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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 10/05/2017

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50 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 10/05/2017

  1. Bros at 200+ body weight, what’s the lowest calorie intake you get to on a cut while still keeping lean mass?

  2. Be me, eat same overnight oats, chicken and brocolli for a week. Have diarrhea every other day for reasons I don’t understand. Last night go out for dinner at for Shanghai Chinese food for mid autumn festival dinner, no diarrhea after. Hmmmm

  3. Been low carb, but trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables as of late.

    I had a green pepper and a peach for breakfast. AMA

  4. so I finished up 10 days in a psych ward last thursday, literally all week I’ve been lifting baby weight, but mental gains first bros

  5. Been doing working holiday, found another job to take me through the year. Physical and my task is literally picking up rubbish, solo, in a trucking yard. Threatening my gains but even more my mental health.

    Please kill me.

  6. Which one of you socially inept manchildren is walking around the university gym asking people if they need a spot. Show yourself.

  7. Fuck yeah they opened up a Metroflex in my small college town. Ive always worked out at a a chain 24 hours or uni gym. Uni gym is fantastic but this environment is so much more hype. Can’t wait to work out there tomorrow.

  8. i gave myself a forearm splint doing a kickflip on a Tech Deck lol good thing I’m doing deadlifts today and not arms

  9. Anybody else when they’re on a cut fantasize about skull fucking a cheesecake instead of a hot grill?

    Not saying that I do or anything, but I just locked myself in the bathroom stall at work to look at the Cheesecake Factory menu.

  10. Live by an army base. Army bro starts coming to my university gym and 1/8 reps all his lifts. Was OHPing 205 at 1/8 form. mwf everyone is mirin’.

  11. I’m a pretty friendly and polite guy. 20 mins ago in the gym started walking towards the standing calf raise machine to ask the guy if I can work in with him. Starts shaking his head at me as I’m walking over.

    I get to him and ask him and he just says no thanks and puts his headphones back on.

    Have you ever experienced this before? I felt like punching him in the face but I guess everyone’s entitled to work alone.

  12. Been talking with a gym crush through Instagram for maybe 3 days. We now work out at diff times so I can’t be a beta kunt and try to invite her out through message. Trying to set up a time for us to workout on Saturday.

  13. Realized when I got my new driverslicense I said was 163lbs. Now 1.5 years later I’m 183lbs.

    Less SMOL.

  14. My boyfriend, who is 6’6″ and a lean ~230lbs, is being bullied by a small, mole-like 60-something-year-old lady at the gym. Dunno why she singled him out, but it’s pretty funny. She spends her whole time there glaring hatefully at him and gossiping and pointing with her friends.

  15. Story has it of a guy that got kicked out of the gym because he went around yelling MUSCLE RAPE as he was working out

  16. Jeez i was talking to my friend when I overheard a girl telling a trainer that she doesn’t wanna do forearm curls because that’ll make her muscular, GODDAMN I WISH DOING LIGHT WEIGHT CARDIO MADE ME MUSCULAR THAT QUICK.

  17. so I met this girl at work. She is S M O K I N G hot, we clicked off so fucking well wich is insane considering my level of autism/overall akwardness. She asked for my number and said we should hang out sometime. Here’s the catch. She’s fucking crazy. Like she believes in spirits and shit, says they make her write and draw stuff sometimes, she almost got kicked out of her place because she was putting salt everywhere to chase off a bad spirit, shit like that. BUT she’s really nice and smart. Just has a few cells missing or idk.

  18. Advice needed:
    First the important stuff
    H 6’3″
    W 216.4 lbs
    ~18%bf (visual guess).

    Been eating 2300 kcal a day for around 700 deficit, 185-200 pro, 60-80 fat, rest carb

    Is there such thing as too much cardio? I picked up tennis for some fun cardio in April but now I’m getting better at it and being invited to play 3 times a week and the sessions turn competitive and into about 2 hrs each time. I run PPL with extra arm and accessory day, so with my 3 tennis days it’s a 7 days a week setup.

    So, what do you think? Tons of cardio fine as long as it doesn’t make me binge? Or am I going to wish I had gone bigger in the gym and minimized the court?

    I enjoy the tennis and competitiveness, but the top priority is stop being a fatass and get some aesthetics for the first time in my life

  19. Found the tiniest lump behind my left nip and I’m certain it’s a lel gyno. Only issue is I have no idea what caused it.

    Anything I can do or should I just keep it in mind when running anything? Getting some bloods next week to be safe

    I just am having a tough time judging if the size is static or growing ever so slowly… Almost positive it’s stagnant though

  20. Decided to make the most of this breakup and focus on personal development. I deleted most social media apps and am going to replace it with reading books. Anyone have any book recommendations? I’ve come to the realization that you are in control of your own happiness. We’re all going to make it, boys. Stay positive.

  21. Don’t understand myself sometimes I have a great girlfriend I’ve recently gotten a big raise and a I’m now the general manager at my job. My bulks going good I’m getting bigger and eating foods I like but for some reason I’m just not happy I don’t know why it’s not like I’m sad or anything but I just don’t really feel happy. I’m 20 years old making almost 2 grand a paycheck with a great girlfriend and family but I’m just not happy and I don’t know why. Anyone else like this ?

  22. So I was in the elevator to the 3rd floor with a couple of friends because we were late to class.
    I was messing around trying to press the second floor button, they got mad thinking I was serious.
    So I push all buttons 3-7. Forgetting other people might want to use the elevator.
    I had to tell 5 people “You really don’t wanna come in this one…”.
    Why am I this way

  23. Fuck that guy in the DD a couple days ago who mention divinity original sin 2. Bought that shit on steam and legit have played for 3 days nonstop. I cant get anything done right now lmao.

  24. Pencil neck, need help.

    I want to grow my neck this bulk through winter. I have the ironmind neck harness thing. Im going to use the neck harness and where i lay on my back and put weight on my forehead and lift chin to chest. I THINK my gym has the neck machine thing ill also use

    How do i train for neck size? How many sets, reps, how many times per week?

    I never deadlift and i feel like that would somehow build neck too. Any advice is apreciated.

  25. Dude in my dorm last year came up to me in class today and said he couldn’t forget biceps like mine. I’ve fuckin made it boys.

  26. Thought everyone was going out tonight. Couldn’t find anyone I knew at the popular bars in town. Drinking alone.

    I just wanna be normal 🙁

  27. Went out last night and brought this chick home. She’s got a thicc booty. Fit body. And gave me some ?? succ.

    This was all good until I moved her hair out the way and realized she has a fucking forehead tattoo (it was hidden by her hair right at the hairline)

    She wants to see me again but that tattoo is a huge wtf for me.

    What am I doing with my life?

    I feel like I’ve sunken to a new level of degeneracy.

    What do bois?

  28. So last week I saw a hottie shut down a guy and thought she smiled at me. Today I saw her again and we smiled at each other. Then she went out of her way to introduce herself. I think I’m making it bros

  29. Anybody else put an imense amount of pressure on themselves when it comes to school/work? How do you guys get rid or reduce that pressure?

  30. Something I overheard in the gym today.

    Girl: Heyyyy I don’t normally see you here!
    Guy: haha yeah

    Likely an unintentional neg but funny to hear

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