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Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/23/2018

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53 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/23/2018

  1. Booked a solo trip to Europe for next week. Hella short notice and I’m freaking out mostly over not being able to lift or eat properly for a week. Gonna visit London, Paris, and Frankfurt all in just over a week. What do I do besides binge drink and Tinder?

    Edit: Seriously how do I cope with being away from the gym for so long?

  2. Any of you juicey bastards own a gym? Wondering if it is profitable/rewarding? This office job is boring me to death.

  3. Do you guys think this is too much volume? Have been training consistently for 1y 7m. Also I run ppl and this is my push day for Tuesday and on Friday I have a different one. Main focus is chest growth and increase bench press. Thinking of trying Jeff nippard ppl hypertrophy
    1-Bench Press 3×1 at 90% (225) follow by 5×5 (225) w/ slingshot
    2-Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press 4×8
    3-Incline dumbbell press 4×8
    4-Dips 4×10
    5-Incline hammer strength 3×8-2×12
    6-Cable flies L-H 3×15
    7-Cable flies H-L 3×15
    8-Rest pause Side laterals (35) 15-6-6-6-6-6-6
    9-Cuban Press 3×10 ss/ Front Dumbbell Raises 3×10
    10-Single arm overhead tricep 5×10
    11-Dumbbell Kickback 3×12
    12-Rope Pushdown 15-10-10-10-10-10 (15 secs rest)

  4. I just can’t follow fitness people on instagram because it’s nonstop ads. I wouldn’t mind as much if it wasn’t complete bullshit either. Like some people I follow I don’t mind seeing an ad here and there, gotta eat right.

    but this shit, 10% off this protein powder that I use to get me huge. 15% off these socks, I never train without them. For just 29.99 you can buy my ebook which has all the details of my training program. This is what I used to get huge!

    Ya except they always forget to include the part about their steroids in the workout plan.

    That’s like selling a recipe for a cake and not including how many eggs you need. You know you need eggs to make a fucking cake, why would you leave that part out. What’s the fucking point if you don’t include the eggs.

    The worst part is how many people out there believe you can make a cake without eggs.
    You don’t get to be 260lb and just shredded and jacked if you aren’t baking with eggs.

  5. Gonna keep it short because i’m exhausted.

    The Special Olympics today was awesome. The kids had a blast! The smiles on their faces running down the track with a stadium full of people cheering for them were priceless. I envy the pure joy that those kids felt today.

    Killed back and triceps tonight. Finally rowing those triple digit dumbbells like a big boy.

    Goodnight everyone 🙂

  6. Some family was visiting from Mexico so I decided to take them to this nice place for dinner where the bill ame up to 300 bucks, I’m not that good financially so that’s a bit too much for me but I payed it all. Later someone suggested to go to a Mexican band and grill to listen to some music.

    When we arrived one of my family members made a comment that we shouldn’t have gone to the other place and gone only to the Mexican place.

    Fuck them, never again.

  7. I am supposed to start a 2-3 suicide cut next month. Halloween candy is going to be a fucking smack in the face.

  8. Are there ways to position your legs on leg press/extensions to hit the quads differently? I always feel those exercises in my teardrop the most.

  9. I haven’t done deads in like a year and a half because I somehow fucked my back while warming up. I tried w/ 95 like an hour ago and it felt okay, but I definitely wasn’t gonna push it. I was sooo fuckin tempted to start loading plates on.

    Since I decided to stay at 95 I figured I’d also throw in some power cleans and my forearms were soooo damn red. I dont think Ive ever gotten rashes from oly lifts but it’s been so long I can’t remember. My forearms never rubbed against anything while lifting so Im not sure where it came from.

    Anybody ever get forearm rashes from this shit?

  10. Swear down, heavy deadlifts and melodic death metal is the best possible therapy. That shit is good for your soul. Come out the gym feeling like you can conquer the fucking world. Already super buzzed for my next gym session, only gotta wait 10 hours….

  11. got a fresh fade and i feel so good. makes my jaw look stronger for some reason.

    anyways, i saw the funniest thing at the gym. some dude was doing ninja tricks with the tricep rope pushdowns. shit was weird.

  12. I suck at eating so I make myself a 1200 calorie peanut butter shake every day. Is this in any way a bad idea? Function wise, I don’t care about the taste

  13. Pour out a little protein for me my bros. This neck injury hasn’t gonna away and the physio has confirmed that the 50% loss of strength in my left tricep is from a crushed nerve… Six weeks, minimum he says, I’m gutted

  14. I’ve been living in Germany now for a few months. I lived in Germany for a couple months back in 2014, and I decided I’d go back to the same gym I used to train at. Some tiny little hole in the wall with old equipment, old yellowed beige walls, pictures of bodybuilders up on the wall. The owner used to be an amateur BB. Great place, good people.

    So I was blasting some chest and triceps yesterday, and chest has always been my weak point. I was pretty damn proud of doing 205lbs for 3, new PR. Soon as I get off, some HUGE saucy dude comes up, I had never seen him before. Easily 250lbs. He works his way up to 350lbs for 5. Thanks for making me feel inadequate.

  15. Not rly gym related, but anyway – for people that served/were deployed. Do you ever get back to understanding normies and being socially active?

    I mean things like over exaggerated problems, really low self control/discipline, topics etc..

    The only ppl I talk to are other ppl I met in the army and some of my friends who are either gym rats or doing martial arts.

    I have almost 0 interest in talking with normies at work or that i randomly meet lol

    Kinda annoying tbh

  16. 3 weeks until nationals and I’m fucking starving.
    Why does this shit have to happen when it’s the best eating time of year.
    So much candy. So much heavy deliciousness.
    23 days, but who’s counting.
    Send me stremph bbs

  17. If you are cutting, do you bother with all of your isolation accessories?

    I do, but I just feel atm that its just a waste of my limited recovery.

    How do you feel about that?

  18. I have gained 5 lbs and it feels good. However last night me and the grill were going to sleep when she starts playing with my belly saying “ooo what is this”. Literally felt like Pepe the frog

  19. This guy I only recently started seeing at the gym wears full gym gear, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, belt, chalks up, 405 loaded on bench, grinds out a single 1/10th rep, throws on another 25, unracks and reracks. Asked him why he’s doing that and he said if he goes too deep is hurts his joints. Dude is pretty jacked too so it was wacky to see

  20. Do you guys run particular programs or do you lift by feel? I have always followed programs previously but have started to drift towards feel because it is more enjoyable, but on the other hand this make it feel less optimal?

  21. Got military draft today. A lot of waiting. Brought my own food. Took an hour to eat it. Hoping to get this thing over with soon. Worst case scenario is I’ll be here until 4pm.

    Edit: got out at 1pm. When meeting the draft board/committee/whatever, first thing they did they complimented my shoulder width, feelsgoodman.jpeg

    Will be applying for special forces next year, pumped about it

  22. My gyms closing down in a month, I’m so fucking pissed. It’s one of those dark, smelly, run-down beautiful gyms. As soon as you step in, you are braced by testosterone, sweaty balls, screaming juice heads and squeaky machines. This is the dungeon of the dedicated, there’s not a day that goes by when you won’t find a needle in the toilets.

    I’ve now got to train at a leisure centre gym full of GymShark faggots, RIP.

  23. Stuck in the painful caffeine cycle.

    Drink endless amounts of caffeine to get through the day because i didnt sleep much —> cant sleep at night because i had too much caffeine and just keeps on repeating.

    Seriously though, anybody have tips to battle insomnia? Have always struggled to sleep well my whole life, and its affecting my training and studying. Melatonin doesnt work and my mind just never shuts up to allow me to go to sleep

  24. So fat but still appear shredded in the eyes of a normie. I’ve got a great balance heading into the winter. Looks good with clothes on and if for some reason someone sees me clothes off they won’t throw up 👌

  25. Went to this Brazilian grill for my birthday last night. It’s pretty much all you can eat but with meat. Let’s hope my body took all that protein to my poverty chest.

  26. Hit me up with your favorite lifting song. Trying to make a new gym playlist.

    Edit to add one of my favs: Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria

  27. I’m still a beginner, so help me out, you experienced folks.

    I work out at 5:30 AM, with a whey protein shake + BCAAs (gifted by a friend, didn’t buy them) + 200mg caffeine pill in me, all taken at 5 AM.

    I’m following the PHUL program so today was Lower Power day. First up, squats. So, I warm up with the bar for 5 reps, then 135 with 5 reps then go on to my target weight of 215 x 5; crank out 3 sets of 5 for that.

    Here’s the weird part – even though I felt more tired after each set, the weight seemed easier to handle as I carried on. So, just to experiment, I tried a set of 225 x 5 – and sailed through it. Then 235 x 5 – was a little challenging, but it did seem easier than that first set of 215 x 5.

    So, what is happening here? How should I be warming up properly? More warm up sets of lighter weights? Or should I go closer to my RM in my warm up sets?

  28. Depression and anxiety mixed with my recentl shift-work induced insomnia have dropped me about 5-6 lbs in the last two week. I’m not eating much but I still feel like I have energy and strength, I’m just way leaner than in was a few weeks ago (lots of separation, visible abs, veins, etc)

    Should I be worried about my muscle or just continue to try to get my diet back up? Obviously there was still some fat to be lost

  29. Im weak as fuck. Is nsuns 5 days as good as PPLPP? Upping main lifts and putting on mass. 6’5 180lb awful sleep for which i have no idea how to fix anymore

  30. RIP leg gains. Broke my foot (5th metatarsal) and partially tore my peroneal tendon at a show Friday night. Blast some squats for my if you don’t mind BB’s, I’m gonna stay hopped up on meds for a few more days.

  31. Retarded question, is coughing and holding in coughs a good ab workout? I’ve been losing gains but damn if my abs ain’t popping out like hell. It’s not just losing body fat from not eating (that helps too), when I poke myself and run my fingers in between my abs I actually feel the muscle separation has gotten deeper.

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