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Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/27/2018

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51 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/27/2018

  1. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my cut. I’m finally below a 30″ waist. I only have a week left, but I’m already day dreaming of all of the food I can start prepping and eating again. 🤤

  2. Almost made on fuck with this girl but when she moved my hand to her pussy the only nail that I fucked up clipping managed to cut her up pretty bad. She yelled FUCK and sumo slapped me in my throat but after she calmed down she wanted to keep going. I did not since getting hit in throat killed my boner. Watched some stand up on Netflix with her then left but I’ll see her at a Halloween party.

    Not a good ending but I guess you could say I tore up that pussy.

  3. Finally starting to feel like I’m getting out of this mini-depression. My days are still a roller coaster of emotions, but my mood is getting more and more stable daily.

    Please never let yourself go like I did; completely botched sleep schedule to the point of forgetting what it feels like to wake up in the morning, drinking daily and eating garbage food WHILE on a deficit. Perfect cocktail to throw your hormones so out of whack to need 2 weeks of recovery. It had been brewing for months.

    I know there are still going to be shit moments ahead, but I’m going to fight through them like always and keep my head down – WORKING. Inactivity and regret made me depressed. Early 20s and I gave up so much of my youth to be an entrepreneur. Then stopped even working, out of lack of motivation (read discipline). Seeing friends have lifes while I watch Twitch and The Office all day, hurts like a bitch. I’m not going back to that fucker.

    Time to get out there and kill it at life my bros, hop on this train to gainsville, god damn it!

  4. I’m gonna say it, natural bodybuilding is a meme and those guys should not be sacrificing muscle for conditioning.

    I say this as a natural bodybuilder, but there’s just something about that natural bb stage physique that just looks…bad.

  5. There is that scene in Pumping Iron where Arnold goes up to the guy behind the desk and tells him: “Can I sign up here? I want to start gaining some muscles.”

    When you’re big enough to pull that joke off, that’s when you’ve made it

  6. I was always in the the “supplements are useless, real food and training is the only thing that matters” camp and have basically held that viewpoint for the past 5 years or so.

    But after finding research that preworkouts increase strength significantly, i’m interested. Any recommendations?

  7. My bro refuses to lift & has a beer belly, but fate’s cruel sense of humor has blessed him with an NBA level wingspan at 5’10”. I don’t want him to be bigger than me, but how do I convince him to achieve his potential?

  8. any tips for getting heavy dumbbells into position for incline DB press?

    as the weight goes up it gets more awkward to them into starting position. any tips besides someone handing them to you or kicking with your knees?

  9. One more week until a deload and I fucking need it. My wrists and knees ache and my grip isn’t recovering between workouts. I’ve done deloads before but this is the first time I ever feel like it’s a necessity

  10. My roommate told me about this subreddit and it pretty much sounds like what happens when you give a person with Down’s syndrome and a protein shake access to Reddit.

    Edit: Typo

  11. I was donating blood today and the nurse said that I must be a bodybuilder because my veins are so prominent on my arms. She then proceeded to miss the vein anyways and now I have a sore arm and might miss the gym. Fucking gainz goblins everywhere bros

  12. I’m still a novice lifter but I hit a huge mile point for myself. I was able to hit 225 for one rep (bench) after training consecutively since February. Pretty stoked and I’m even more motivated to keep going than ever.

  13. My Cialis arrived and I started taking 15mg ED for dat pump. I’m in my early 20s, my dick worked great before but now it’s BAM rock hard full length full girth at attention saluting at a moments notice. There’s no such thing as half chub here.

  14. Tricep kickbacks and tricep pushdowns – are these two sufficient to cover tricep workouts? Are there more effective alternatives?

  15. Starting to think I should give up trying to play games during the week. Save it for the weekend when I can get a solid few hours in. Struggling to get 45mins-1hour on a weekday lately and it’s making me rush everything I do beforehand. Doesn’t help I mainly play extremely grindy games where 45mins feels useless(Diablo, PoE, RPGs etc).

    Things should get easier when I move house hopefully end of next year. Save an hour a day in travel.

  16. Recently I was in the airport during a layover after a short flight, and right before the flight I took a….well, metric fuckload of edible goodness. So I was on Jupiter instead of the airport, and I became fixated on this dude I was, at the time, 1000% convinced was one of the Hodge twins.

    I walked by him super slow, tried to make eye contact even though I was shitting bricks for some reason, and almost said “All kiiiiiinds of gains” but my mouth stopped working, I forgot English and then stumbled away.

    Not sure if it was him after all but oh well. I gotta be careful

  17. Literally just finished up some home renovations that included adding a ton of trim, wall fixing, fresh paint etc. and now I’m getting real bad water hammer which is probably gonna require walls getting ripped opened … feelsbadman

  18. Any of y’all feel like you have an easy time getting gals at parties when you barely have to speak to someone to hookup but in the regular world have trouble getting dates where you actually have to have a decent personality?

  19. Absolutely demolished legs today. Front squats, sumo deadlifts (though it was more for technique than anything), single leg press, lying hamstring curls, and some banded hip thrusts in the smith. A little rowing and bi’s to round it out and it was a solid day.

  20. Fuck me. Today is a cheat and I forgot my gym closes 2 hours early. Just polished off a box of lucky charms and some pizza and had to go straight to th gym instead of chilling and digesting a little. Still getting the sick pump I wanted, but also just feeling sick.

    Update: last rep of front squat turned into a six second fart, and the girl in the rack next to me just stared at me like “what the fuck?”. I’m hoping that my casual shrug will assure her that it was fecal free, but goddamn, it reeks. Might be able to shoot for a pr if I can harness this gas for a little extra power though.

  21. Heard about the shooting in Pittsburgh. I know one of you boys just moved up there for work but cant remember which one. You doing okay bro?

  22. Brothers, are we treating ourselves right? Are we taking the extra steps to better ourselves by doing the little things? Don’t forget to moisturize your face and body. Buy a cheap facial cleanser to keep your pores clean. Use chapstick, no one wants to kiss dry ass lips feeling like the Midwestern ground during the winter. Don’t forget to clean your ass, ears, and cut your god damn nails. Old Spice smells great, but why not buy an affordable cologne? One spray is all you need. Stop wearing the same boxers briefs from Sophomore year of high school. Buy a new pair, they really don’t cost much. When’s the last time you checked in with your parents, it’s always nice to let them you know love them. How about your homies? As males, why do we shy away from showing affection to our closest peers. Let your homie know you care about him, that you’re here for him, give him a hug. A lot of us keep our emotions bottled up, deep down we all need that love.

    Anyway, I’m really excited about the NBA seasons starting up again. The Warriors seem like they have all gotten better individually, and DeMarcus Cousins isn’t even healthy yet lmao.

  23. How do you guys find shows to compete in? I’ve just been googling it but there seems to be such shoddy looking websites everywhere

  24. How are my lifting numbers?: all 1rm.
    270 bench.
    340 squat
    405 sumo deadlift
    160 OHP.
    100×4 flat db Bench.
    Body weight + 90 pounds for 4 reps chin-ups
    Body weight + 110 pounds dips (1rm).

    Im 5’9 180 lifting since 2011…fucked around with programs as never really bulked so progress should be better given the timeframe

  25. This girl I’m friends with has hinted at wanting to date multiple times now. I enjoy spending time with her and we click in a great way, but I’m unsure because she’s kind of an attention whore. She leads other guys on and seems to enjoy it.

    She’s super fucking cool, but I think getting into anything serious with her would be a bad move bc of that kind of behavior. Am I overreacting? What do y’all think?

  26. I’ve never been serious bout my diet, but I finally feel like I have the discipline to set something and stick to it. I have a trip planned at the end of the November where I’ll probably be shirtless to jump in water and what not. Should I maintain/cut for trip and start bulking when I get back or start the bulk now? (6’ 3 185 lbs, decent enough build to get mistaken for being around 200 lbs but my legs are skinny af)

  27. Can someone tell me why Ramen is junk food? I eat it all the time with 250g of chicken breast added and I don’t use the high sodium seasonings that come with it.

    Seems alright to me.

  28. The only way I’ve ever managed to loose weight and keep it of has been either low carb or keto. I’ve recently been trying to eat more carbs on my cut and am failing miserably, feeling bloated etc. & visibly looking fatter. How do you cut while eating carbs?

  29. Wore a toga to Halloween party tonight and am currently at cute grill’s apt in her bed while she gets ready for bed. Maybe we are all gonna make it boys

  30. Well the Twinkie the Kid costume ended up looking like Cowboy Banana so I just went as a GMO banana.
    Got groped down by (mostly dudes) but enough women that my wife got jealous.
    No drinking but edibles and an energy drink are a great combo. Also they had a fucking hot dog roller with Costco hot dogs, so that was a highlight.
    Now it’s time to smash this push workout and use these dawgs for a mongo pump.
    Happy Sunday errybody!

  31. Is there going to be a halloween mega thread? Watching fit pepe or sailor moon cosplays is the best thing on the internet.

  32. I’ve never been in a fight but ive also never backed down from one. One of these days I’m actually gonna fight and it won’t mean anything because I’ve been training for years and he might ko me in one punch or not and maybe it will mean something. I’m drunk.

  33. Dates me and a girl Im seeing set up:

    -Going to the gym together

    -Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 together because she loved the first one. That one shocked me a bit lol, never would have thought she’s into video games.

    -Going to see the new fantastic beasts movie when it comes out.

    Is this real life boys? We went drinking together last night and I had a great time. She’s funny as hell and was busting my balls the whole time, oh and she’s also hot af.

  34. Can any of you female autist tell me which female youtuber recommended you approach guys by offering them your drink?

    Today I was doing legs and a girl approached me (a stranger, an actual hot stranger female approached me) asking me for tips on squatting. We made small talk and later halfway through my workout she came by again offering me her yerba mate. Now I ain’t about this tea shit but this exact situation happened to me before except with a girl I approached- I mention how funny it is that she is offering me a yerba mate since its happened to me before and the girl says oh we probably watch the same youtuber then haha. Convo died after that and I forgot to get her number (not a huge deal I see her each weekend) but now I’m trying to find out what female fitness model is out there recommending girls to share their drinks with guys at the gym in an attempt to flirt. Anyone know who is doing this?

  35. Honest question

    Do most female competitors have implants? At super low bf they should have little to no boobs but yet most of them are huge.

  36. Sundays are usually squat days but my back is so banged up from the back session on Friday – Thinking of doing arms and cardio instead and doing legs tomorrow

    On a side note, I am getting sore again all of a sudden – I went through a period of months where I would barely get sore

  37. I also got high af last night and downed an entire pizza + 6 piece cookies from dominos. Shouldn’t have eaten that much – went waay over my surplus

    Thinking of just fasting till dinner tonight

  38. Whats the accuracy on eyeballing body fat as opposed to having a biometric test done? If someone is getting estimations around 12% then is it likely theyd come in closer to 15% on a test?

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