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Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/31/2019

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43 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/31/2019

  1. Looks like no one posted this in the last DD, so here it is:

    Until closing, today, for Halloween you can get a Chipotle burrito for $4 if you show up in costume.

    >Determination of whether a ‘costume’ qualifies for the offer is at the sole discretion of Chipotle restaurant personnel.

  2. Yeah I may be extremely fucking retarded when it comes to talking to girls and just plain socially awkward but even *I* know what it mean when a girl [hits you with this text](

    Oh well, on to the next one. Can I please get either an F or Rip in the replies?

  3. Like an hour ago I was 1/3 into a meal. I was so happy then. Now I don’t get to eat until after gym + cardio. I miss having food.

    Edit: I have food again!

  4. Can’t find the motivation do my god damn school work. I just need to work like 2 hours and that’s it I can sleep without worries. But nope just gonna put it off all day

  5. Today was a good day. Did some volunteerism at the library, the librarian let me have a look at the books they were planning on getting rid of. Ended up snagging an old edition of Arnold’s encyclopedia and an anatomy textbook

  6. I thought bulking would be easy. Just eat more food, no big deal!
    I don’t wanna see another plate of chicken and rice again.

  7. Happy Halloween! So far this holiday started with some dude running a stop sign and hitting my car. The curse continued with an idiot at the gym that pushed all the benches together to make room to pull his incline bench directly in front of the dumbbells he wanted to use which significantly impaired my workout. Then my hard boiled eggs weren’t actually cooked so I only got a dirty counter when I cracked one. The dog brought me a whole egg from the yard and closer investigation revealed some twats egged our house on one side. And finally the storms kept most kids home so I’m stuck with a giant mound of candy but the dog did take one of the only opportunities to bolt out the door and down the street. I hope everyone had more fun than I did. Bring on November!

  8. Fuck man

    Where/when is the next good MMORPG?

    I’ve been looking to try a new game but nothing seems appealing and I’m getting pretty tired of my usual rotation of games

  9. Well, it’s Halloween so I went with the cheapest costume I can think of. I decided to walk around the locker room naked and tell everyone about how I benched 4 plates in high school.

    It was just pretend but it’s honestly gonna be hard to go back.

  10. So I’ve been mostly focused on powerlifting for awhile but am looking to take a break from it. I don’t really do well just going to the gym and winging. Do you guys have any more traditional bodybuilding style programs that you’d recommend? I would just buy a John meadows program if they weren’t like $200

  11. Any of y’all go see The Lighthouse? Movie was absolutely batshit, the cinematography was off the chain and Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson both gave career best performances. Wasn’t sure if Robert Eggers would be able to top The Witch, but holy shit he hit it out of the park.

  12. In honor of Halloween, what do you think is the most underappreciated candy bar? I just realized that 100 GRAND bars are absolutely delicious

  13. Wouldn’t it be nice if the one day a year its acceptable to show your body off without looking like a douche WASNT COLD AS FUCK??

  14. This 21 year old girl I used to be friends with started dating some pyramid scheme dude, dropped out of college, and now makes his Instagram posts for him.

    Her Instagram bio says Marketing Director.. in a non joking way

  15. Had squat day today, all of the sudden this calisthenics dude starts swinging from the cage I’m working in, doing muscle ups and flips and shit. Wanted to tell him to fuck off but at that moment he hit my racked barbell and almost broke his neck. God damn why do I see so many of these dudes at my gym lately.

  16. So I just noticed where I’m holding all my water (I’m talking ~2kg) and it’s mostly in my calves and feet.

    Holy fuck it looks strange; I just have cankles right now, all vascularity is gone, and when I wear socks there’s an overhang lmao.

    Edit: Gonna add some spinach to my diet, since looking at micro-nutrient minimum recommendations suggests that I’m lacking on a some.

  17. Good holiday for me I guess. Finished an interview for medical school that felt like it went well, really looking forward to hearing back.

    Got a shitty back workout in, but hey it’s something. Ate a snickers to celebrate (trying to cut a little, so this was a nice treat), going to be glad to get back to the gym for real when my interviews aren’t interrupting me so much.

  18. Sleeping in the same bed with another person is so comforting. I dint know if it’s the trust, the intimacy, the warmth or what.

  19. Does anyone else look at themselves from far away in the mirror and think you’re big but as you start getting closer you think you’re small?

  20. i have spent 3 months in the gym so far, making decent progress on lifts and cutting. Instead of switching to an intermediate program from a ppl, can i just keep doing what i am doing now, pushing till close to failure on every set, and if i get close to the top rep range, i add some weight. So, 6-12 rep range, if i reach 11+, i add 1.25 or 2.5kg and so on. Is that enough or do i need to do something different. Will i be able to just keep doing this for the next 2 years or so without needing to do more research and change?

  21. >

    Arnold on Chris Pratt becoming his son-in-law:

    >”Pumping iron was the decision-making factor,” he said. “He’s a strong guy, there’s no two ways about it. I’m very proud of him… When I watched him make these moves in the gym, you know, the incline press specifically did it. Why I wanted him to become my son-in-law, it was the incline press.”

  22. Any bros in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? I’m swooping back into the housing market now that prices have finally started to dip for the fall sales slump, but I’m really struggling to find a balance between a place that will be commutable for my current and future jobs, a place that is decent for single guys and not just families, and a place I can afford. Anyone have recommendations? I’m thinking like Richfield, South Minneapolis, West 7th in St Paul, or St. Louis Park.

  23. I did two workouts today. I have to get my car worked on tomorrow so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the gym then. Since I was doing mostly legs tomorrow, figured I’d just do it tonight after I hit chest and back earlier in the day.

    Fingers crossed my sleep isn’t going to be shit tonight.

  24. That’s enough of shithousery in the gym, I’m hopping on a *program*. Anyone have any favs? Maybe one that’s more incorporating arms/back? I’m thinking Meadows’ taskmaster

  25. I really want to see these artists/bands live: Monolink, Moby, Ben Bohmer, Hilyard, and The Chromatics. I wish I was there to see old school Tiesto back in his heyday before techno/trance caught on in America back in the early 2000s.

    There is just some music you can’t just bring back the same feeling for that you had a certain time in your life.

    Oddly enough, I have never been to a concert before.

  26. My wife has been struggling with her self confidence since our first baby (23 months ago) so I’ve helped her diet and get back down in weight. Yesterday out of the blue she sent me nudes which seems small and insignificant but I know its means she’s getting more self confident again (she’s said in past she won’t photo her body because she doesnt like it) I liked the nudes but liked the fact she getting comfortable with herself more

  27. Wanna hear the shake I made for tonight, I was only at 1500 ish calories for the day because of circumstances. So I made 4 scoops protein (70g) 700cal, 2tbsp Pb, tbsp olive oil, half cup oats, 1/2 serving Greek yogurt.

    Around 1600 calories. 100g+ protein

    I’m gonna drink it over the next two hours. 1/3 now, 1/3 in an hour, and 1/3 two hours.

    Doesn’t taste as horrible as it looks. It tastes like peanut butter, but smells like olive oil peanut butter.

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