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Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/01/2017

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42 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/01/2017

  1. Ya know, I just wanna look like me with a pump

    In other news I finally cut the ex completely out of my life, hurts but we’ll get there boys

  2. Great weekend guys n gals. I am the greatest homeowner to ever be. Fixed the toilet and the dryer. Also, got to turn a girl down. Hard. My Buckeyes won and now about to watch my Broncos smack the Raiders hopefully. Kill your lifes!

    Edit: I’m not telling you to kill yourself. Kill every aspect of your life. Like your lifts.

  3. Good fucking afternoom god dammit. Had 4 slices of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cake. Am I doing whatever it takes?

  4. So ill start this off I’m as DYEL as you can get. So there is this 50ish man that every time he sees me he watches me. And no matter where I happen to be my eyes seem to always make contact with his in the mirror. Need help.

  5. How would some of you sick cunts combine 5/3/1 with chest/back, shoulders/arms and legs in a way that allows me to hit the rep ranges for the squat/bench/dead/ohp without the ohp taking a hit from being trained the day after chest?

    And being able to work 6 days out of 7 instead of 6 out of 8

  6. Any of you boyos ever try lower calories during the week/ high on the weekend during a bulk? Number-wise it’d average out to a regular bulk surplus but I didn’t know how if all that food taken in at once would end up being used more for fat than a small daily surplus. Weird question but yeah hit me

  7. Finally switching back to a bodybuilding split after focusing on strength for a while. Was able to wear a sweatshirt cause of the cold weather this weekend, you know what that means.

    Lumberjack/Bearded Dreamer Bulk Mode Engaged.

    Hello darkness, my old friend.

  8. Went out to the bars with my buddies for the first time last night. Got in there went to go get a drink and I see this lady who is easily 60 years old. I was amazed that she was at a college bar. She ends up buying me a yager bomb which we both kill. I got pretty fucked up and danced on top of a table then a bouncer asked me to get down. Danced with a few girls then left with my buddies. 9/10 will be going to bars in the future. And no I didn’t smash the 60 year old lady

  9. Girl is lifting with some of the worst form I’ve ever seen, but I’m not about to be the guy going up to girls to tell them how to lift.

  10. Got my dad into deadlifting over the summer. Told me he deadlifted 225 for 2 reps and he seemed super excited. Lifting that at 52 is awesome to see. Really proud of him. Kill ur lifts mayne

  11. approached a super hot 9/10 grill in the gym today, couldn’t let the moment pass (was training at a friend’s gym) went from being ready to run the best game I had to asking her for advice on her leg training. Never going back

  12. Guys i need help, preworkout generally makes my stomach really upset, so I thought about mixing my own, what should i buy for it? Caffeine pills, beta alanine, citrulin? I just want the pumps.

  13. It’s that time boyo’s. Drop that sweet knowledge, help ya boi find the freshest denim cutz for those meaty thighs. Where is the go to hook up for jeans?

  14. Well boyos the grill I’ve been talking and posting about is officially my gf. It’s been so long since I have had a real grill friend and I’m not sure how to break it to her that I’m sexually attracted to vascular GH guts

  15. So…the hormones that one would take for a female to male transition are basically the same as many female gear users take.

    Are females on gears basically undergoing a FtM transition? Does that make it homo or hetero to crush on a girl on gear?

  16. i work at a Party city and entering October about to work 40 hour work weeks while colleging full time. Up at 5am, in bed by 12 am every single day. I WORK 6 JOBS I DONT GET TIRED

  17. Anyone get irritated as fuck when they go to a grocery store and see a family of 5 all over weight and the carts loaded with diet soda and hamburger helper? I look at their obese kids and my fucking heart breaks for them.

  18. Every part of my body has been sore this week. I’ve been changing things up and increasing intensity with drop sets and negatives- wanna be at peak condition for Halloween. This is a well earned rest day. An afternoon to get stoned, chill with the dog, and watch a movie.

    So I’m watching Spiderman Homecoming, and it’s still the first act of the movie, where they’re establishing Peter Parker’s nerdy, socially clueless dweeb. They’ve got to show him taking some lumps… and it’s so awkward that I’m uncomfortable, and I keep stopping the movie.

    I need to breathe and pet the dog. I’ll get through this.

  19. About to go back to early morning workouts, what are y’alls fave preworkouts to help keep the intensity up? Here’s the thing, I don’t want anything with a ton of caffeine bc I’ve actually been off it for a while now and I’d rather not get hooked. Any recommendations?

  20. I’ve heard three people in the past week drop hard-r n bombs in various settings. Encountering people that are so casually racist and hateful is so disturbing to me I can’t even react. Part of me wants to say something, part of me just wants to beat the fuck out of them. I’ve been reflecting on it all weekend and it’s still bothering me. Any advice on how to react to these people? I can’t be passive about it when I have friends and coworkers in these places who are direct target of the hatred…

  21. I know tinder was made to destroy your confidence but it’s kind of boosting mine. I swipe occasionally and only have one old picture of myself where I’m still DYEL yet I still get matches, not a lot but more than I’d expect. Bio is just a dumb joke and saying I’ll touch your butt for you.

    Just call me Brad Thundercock, the less popular brother of Chad.

  22. So I had an accident one week ago and tore my pinky finger down the center to the nail. No broken bones, but I got stitches. I’ll be getting the stitches removed next weekend.
    My question is, what do you think about working out around this type of injury? Has anyone experienced anything similar, and if so what did you do when you were back in the gym?
    I hate missing the gym, and I think I might be able to do some certain machines that don’t require my hand to be fully closed.

  23. My girlfriend is in hospital because of me and might be seriously sick. I don’t deserve her, she’s the best thing in the world. I don’t know what to do.

  24. Anyone here vegetarian? I’ve been trying to eat healthier and cut back on junk but I already have a hard enough time hitting a surplus as it is. Getting bigger and healthier kinda seems contradictory

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