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Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/20/2018

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35 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/20/2018

  1. Currently doing homework in the nude because living alone is amazing!

    It’s amazing how much more time I spend naked ever since getting my own place. Soon I’ll have to buy some more mirrors.

  2. So I just discovered Kinoshita Yuka on Youtube.

    TFW you can’t bulk like a 100 pound Japanese competitive eater lady.

  3. I am living proof that you can smash your gym crush. I simultaneously ended a 9 month dry streak and am having steady sex for the first time in my life. Shit is lit.

    Inb4 “what’s *his* name bro? LOL”

  4. I need to start bringing my own fucking towel to the gym. As soon as it’s Thursday there’s none left until monday if im lucky. I guess they stopped washing them often cause we always had a bunch availability everyday. I have to dry myself with my own clothes after I shower

  5. How do yall deal with suicidal thoughts after a breakup? Been like 2 months since we did and now she already dating. I made loads of progress but if felt like it all just disappeared and i get so sick and angry of feeling like this shit that i just wanna cancel the rest of my years. making gains obviously helps but when what about outside the gym

    Sorry to rant bout girls like it always is in here

  6. Had a really rough day yesterday. Depression and anxiety reappeared for a few hours for the first time in years. Was a combo of 4 days drinking, fucking up sleep schedule, not eating anything healthy, being on a deficit and extremely stressed.

    Immediately made my way to the gym, where I have been maybe 6 times this year and remembered this sub. I used to hang around a few years ago. Feeling a lot better sharing with you guys.

    I learned how to deal with this shit the first time around so i am mostly fine now, the morning after, just a bit depresso espresso and feel like I’m on pre-workout 24/7 (it gets old fast lmao).

    Pls welcome me back like one of Brodin’s long lost sons 🙁

    Edit: To end this on a happier note, over the past 1.5 months I’ve gone from 290lbs to 270 after gaining 90lbs in a year. I’m finally getting my life back on track and can see the first signs of slimming down; veins in my arms! I can do it bros, I’ll be alright. I’m so happy to have you guys and gals <3. Fighting!

  7. Interesting night.

    I went to the town’s alternative club. Got hit on (and groped) by a 21 year cute (?) ‘gender-fluid’ individual who assured me she had female parts.

    At first, I played along because it was funny, and frankly, being adored is nice. In measured doses. But xe had had too much to drink and was escalating harder than I was comfortable with, even offering me a blow job.

    I told her that I thought she’d had too much alcohol to give legal consent, (which she appreciated), and promised her I’d catch her next time.

  8. Looks like I got out of cardio for a few days 🙂

    Downside is that’s because I rolled my ankle helping my buddy move shit into his garage.

    Have to wrap it up just to walk normal.

  9. I went to the movies tonight. Ended up eating buttered popcorn, snickers, and a large coke. It felt so taboo eating all that shit. I feel guilty af too lol

  10. I don’t get angry often, but I was incredibly mad yesterday & think I may have said something I shouldn’t have.
    I’ve spent the last 6-8 months lifting seriously and seeing results. I’m doing it for myself; it’s been incredibly beneficial towards my mental health and my confidence has skyrocketed.
    We were at a party with my group of friends and the conversation of lifting and being healthy was brought up. A random, somewhat overweight and drunk girl was in the circle too.
    She accused me of lifting purely for women and I was kidding myself if I thought otherwise.
    I’m an attractive ish guy who never had problems getting women before I got bigger, and this made me mad because she was very dismissive of my reasons why I became healthier. So I snapped and said ‘I’m doing this for myself & my state of mind and I wouldn’t expect someone who clearly has no regard for their health or figure to understand.’ A bit harsh but I was livid.
    She ended up balling her eyes out and telling everyone I was rude to her, making fun of her weight etc. I’m glad my friends were around me so they knew it was a lie, but it became this big thing. We decided to leave because we only really knew ourselves, had a joint and went back to a friends house to party.

    I don’t think I was in the wrong but I wasn’t entirely in the right. Either way, I’m glad I came up with that line on the spot because it was the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done.

  11. Still awake at 8am after grooving for a solid 8 hours in a dark, filthy sweaty warehouse.

    Cardio? Completed it mate.

    Pretty chuffed I managed to go on a night out without breaking diet. In 3 weeks I’ve had a cookie, a KFC and 3 kit kats off plan- which were scheduled in, other meals taken out and cardio added in to negate the impact. Probably going to smash a cooked breakfast this morning when everyone else wakes up.

  12. Today marks one year since my best friend passed. It’s been a weird and hard year. But it also made me realize how fragile and short our lives are. Have e great day guys, tell your loved ones that you love them.

  13. Halloween is coming up, hit me with your planned “peak weeks” leading up to it, because I know we all autistic enough to plan out looking our absolute best for halloween.

    Drastic suicide cut for a week then carb up for three days is my plan.

  14. Minor bench progress today, last week got 275×1 then sets of 225×5 and x3. Got 275×1 again today but followed with sets of 225×7, x5 and x4. Twinged my right shoulder by accidentally gripping too wide on the set of 5. I’ll be ok. 6’3 230lbz. Goal is 3pl8 in 5-6 weeks.

  15. Grill I was grinding with at the bar and going to hook up with after got too fucked up to hook up and so here I am laying in bed, drunk, blueballed and disappointed. Maybe I will hit her up some time, idk. She said she wants to hang out soon. Night bbs, hope y’all are doing better than me.

  16. Got a haircut today, so thats awesome. Gonna go for a run soon.

    Have an awesome Saturday and for my hungover bros: soup or gatorade is the way to go. Kill your lifts and have proactive weekend!

  17. Been out of the temple now for a month because of my shoulder. It had been hurting a bit so I took a couple weeks off – when I came back, benched great, shoulder felt fine, then i hit the decline bench machine and one press with my right arm and Bam, halfway through the motion I got searing pain in my shoulder, worse than it had been before. Been a few weeks now of doing absolutely nothing, using a shoulder brace, icing it… Still is sore and throbby weeks later, and simple stuff like swinging a backpack over my shoulder or holding my baby boy too long in that arm will make it hurt. Not sure what to do at this point, besides just let it rest and heal more. No clue what it is. Wife wants me to go to the doctor but my new insurance I have to pay 100% until a large deductible is met. Any advice? At what point should I suck it up and get it checked out? It’s been a month total now. 2 weeks of just soreness and then feeling better and fucking it up again, and now 2 weeks since that single decline bench press that made it way worse.

  18. Just got back from the bars with the lab. It was a great time, I’m really liking being more social. Of course my sleep and nutrition are taking a shot, but I never got all that good of gains anyways, so it might not really change that.

  19. became a member of a small, non-crossfit, independently owned gym and it is amazing. since there are so few members due sheer lack of space, it almost feels like im on a team.

  20. Okay. So before I definitely wasn’t eating enough protein. I upped my intake of it closer to the upper limit for my weight and my lift haven’t improved as fast in a long time.
    So the old adage of “eat more” definitely holds true. As long as it’s not just carbs and fats that you are stuffing I’m your face.

    But on the flip side I just had the most disgusting toilet experience. Where my poop. It wasn’t really even a poop at this point really. A proper shit turd was so big. That I actually had to scoop it out of my ass with two fingers. As to prevent something from tearing.

    Let’s just say that it was like giving a birth. But the junior was coming out sideways.

    Things are so loose right now that I might legit need that squat plug. To make sure nothing spills out accidentally.

  21. Halloween party and apparently all the guys are supposed to dress in drag??? I was offered a dress some help here

    Pros: The dress is sleeveless and tight for the quality display of gains

    Cons: I have no gains and it’s a dress

  22. Holy fuck boys what a fantastic shoulder workout. Hit a reps-PR on OHP, and a weight-PR on dumbbell press. Now I’m ready to fucking smoke them with some wild accessories.

    Hope y’all are killing it today.

  23. Finally decided that it’s time to give up cigarettes.

    I’ve “quit” before, going a few days/weeks/months without lighting up but it never stuck. My head just wasn’t really in it, I’d always find some way to game whatever plan I had. I think it’s because there’s something about the whole prospect of “stopping forever” that gets under my skin.

    I’m taking it step by step, right now. Two weeks ago I was going through over a pack a day. Today I’m a cranky son of a bitch who only had 7.

    Supplementing with NAC seems to be helping, but I’ll take any advice I can get.

  24. lol, Arnold’s wikipedia page has him listed as the Green Goblin in the upcoming Spiderman movie. Which one of you did this?

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