. Nothing makes me more angry than a chick who has all the right sizes but when she turns around she’s got the pancake butt going on. I don’t even know why but it makes me so upset.

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