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Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/16/2018

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16 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 10/16/2018

  1. What kind of headphones do you use in the gym? I’ve been through 3 or 4 cheap bluetooth models this year, they all stop working after a couple weeks of light use. Say I’m game to spend up to $100 for a pair that won’t crap out for no reason. I’m tired of running wires up my shirt and adjusting them for every other exercise.

  2. If someone offered to tell you accurately exactly where you’d be in 10 years, but you’d be powerless to change what they tell you, would you want to hear it?

  3. Ive fucked up Boys. Have been away from the gym for 4 months,. Alot of shit happened in life. But yesterday was my first Day back. Holy fuck what a feeling..

    We are all going to make it

  4. I only got an hour today to hit the gym because of work related issues. I am almost out the door and the biggest dump taking sensation hits me. “okay, no biggie, I’ll be in and out in 5”, turns out, it was an episode of diarrhea and a bad one at that. Was stuck on the shitter for 30 minutes trying to squeeze out every last drop. 30 minutes turned into 45 when my scooter wouldn’t start. Went to the gym with only 11 minutes left and smashed 3 sets of deadlift without stretching or warming up. Fantastic shit day so far.

  5. First time posting here in a loooong long time. It’s my second week back in the gym after a year and a half off and I’m loving it already. It sucks being back on the tiny weights but I just love being back in the routine and knowing I’m actually doing something to improve myself.

    Already chatted to a few randomers in the Gym and it just reminds me what a great community of people you find when you get back into it. And to top it off I have all these DD’s to read and remind me why I loved this sub in the first place. This sub is an awesome place and we’re all gonna make it bro’s, kill your lifts today!

  6. I think I’m slowly coming to the realization that I can’t blow my legs up while staying as lean as I am.

    Time to put my tank tops into storage and break out the hoodies. I’ll see you guys on the other side!

  7. What’s something you used to believe that helps you build muscle that you’ve now come to realise that it was complete bullshit?

  8. Split up and left my ex and kids behind months ago. I’ve been throwing myself into my work and gym to keep busy and avoid thinking about it. I spend all day putting on the happy positive persona for the world. It’s these quiet moments the sadness catches up and I feel like the loneliness person in the world.

    Thankyou for being here dd for being a source of comfort for tough times and great.

  9. Just woke up and I feel amazing. I wanted to tell this nice sub my sleep stack! Bought all these on amazon and should last quite awhile and pretty cheap. Magnesium glycinate (2 grams which is about 350mg magnesium and the rest glycine, both awesome for sleep and staying asleep) ashwaghanda ksm 66 extract by Jarrows (reduces anxiety and cortisol so you can reduce racing thoughts and not have cortisol spikes which can wake you up). And half a milligram of melatonin. Just half. Helps you fall asleep. Anymore can leave you feeling groggy.

  10. Been hit hard with flu last 2 days, gonna try get some gym in today. Could barely get out of bed on Sunday. Hate it when this happens

  11. Got a little powerlifting comp this sat. My numbers aren’t back up to where they used to be but if I can get like 305/345/525 I’d be happy

  12. Funny how my headphones at max isn’t enough to get me hyped on Spotify, but they can still give me brain damage with Instagram videos

    Big bench session today though so I am excited:))

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