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Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/19/2019

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52 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/19/2019

  1. Doing arms in the gym today and this old guy has been staring at me with wide eyes for like 10 mins. Dude either say something or quit imaging what my big strong arms feel like.

  2. Anyone know shit about sleep? I used a sleep sound recorder app and like 4 times throughout the night, an hour and a half apart, I had a 1 minute period where I was breathing out really heavily but breathing in normally. Random as fuck but does anyone know why this might be? I dont think its sleep apnea

  3. W3 Legs for gamma bomb calls for machine squats but my gym doesn’t have anything like that. Should I replace with leg press or normal squats?

  4. Suicide cut ~25 lbs, then bulk through the winter with gear, probably EQ/test

    Or? Slow cut, and have my bulk run through spring a little bit?

    I’m on trt, so suicide cutting isn’t super detrimental to my gains

    Going through a breakup, losing my relationship fatassery and hoping back on dat dere

  5. So fucking sick of feeling weak, off on holiday but when I get back I’m gonna run a pure powelifing program, planning on doing ivysaur 4 4 8. It’s only a three day split so it means I can train the other 3 days I’m used to training (currently on PPL split) with pure bodybuilding style workouts. Would it be more optimal to do full body or stick with PPL on the hypertrophy days. I know people criticise only hitting each muscle once a week, but I’ll be hitting them in my powelifing style training so PPL might give me more volume per body part? I’m not really sure so any suggestions would be appreciated

  6. Fainted for the first time in my life a week ago. So, first off — I’m cutting and getting lightheaded more often (pretty typical for me). I’ve been feeling a bit achey so I decide to take a really hot bath which is something I never do. Not much of a bath person. Anyhow, it feels pretty damn good and after about 15 minutes I decide to start draining it and get out. Didn’t think it through, but there wasn’t a fan on nor a window open and it was steamy with poor ventilation.

    Anyhow, I stand up pretty quick and reach for a towel hanging on the door. I feel really lightheaded and put my other hand on the wall in front of me. I vaguely remember hearing a very loud muffled crashing noise. I look around and I’m sitting in the tub like I never decided to get up in the first place. Then I remember that I did get up and am looking around at the damage around me — water is everywhere, shelves are knocked over, I live with my gf so there’s like 20 different products all across the bathroom floor / in the tub. My elbows are scraped / bruised from presumably hitting them on the walls / tub on my way down and I’ve also got a slight bump on the back of my head from lightly smacking it on the wall. I remember that part because I vaguely remember coming back to consciousness just right before I bumped it.

    I was home alone at the time so this could’ve been a lot worse.

    TL;DR – Baths. Not even once.

  7. This one time an ex & I nearly got caught having sex.

    Since her parents were walking through the front door I had to pull my pants on; condom still on my pee pee.

    Her parents walk in & we pretend to be business as usual, walking around cleaning. Til we weren’t.

    Suddenly I felt the condom sliding down my leg. Queue me closing my legs tighter than a nun.

    I waddled over to the bathroom & the condom finally splat on the floor just as I closed the door.

    ##Fun times.

  8. Plain metal bars > any padded or shaped bullshit designed for people to do 15lb lat pull downs with

    I can’t express how angry it makes me when the only bar that’s available for pull downs has cheap Rubberized bullshit coating that’s peeling off all over

  9. Feeling down. The girl I’ve been spending most of my time with is out of town. Watch Interstellar and cried like a baby. It’s supposed to be a rest day but I smell a sick upper body pump.

    Changed my phone battery, and it’s looking like I’ll get two day battery life again instead of half a day. Good shit.

    Spent an hour on the phone with my Ex yesterday. Forgot how much I enjoy talking to her. 6 months until I leave for basic training and start my Special Forces training.

    Life is strange. I’m feeling all the emotions.

    Edit: Fucking smashed a workout. Worked up to a 1 plate press, 2 plate bench, 3 plate squat, 4 plate deadlift because why the fuck not. Looking juicy @ 155 pounds.

  10. Hi it’s the idiot that didn’t listen to his professor and started studying for his finance exam way too late. Exam is tomorrow. To those of you that said it should be easy and I could learn the material in a night, you are sort of right. The material is pretty straightforward and the equations are basically plug and chug. But for some reason I am not able to think clearly or focus on this material. I read the questions wrong, I make the dumbest mistakes possible (read “monthly compounding,” write down “monthly compounding” and then divide 4 instead of 12), I can’t remember what I’ve been studying. I’m getting really frustrated with myself. So I’m going to the gym to take a break from studying. This might be a mistake but studying isn’t going well now, maybe it will be better after.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. At home for the weekend which means usually mediocre workouts (poor sleep, worse nutrition, worse gym), but hey seeing family is great, good to see the parents for a bit.

  12. I did it boys! After 5 years of feeling like shit, losing most of my friends, several jobs and not being able to keep up training/diet for more than a year I can finally say I beat my depression.Losing the last job I had because of the same thing that had been keeping me down forever I finally took the leap and got into therapy.

    Now I just need to relearn how to talk to women, but I’ll figure that out and get me a nice qt soon.

    If any of you bros aren’t feeling yourselves go see a therapist or talk to someone close to you about it. Or send me a pm

    Have a good one <3

    edit: I forgot to mention I quit weed after 8 years. Went completely cold turkey, which sucked at first, but now I sleep like a baby.

  13. I was thinking of buying a bunch of vitamins. Not exactly a preworkout but just makes u feel good unknow. What has really good effects combined w caffeine?

  14. Im finally getting my routine dialed in again and I feel amazing. Running PPL and consistently seein gains, repping 335 on bench @180

    But damn are there not enough Hours in the day, even just for the gym. My workouts are usually 2 hours lifting, 1 hour cardio, and by the time I’m done with my compound lifts I barely have time to finish off my accessory muscles. Anyone else run into this problem with PPL? My chest, back and legs are developing real nice but my arms, traps, calves, abs, etc Can all still be trained way harder.

    Any advice?

  15. A few weeks ago I was talking (complaining) about a run of bad injuries (I’d broken my hand and ended up dislocating my shoulder 4 weeks ago). These have kept me out of the gym for a while but it’s stopped me from playing for my club as well. We ended up getting into the championship final (first time our club has ever been there) and I was feeling pretty depressed about not being able to play. I posted here a few times looking for advice (and just to vent a bit) and some of you here were hugely helpful. Well, I ended up seeing a physio (on one user’s advice); he assessed me, gave me some exercises to work on and I ended up making huge improvements over the last few weeks. I went back to him the day before the final last week and he said I had enough strength if I wanted to chance playing. Even just having the chance at playing (when I thought I was out for sure) I jumped at the opportunity. I got a physio to strap the shit out of my shoulder and went for it, and we won. Couldn’t believe it. I’m still buzzing after it! So, long story short, I just wanted to say thanks to the guys that sent advice/good wishes my way; very much appreciated!

  16. There’s another fucking weeb at my gym

    I occasionally see a weeb lanyard hanging next to my weeb lanyard on the key rack

  17. You know how a lot of people are good on their diets Monday-Friday, and fuck it up on the weekends? I’m that way, but with bulking. I’m pretty good at hitting a caloric surplus during the week, but on the weekends I tend to fall short. Especially when I drink. Being hungover doesn’t keep me from lifting, or really even hinder the workout much, but it does kill my appetite.

  18. I started a proper bulk, eating and training program with a coach. I’m doing everything to the letter, no argument or compromise. Mentally and physically struggling at times because it’s hard to eat ALL THE TIME.

    Previously I was on 1500cals and now I’m on 2250cals. We’re taking measurements etc and I’m losing fat in places, adding a fraction in others and putting on weight. I still have midsection definition. BODYBUILDING IS CRAZY.

    I’ve been lifting and eating properly for years but never committed like this. I can’t wait to see how this pans out.

  19. My hamstring just seized the fuck up during sex while I was fuckin cumming. Currently nursing it and squatting is kinda painful. I’m 3 weeks out. Shoulda known better than to be on top

  20. Anyone who is interested. I just created a subreddit for Blink Fitness. I didn’t see there was one so I decided to make one. It’s r/BlinkFitness. Check it out, I just created it about an hour ago.

  21. I am pretty good at maintaining a fast, but when I’m hungry it’s like I can’t focus on or enjoy anything. I don’t want to do anything – I just want to EAT. They say don’t eat when you’re just bored, but how the fuck do you avoid being bored when you’re just hungry?

  22. Had a girl I hadn’t seen in a while message saying she thought she saw me but realised it couldn’t be me because he “wasn’t as swole”.

    Gonna ride this high for the rest of the week.

  23. I did squats for first time in 6-mos last Thursday. I became a cripple from mid-Friday until Monday. Going down steps was near-impossible yet when I got on my bike, I could ride unhindered.

    I did squats again yesterday and now I feel normal. I’ll probably do two sessions this week then slowly increase the weight until I’m back to where I left off.

    I enjoyed being able to focus more on my upper body — benching every 48 hours is pretty fun — but my toe is healed and my elbows probably need more recovery as pretty deep into a cut.

  24. Thinking about changing my sleep schedule, currently it’s fucked up, I go to bed late on weekdays. And it’s hard to get up for school.

    I work nearly every weekend, which requires me to wake up at 5 in the morning.

    Therefore I am thinking about going to bed early and waking up 5 everyday. This would allow me to gym in the morning and study maths for about 45 minutes before school.

    The problem with this, is that it would come in the way of the small social life I have. I usually work weekends, because I’d rather make money than smoke weed every weekend.

    I don’t really go out anymore since I first tried amphetamine, quit weed and rarely drink since then.

    The weekends I have off, if I were to go out. Would fuck up my sleep schedule, which sucks. I don’t really care about Social things since I’m comfortable by myself and I’d rather learn useful stuff and trade stocks than to do stupid shit on the weekends. I’m wondering if giving up my social life for school and money will punish me later in life.

    English is not my native language, but enjoy this weirdly structured text.

  25. Any country music listeners in here got some good songs? Listen to music 9 hours a day during work so will take anything

  26. I misspoke. Is there another drug you would consider in PCT besides Clomid and Nolvadex? I just had it in my mind as the two options available and most frequently used. Besides running HCG during a Cycle is there another option?

  27. Any thoughts or links to solid 3x a week programs? Not really looking to copy a program, but read some and incorporate it into something I write. I’m thinking with 3x a week upping the frequency would be most important so instead of a bodypart split those three days would be mostly a full body workout.

    The 4-5x a week routines I’ve been doing is beating me up now that I’m busier in real life. I’ve been lifting for about 4 years. I’m expecting going down to 3x a week I’ll see a regression, but maybe I won’t as it will give me more time to recover and less time feeling beat up / sick.

  28. I’m thinking about seeing a psychologist. I’m an aspiring lifter in 10th grade and I was born with aspergers. It’s ruining my high school experience. There are so many cute girls in my class but I’m unable to talk to them and get to know them because I have no social skills. I need to seek help from a psychologist before it’s too late. There’s this cute girl in my class who’s really good at math and she’s also into marvel. She’s so nerdy and cute and I wanna talk to her but I’m socially awkward. Next year a new marvel movie will be released so I kinda want to ask her if she wants to go to the cinema with me. But first I need to see a psychologist so I can get help to improve my social skills before I can date her. If I was her boyfriend, we could lay in bed and watch marvel movies together. She’d also help me with my math homework. I don’t think she likes me, though. I’m the quiet and weird guy in my class.

  29. I can’t believe they banned 1-3 dmaa, I just tried 35mg of it(half a scoop) and had the best workout of my life. Legit caffeine makes me feel worse after my workouts than this does…

  30. messaged a girl while i was jerking off and she wasn’t responding, then i came and as soon as I came shes respondin saying she wants to come over wtf do i do

    2nd jerk today btw aint really horny lmao

  31. Had this weird pimple/zit on my top lip. Went to feel it with my teeth and popped it into my mouth. At least it’s gone now…

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